Your Love My Prison Episode 17


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RECAPE: Bomb blast and Shekar kidnaps Swara……….!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode – 17

Sence – 1


Swara(crying) : why Why you doing this Dad???

Shekar laughs scarily and said

Shekar(scartically) : oh my poor baby wait if I tell that I want your property than will you give me

Swara becomes shocked and looks blankly towards Shekar

Swara(Shocked) : what are you saying Dad the whole property is already yours than why you need me???

Shekar(Laughing evilly) : oh poor Swara you didn’t understand don’t you ok let me tell you all from start ok so listein

FB STARTS***********

Jhanki , Shekar and Veer were best friends in college times Shekar loves Jhanki but she and Veer were in secret relationship about which Shekar also don’t know

So when Shekar proposed Jhanki she refused and Shekar becomes angry and obssesd with her

Actually Shekar didn’t love Jhanki ever he always wants to becomes a rich man and Jhanki was a very rich and one and only daughter of her parents so that’s why he was begging

When he got to know that Veer is the one to whom she love he thought to kill Veer but fortunately or unfortunately before Shekar could do anything both Jhanki and Veer got married

So Shekar thought to wait for right opoutunity for his List which was for money

That days he was lonely he started to date not date just time pass with Pari and forcefully raped her when she got to know that he is using her

So when Pari File an FIR against him he killed them and case got as he was afraid of Jhanki comes to know about this case she will never marry with him and this way there case

One day Veer was going out station so Shekar thought it’s the best way to kill him and take his place in Jhanki life

So he ordered his goons to kill him after killing Veer Shekar’s goon put Veer back in car and make it look like an accident

Then he goes to Jhanki and consoles her that’s when he got to know that she is pragenet with Veer child

So in order to make Jhanki fall in his trap he started to take care of her when Jhanki gabe both to Swara that’s when he force Jhanki to marry with him as she can’t take care of a baby girl so Jhanki thought Shekar is right and they both got married

Shekar was still acting and taking care of Jhanki but one day Jhanki came to know about his reality that he is behind her wealth so she called her lawyer and said him to transfer all
her property on Swara’s name

Shekar killed Jhanki also as he thought that she ruined his plan he was also about to kill Swara when he got to know about Jhanki WILL so he keep her alive

After Jhanki died Shekar married with Shomi and hand over Swara to him and in all these years he was taking his love for her

Jhanki WILL was that when Swara will become 21 years old till than she can’t transfer her property to anyone and if she married before 21 years old than her whole propert will be
taken by her husband

So when Sanskaar married Swara Shekar thought her plan is failed so he thought to kill Sanskaark and take all Swara’s property

***********FB ENDS***********

Shekar(mockingly) : so here was the reason now give me all your property and I’ll leave you

Swara who was totally numb after this much big truth of her life was just becomes lifeless body and don’t know what to do

***********Swara’s POV***********

What what just happened the person whom I consider my everything is the killer of my parents

He killed my mom dad got money and now he kills my Sanskaar too no this can’t happened

I’ll never give him my property if for that I have to die that I will die happily but I’ll never let this beast become succeful in his plans

***********POV ENDS***********

Swara(Angryily shouting) : No I’ll never sign them do what you wanted to do but I’ll not sign any propert papers

Shekar becomes angry and holds her hair tightly in his fits and said

Shekar(Angrily) : you will sign them and I’ll see how you refused

Saying so he jerks her head and leave from there

While Swara was crying in this new discovery that his mom and dad are dead and her husband too

After sometime

ShekAr enters the room with an injured Shomi He was dragging her from her hairs and pushed her

Swara becomes shocked on seeing this and started to shout at Shekar

Swara(crying) : what are you doing Maa…!!!(Roaring) How can you still so low that you beat a woman you just shame on you you blo*dy Bastared

Shekar(laughing evilly) : haha you have not seen anything yet dear daughter and listein if you didn’t sign than I’ll kill your this so cold mom you have only 5 hours to take desicion either your mom dead body or your property choice is yours and yah I forgot to tell you one thing to you remember your friend Sonia you know what I did with her I sold her to those goons who kidnapped you I also wanted to sold you but I can’t because you are golden sparrow for me and if you didn’t sign than…than I’ll sold you also so think before taking any

Saying so he leaves Swara more shattered and shokef she didn’t dream about this ever that her so cold dad can stoop so low she was seeing Shomi unconscious on the floor and
becomes helpless

Finally after thinking she decide to give her whole property to Shekar to save her mother and herself from that beast


PERCAPE : Dhamakka…!!!


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