Your Love My Prison Episode 18

Hi Friends here is the much awaited episode I know you all are eagerly waiting for this episode so let’s start without any further useless talks….!!!


RECAPE : Swara got to know Shekar’s true colors…!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode 18

Sence – 1


A Man enters in GH and becomes shocked to see the whole Mansion ups and downs as things were scateref in the floor and some were broken

He immediately runs and search whole Mansion but couldn’t find anyone he becomes worried and left from there in anger


Sence – 2


A Man is talking on the phone

Man : Now tell me did you find anything??? Where is the whole GF???

Os : sir it’s very difficult to…..

Man(Angrilly shouting) : I don’t know what you will do I just want to know where is he?

OS : sir we are trying

Man(shouting angrily) : I don’t want you trying just do as I say

He cutt’s the call and starts to walk here and there restlessly

Suddenly he receives a call and said

Man(Angrily shouting) : say fast as I’m already very frustrated

Os : ……………

Man(Calm) : what are you saying true???ok I’m coming

Man cutts the ‘s and leave from there


Sence – 3



A patient is laying on the bed covered with tubes and seems like he is waiting for some one just than

A Man enters inside with his body guards and becomes angry to see the person but he controls his anger

Man(Angry& Rudly) : Now tell what you want to tell me and do it fast as I’m already very busy Nd I don’t have spare time to waste on you

Patient(Breathing heavily) : I know and I’m really sorry for what I have done I ….I wanted to…tell you that….Shekar is not a good man….he…he was the one….who gave me money to mix drugs in you…..drink that …..that night…..I’m I’m really sorry…I…I just did all this….for money…Swara is pure like Ganga…no one has…never touched…her Sanskaar it’s true

The Man who was entered is Sanskaar and he was shocked Listeining to this that Shekar was the one who did this

Sanskaar(Frustrated) : I don’t need any character certificate from you I know MY Swara very well do you get that and why will any dad do like this I think you are again lying Avi

Avi(Breathing heavily) : I..I don’t know Sanskaar…whY he did this…I just know that ….he….he wants to ….breake your and Swara’s re…relationship….he…he said that…he want…somethin…from her

Sanskaar was torally numb due to shock but he composed himself and said

Sanskaar : ok do you know where he could be????

Avi : I know…his one….secret place….that…that is the basement….in GH

Sanskaar : ok you take rest

Saying so he leaves form there and started his journey towards GH

************Sanskaar’s POV************

I still can’t believe a father can do this with his own daughter I mean I always know that he is a blo*dy rascal but I never thought that he will also try to spoil his daughter’s life I should have know that Shekar Gagodia can do anything for his motives and benefits
I just hope so that Swara is fine if something happened to her than I will kill that bastered
I have to reach as fast as I can I’m feeling very restless as like something bad is him a happen
I have already loose my family now Swara is my family I can’t loose her again I’ll save you Swara just wait for some more time
I’m coming your Sanskaar is coming to save you but please don’t loose hope…..

************POV ENDS************


Sence – 4

AT Evening In Basement

Swara and Shomi were still tied in chairs repectively

************Swara’s POV************

I have already loose my mom dad and My Sanskaar but I can’t loose my Maa I know she had not given new birth but still for me she is my Maa
And to save her and myself I have to do as that Shekar said to me I will give him my property and leave from here with Maa
How unlucky I’m I first time in my life love someone and I can’t even get a chance to tell him that I love him I know he did bad with me but I also have seen regret and love for me in his eyes
I thought that I’ll never melt after that night but Sanskaar made my heart melt with his love Nd care
I wish I could get one chance only one chance to say him that I also love him I also love him the way he loves me

************POV ENDS************

AT Night

The room door opens and Shekar come with her goons

Shekar : so what have you decide dear daughter

Swara(scared) ; I…I’m agree with your conditions I’ll give you my property but you have to promise that you will leave us

Shekar(Mocking) : oh I promise that I will leave you both

He opened her ropes and give her papers to sign

Swara with shivering hand signed the papers and give them to Shekar

Swara(scared) : now I have signed papers let us go

Saying so she moves towards Shomi who was still unconscious on the chair due to beatings and was about to open her ropes just than Shekar heads her from her hairs

Shekar(holds her hairs & Laughs evilly) : hahaha what do you think I’ll leave you that easily I have to wait there 21 years just because of your so now you will suffer also

Swara who was winching in pain and tried to free herself becomes shocked and said with great difficulty

Swara(with painful expressions) : what….what….do….you…..mean???? Ahhhhh leave me ……

Shekar(Jerks her & smrikld evilly) : oh you wanna know meaning wait let me tell you that….I have sold you to a foreigen client in 1 coror so now you will also suffer

Swara becomes shocked and tears started to flow from her eyes

Swara(folds her hands in front of him and pleads) : no please don’t do this I….I give you…..what you wanted… please leave me….I’ll go away from here please leave me…..

Shekar(Evilly Laughs) : hahaha I never leave a chance to get money so how can I leave a beauty like you hahaha now let’s go

He again holds her hair and drags her outside the room


Sence – 5


Sanskaar reaches at GH and searches every corner of the house with her goons but dismt fine anything he was getting frustarayed and annoying but just than he heard someone’s shouting he signs his guards to stay quite and follow him

He follow that voice and becomes shockes to see Shekar dragging Swara with her hair and she is pleading to leave him

Just than he sees a old man in suit having a bteif case in his hand he give that suit case to Shekar and Shekar pushes Swara towards that old man who was stairing Swara with lustful eyes

Swara(tries to free herself and Pleads) : please uncle leave me I’m like your daughter I’m married also please leave me

She was struggling to free herself and Sanskaar’s blood was no long seeing all this

Old man(smiles evilly) : so what sweet heart I don’t mind I just want you at my head omg you are so s*x…….

Before he could complete his words he was lying on the ground in pool of blood

All becomes shock and sees Sanskaar holding a gun with his gaurds

Swara who sees Sanskaar becomes happy runs and huggs him leaving him happy yet shock

Sanskaar(Huggs Swara and order his gaurds) : Catch them all and put them in our torture cell

While guards were dragging Shekar and his men Shekar was still in shock and instantly blurted out his crime

Shekar(scared and fumbles) : How…how can you be alive ….you was dead in that…that bomb blast than …how……????

Sanskaar didn’t pay any head to his words and departure Swara from him and sees her face full of slap marks

Sanakaar (super anger and roared ): how dare you ?????

Everyone present there shievered with his voice as they know now no one can save Shekar from his death

Before Sanskaar could do anything Swara who was already scared and shocked with mental as well as physical tortures fainted in his arms

Sanskaar(lifts Swara and orders his gaurds) : Gaurds take them all I’ll deal with them later and yah see is everyone still there for not in taking Swara with me….!!!

Saying so he left from there with Swara in his arms…..


PERCAPE: I want response that to with comments if I didn’t get comments than no update from my side …..!!!


So here was the episode…..!!!

Happy New Year in Advance….!!!

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