Your Love My Prison Episode 16


Hi Friends here I’m with my ff I’m so sorry to make you wait so let’s start without any delay….


RECAPE: Swasan romance and Sanskaar’s guilt….!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode 16

Sence – 1

IN SwaSan Room

Both were sleeping on there places with a sweet smile on their face Swara was smilying as her wounds were getting healed and Sanskaar was also similing because he was
dreaming he can heal Swara with his love and care so let’s see what will happens

Sun rays falls on our sleeping beauty cute Swara who wakes up and relaose her position as she is sleeping in same posture she sees towards sanakaar who was sleeping
uncomfortably on couch

She feels bad but than after remainding her pain she becomes stone heart and cow not to melt that easily

She gets up from bed and after taking clothes she straightly goes to washroom


***********Swara’s POV***********

What’s this it’s getting complicated I am unable to understand my own feelings last night the way he took care of me and apply medicine I was shocked

He touch was so soft that I was almost melt but what he did with me I can’t forget that too so easily

Once I heard that love can do anything it can make impossible to possible

So can Love also heal my soul wounds I don’t know I think I should wait till I talk to mom this will be the best idea

***********ENDS POV***********

After changing clothes she comes out and see sanakaar is still sleeping she thought to go down than she thinks of Sanskaar gets angry may be he stops her from going to her parents house

She say on the bed and after 5 minutes. Sanskaar wakes up and see Swara sitting in the bed almost ready in her baby pink Churidhar lost in her thoughts

He shakes his head and goes towards the cupboard when he opens it swra came to her sences after Listeining to voice and see that sankaar is taking out her clothes

Sanskaar also see Swara so after taking clothes he left to washroom after getting ready he come out and started to comb his hairs and sees Swara who was sitting nervously

Swara(Hesitately) : ahhhmmm sans…Sanskaar

Sanskaar yruns around and sees her with raising his eyebrows

Swara glups on fear and said

Swara(Fumbles) : Sanskaar you said that I can go to Meet mom today so….so can I go….

Sanskaar(Flat tone) : ok you can go I’ll drop you there as I’m going out I have an important work so come let’s go to eat BF

Swara becomes happy as he didn’t denied and goes down

After eating there BF both headed towards Swara’s Parent House and the whole way they didn’t talk for one second


Sence – 2

In Gagodia House

Sanskaar parks his car and goes with Swara inside

Both Shomi and Shekar were sitting in lounge and talking when they see SwaSan coming

Swara immediately ran and hug her mom and dad she was looking very happy and sanakaar was happy on seeing her similing heartedly

After talking with Shomi and Shekar Sanskaar left from there saying that he will pic Swara at night

Shomi and Swara goes to his room while Shekar got busy in his other stuff


Sence – 3

IN Swara’s Room

Both Swara and Shomi were sitting silently Swara was thinking how to start talk and while her mom was observing her feature

At last Swara break the ice

Swara(Nervouse & Hesitate) : Maa I…I wan…wanna ask you something

Shomi becomes shocked in seeing Swara’s hesitation as it was the first time she was asking before telling her problem

Shomi places her hands on her shoulder and make her truns towards her fully

Shomi(Smiles) : You can ask me whatever you want shona there is no need to ask permission ok now tell me why my shona is so worried and confused

Swara(Confused & Worried) : Maa it’s it’s about Sanskaar I don’t know what’s happening to me one side my heart likes him and other side after knowing that he is a DON I become
scared from him I don’t know what should I do I’m so confused I can’t even explain you properly My situation you tell me Maa what should I do???

Shomi smiles Listeining to all this as she got to know that her dear daughter is in love with her husband

Shomi(Smiles Brightly) : Shona it means you LOVE him the way you are trying to explain your feeling to me I got to know that you started to totalling for him

Swara becomes super shocked and said.

Swara(Shocked) : No Maa you are wrong I mean…h..ow can…I…love love a DON ….no this can’t be true

She started to get panics as she remebera what he had done with her and now she lives her Rapist that was one impossible thing for her

But it is says that love can make everything possible so let’s see what happened next

Shomi : Shona it is true you stay here and thinks for sometime in this topic I’m sure you will get your answers ok I’ll be back I have some work you stay calm and think wisely with cool mind

After advising this to Swara Shomi left from there leaving a confused Swara


Sence – 4


Sanskaar is driving his car just than he got a call he connects that call with Bluetooth and started to talk

Sanskaar(Casually) : yah say Rohit how is work going on ??

Rohit(wirriedly shouting) : Sanskaar where are you please leave your car immediately there is a bomb in your car

Sanskaar(shocked) : what??? how do you know that

Rohit(worried) : Sanskaar this is not the time to talk first left your car immediately

And than Boom


Sence – 5


A girl is passing from there just than she hears some voices

Inside the room

Man(Restlessly asking) : yah say is work done or not?

Os : yes sir your work is done that Sanskaar Maheswari is no more his car is blasted

Man cutts the call and started to talk with himself

Man(talks to himself) : Now that Sanskaar is no more my one and only enemy is finished hahaha

He truns around the girl becomes shocked seeing him

So here reaveal suspence guys….

Girl: Dad you…you want to k….kkkkillll sans….Sanskaar

Shekar(Shocked & Fumbles) : No Swara you you are getting me wrong

Swara(Angrily) : no I’m not getting you wrong in fact this time I’m right and I’ll call police…

She was about to go from there but sanakaar holds one case and got it on Swara’s head and she becomes unconscious

He immediately lifts Swara and takes her with him….!!!


Sence – 6

Swara is tied on the chair in a dark room just than Shekar comes there

Shekar(Smile evilly) : Now that you got to know about me I can’t leave you but before doeing give me what I want

Swara tries to free herself from ropes

Swara(Angrily shouting) : I never thought that…that you will do this…why why are you doing all this….what do you want…???


PERCAPE: Truth Revelation…!!!


So here I’m ending the episode so I hope you all will like it as I reveal the mysterious person but wait guys mystery is still remaining so wait till next….

So now I want response that too with comments so shoot your comments…!!!

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