Your Love My Prison Episode 2


Hi Friends I M Back So Now Lets Starts….


RECAPE : Sanskaar’s POV Anad His Decision….!!!


Episode 2

Sence – 1


***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

I was in my mansion waiting for Rohit And Samrat just then Samrat come and said

Samrat: Sanskaar she is in the car

I: ok you all may leave

After talk8ng to Samrat I go out and open the door of car and sees her on the back seat

I lifted her in my arms and takes her yo my room and make her lie down on bed carefully not to hurt her

Wow she is beautiful I care her cheek and plant a soft pack on her forehead

Oh shit what am I doing Sanskaar control your self you want your revenge from her not to love her

After realising this I left from there leaving her on the bed

It has been 5 hours and she is still unconscious why she is not gaining her consciousness I called Rohit and said

I: Rohit it has been 5 hours why she is still unconscious

I was really frusterated on my behaviour why am I working about her

Rohit : Actually Sanskaar our one man who kept the hanky on her face use a little more cloroform mistakenly that’s why she is….

I was already frustrated now listening to this my temper becomes full high and I shouted on Rohit

I: what the he’ll is this I just have you one work to and you did this of something happened to her than I’ll surely kill that basterd now leave


Sence – 2


***********Swara’s POV***********

I am feeling terrible I slowly open my eyes and feel that I m lying on a very soft thing may be a bed

The whole room was dark just a dim light was there I slowly get down from the bed and tries to walk holding things present in room my head was still spinning

While walking I kept my hand on the table and a case fell on the ground and so do I

I was trying to get up but I have no energy I think they have me some king of drug that’s why I’m unable to stand

While I was thinking all this I heard someone is coming and than the door open

My vision was still bluring I can’t see the face of person who was standing at door

He immediately comes towards me and lifted me in my arms no I can see his face he is Sanskaar the person whom I slapped

He makes me lye down on the bed he was saying something to me but what and than I feel black dots on front on my eyes …..


Sence – 3


***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

I was in my study and very frustrated on that man who did that mistake just than I heard a sound from my room

I ran to my room and becomes shocked to see the senario in front of me

Swara was lying on ground holding her head and a vase was brken also there I immediately ran to her and lifted her in my arms and make her lye down on bed

I: Swara are you fine do you need anything

While I was asking to her she again fainted in my arms now I became really worried I called the doctor

After some time doctor came and said

Doctor : it’s ok Mr Sanskaar she is fine she is just unconscious due to that chloroform she will regain her coinsiousness very soon

After doctor left m sat beside her and starts to think about my revenge

Am I doing right she is innocent but how could the daughter of that person is innocent no it must be her beauty which is attracting me not anything else she is ask I same like her father

Don’t fall for her beauty Sanskaar you have to become strong for your revenge

Yah it’s good now I will only focuse in my revenge

Shekar Gagodia it’s time to pay back now it’s my time you ruin my family now I’ll ruin yuoir daughter and you can’t do anything to save her

Now she will suffer the same way my sister suffer due to you

It’s show time ……..!!!!


Sence – 4


***********Swara’s POV***********

I opened my eyes and sits on the bed and remebers what happened earlier

I was about to get up from bed just than I heard a voice his voice and looks upwards

Sanskaar : don’t get up you are still weak and you need rest

I was scared to see her sitting in front of me that too alone with him in a room he gets up and walks towards me and what he said next makes me shocked

Sanskaar : Today you will rest as tomorrow is our marriage and I don’t want a weak and full wife so rest baby

I was shocked and don’t know how to react.

I: why ???? Why me???

Sanskaar who was standing there sits beside me and patted my cheeks

Sanskaar : That I will tell you after our marriage sweetheart

Saying so he leaves from there and I was still thinking about my life which has taken a huge turn….!!!


PERCAPE : Responce pe depend karta hai…..!!!


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