Your Love My Prison Episode 19

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RECAPE ; Sanskaar saves Swara…..!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode 19

Sence – 1

IN SwaSan Room

It has been night now but still Swara was sleeping why????so let us check in past

After rescuing Swara Sanskaar goes to MM AND calls doctor in his way when he reached time doctor was already present there waiting for him

He placed Swara in the bed just than doctor enters in room and Sanskaar said him to check Swara

Sanskaar(worried) : it’s good you are here doctor please check her

Doctor : relax Mr Maheswari let me check

Sanskaar(still worried) : ok

Sanskaar was restlessly standing at aside after sometime doctor truns towards Sanskaar and says

Doctor(Explains her situation) : Actually Mr Maheswari she is fainted due to stress and mental torture she needs lots of rest that’s why I have given her injection she will sleep till sometime ok now I take a leave

Sanskaar(Worried) : ok doctor

Doctor leaves from there while Sanskaar sat beside Swara and caress her face with lots of love

He was sad and gloomy seeing his love his life laying lifeless on the bed Tear marks were still present on her face while Sanskaar was stairing Swara just than his mobile rang making him to come in senses

He lifts the call and left to balcony so that Swara don’t wake up

Sanskaar(Rudely) : yes tell

OS : sir we have found Mrs Gagodia in very bad contion seems like some one had bruttely bitten her

Sanskaar : ok take her to hospital and stay there with her till she gain her consiousness

OS : Ok sir

Sanskaar cuts the call and again comes and sit beside Swara on the other side of bed

Slowly he also drifts into sleep seeing her

It was past 10:00PM when Sanskaar’s sleep disturb with sobbing sound he opens her eye and see Swara crying in her sleep
He becomes shocked and tries to wake her up

Sanskaar(worried) : Swara(parts her cheek) Swara wake up please wake

Swara slowly open her eyes and see Sanskaar she imgiately hugs him and started to cry more bitterly Sanskaar also hugs her back and started to sooth her back to make her calm

Sanskaar(Tries to make her calm) : shhh relax Swara everything is fine now no one will hurt you…

Swara(Sobing) : Sans…Sanskarrrr he….heeee is…..not my fath….father……

Sanskaar was shocked Listeining to this but still he remains calm for Swara

Swara(still sobbing ) : Sanskaar he killed my parents…he is a….muderer he killed them…he killed my parents….

Sanskaar don’t know what to do and what not

Sanskaar(Confused) : shhh relax I’m here please stop crying we will talk this later please. Now stop crying…

He brake the hug and make her sit with the support of hardboard and makes her drink water which she drank fully as sir to crying her thorat was dried

Sanskaar(Asks het) ; Now tell me what happened why you are saying that Shekar killed your parents

Swara(Cryingly) : He killed my papa and mom….. to get my property he……. also beat Shomi Maa he is very bad……..Sanskaar he is very bad…… I consider him my father love him give him respect but……….he killed my parents not that….he also sold Sonia …..Sanskaar I’m scared he will again….again take please…..don’t leave

Saying so she holds his hand while Sanskaar was shocked with such revelations

He had not think that Swara is not Shekar’s daughter he knows that Swara’s nature is much more different from Shekar but he never thoughts that Shekar is not her father

Sanskaar(Consoles her) : don’t worry Swara no one will take you I’m here and that Shekar I’ll not leave him you just stay calm ok and yah Shomi Maa is in hospital

Listeining to this Swara felt like her whole world is crushed

Swara(Panicks) : what happened to her I I wanna meet her

She gets down from bed and was about to walk but got disbalanced she was about to fall but Sanskaar holds her at Nick time

Sanskaar(makes her calm) : Relax Swara she is fine now and I know you wanna meet her but you are too weak you please take rest and I promise I will take you hospital tomorrow

Swara(worried) : but?????

Sanskaar(Sternly) : no buts now come and take rest ok

Saying so he held her From shoulders and take her towards bed and makes her lay

After sometime Swara sleeps and Sanskaar left from there….


Sense – 2


At Basement

Sanskaar after leaving his room goes towards basement and opens the door

At door two guards were standing who also come behind Sanskaar in basement one of the gaurd place a chair in front of Shekar and Sanskaar sat there with a killer look on his face

Sanskaar(Smirks evilly) : welcome to he’ll Mr Shekar Gagodia

Shekar who was already tied with chair becomes afraid seeing Sanskaar’s stone face but still manages to speak

Shekar(Angryly) : Sanskaar leave me otherwise it will not be good for you and got your that swa…..

Before he could complete his sentence Sanskaar punches him in his face with so much force that the chair with which Shekar was tied fell on the floor

Sanskaar(Roared) : Don’t…don’t you dare to utter a single word Shekar Gagodia it’s just beginning(gets up from chair and goes towards him and cluthes his hair in his fits) I will make you suffer so much that you will wish for death but death also will not come to you(pulls his hair harsly) You have done a great mistake by messeing with me I have already lots of score to settle with you already and by hitting Swara you have increased your punishment much more now you will see he’ll

Shekar(with painful voice) : what…what have I done to you….????

Sanskaar laughs evilly Listeining to this and said evilly

Sanskaar(Evilly) : you will get to know everything wants so hurry till than you will stay like this bye….

He left from there and goes towards his room where he sees Swara sleeping peacefully he slowly goes towards the bed and lay beside her

He takes her into his embrace and so drifted into sleep thinking about his past memories

He was feeling so much guilty for hurting Swara for his revenge He was already guilty for misbehaving with her and now after knowing that she is not Shekar’s real daughter he was feeling worse…..!!!


Sense – 3

Next Morning

In SwaSan Room

Sunday’s falls on our heavenly couple who were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace….

Swara wake up due to sunrays and sees Sanskaar she was about to get up from bed but just than she realize that there is a tight grip on her waist

Dil kho gaya,
Ho gaya kisi ka,
Ab raasta mil gaya,
Khushi ka..

She sees that Sanskaar is hugging her From waist so tightly that if she run some where a blessed smile comes on her face

Aankhon mein hai khwab sa,
Kisi ka..
Ab raasta mil gaya,
Khushi ka..

She tries to free herself and in this process Sanskaar’s sleep for disturbed he open his eyes and sees Swara struggling to free herself
He smiles and huggs her more tightly making her call on him

Rishta naya rabba,
Dil chu raha hai,
Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..

Swara shockingly sees towards Sanskaar while Sanskaar smiles naughtily

Swara(shocked with his act) : Sanskaar what are you doing??? Leave me I have to freshnup and than we have to go hospital to see Maa please

Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore,
hai rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore.

Sanskaar(smiles naughtily) : what’s so hurry Swara please stay some more time like this(tukles her hair behind her ear and says lovely) you know I Love You….!!!

Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore,
hai rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore.

Sanskaar say this in flow but Swara she was totally shocked listen to his confession

Screen frees on Swara’s shocking face and Sanskaar smiling face….!!!


Next Episode : what you all want…..!!!


Guys I know it was boring but I’m writing after so long do please cooperate with me…!!!

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