Your Love My Prison Episode 15


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RECAPE : Swara’s Past….!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode 15

Sence – 1

IN SwaSan Room

Next Morning

SwaSan are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace wait not exactly as Sanskaar was sleeping on top of Swara so let’s see what will happened when she open her eyes so here we go

Sun rays falls on our heavenly couple and Swara and Swara slowly open her eyes

***********Swara’s POV***********

I feel some kind of wait on my chest and slowly I open my eyes I was shocked to see Sanskaar that too on top of me
Then I notice him for the first time his face features were so Sharpe and he was sleeping like a baby I can clearly see the innocence on his face which I didn’t see ever till now I was about to put my hand on his face just than he stirired and I see him slowly open his eyes and that broke my trance
I become scared remembering that night again and I know it was clearly shown on my face

***********POV ENDS***********

Sanskaar see Swara awakening and he immediately gets up from him

Sanskaar(Worried) : please Swara relax I’m not going to harm you I was just….

He was cutts of by Swara’s voice

Swara(scared & fumbles) : Are you again going….going to…ra….rap…rape m… please don’t….don’t…do that

She started crying again and Sanskaar again drown in his guilt more

He immediately goes towards her and hugs her whom she becomes tensed with their close proximity Sanskaar broke the hugs and holds her hands in his

Sanskaar(holds her hand) : I’m sorry Swara I’m really sorry I know I have hurted you in a worst way please(crying) forgive please just trust me one time I promise I’ll never hurt you please

He was crying in front of Swara the great DON Sanskaar Maheswari was crying and Swara was beyond shock

She was about to hugg him but just than she remembers her screams and pain and she pushed him back Sanskaar becomes shocked and hurt with her act

Swara(in flat tone) : I trusted you Sanskaar I trusted you but what you did you quench your lust by using my body you know the time which we spent in the whole week I started to think that you are a good man or was me who missunderstood you but no at the end of line you proved me wronged again Do you know how it hurts when someone whom you trust and that person uses you for his own benfits and treats you like a shit how it feels no you don’t I ….I just don’t want to talk to you just leave…..

Sanskaar was shocked And as well as hurt by her words but he knows that what he had done he have to keep patience to regain her trust back

Sanskaar : ok Swara if that’s you want than I’ll respect you wish I’m going but you take rest as you are still not well

Sanskaar was about to leave just than he stops hearing Swara’s words

Swara(scared for his reaction) ; hmmm Sanskaar I wan….want t…to ….go ….go…home can I go….

She was cutts off by his Furiouse reaction he truns around and said angrily

Sanskaar(Angrily) : what you said you want to go home look Swara I have already told you that you are not going anywhere you want time you can take as much as you want but never ever tries to leave me….

Swara(Explains) : No you are getting me wrong i….I just want to meet Maa I promise I’ll be back till night can I go please???

Sanskaar becomes calms Listeining to that she is just going for a day he thinks something and said

Sanskaar(becomes calm) ; ok Swara you can go….Swara smiles fully….but not today….Listeining to this her smile faded away….look Swara you are not well doctor had told to test you so you take a good rest today tomorrow you can go to you Parents house and I’ll not listein any argument regarding this

At first Swara was about to argue but than she thinks it’s better to listein to him otherwise he will not let her meet her mom and dad and she really wanna meet them now so she simply nodes

Sanskaar smiles and left from there thinking this that she agrees with her


Sence – 2

IN Sanskaar’s Office

Sanskaar was sitting on office chair and doing his office work just than he receives a call

Sanskaar(in bossy tone) : Hello yah say how is that Avi did he gain consiouseness

Os : well sir he is very critical

Sanakaar(shocked) : what But how is this possible I hardly beat her than how come he becomes that much critical

Os : sir actually doctor said that he had dectected son kind of poison in him which cause him to this condition and he also said that if he didn’t gain his consciousness in next 48 hours than he may slip into coma

Sanskaar(Angry) : what the he’ll is this I want him alive at any cost do anything but make him alright

Saying so he cutts the call and started to walk angrily in office room while running his fingers angrily in his thick hair

***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

What’s going on??? How could that happened I don’t understand I didn’t give him anything to eat than how come he eat that poison
May be he ate that poison before coming here yah that’s the only possibility
What am I gone do now if he die than it will be very hard for me to find the real culprit and if that happened than that person can also harm Swara
I have to right the security around Swara I can’t risk in her life
After many years I got someone whom I can call my family and I’m not gonna let anyone harm my GIRL and for that I can do anything to protect her

***********POV ENDS***********


Sence – 3


A Man is talking on his phone wait not talking he is ordering to someone

Man(warning) : Yah Do this work as soon as possible

Os : ok sir as you say your work will be done till night

The Man cuts the call and started to laugh evilly

Man(laughs evilly) : Now no one will stop me that Sanskaar will die and than no one will be there to save Swara hahaha


Sence – 4

IN SwaSan Room

***********Swara’s POV***********

Today I saw him crying that too in front of me he was begging for forgiveness but could it that easy to ask forgiveness no it’s not I think I should have him a chance
Today I have seen a deep pain in his eyes like something is bothering her but what can bother to a DON wait why I’m thinking about him
I don’t know what’s happening to me that person did so much and with me He RAPED me but still why I’m unable to hate him
Whenever he is around why I want to see him why I feel protective in his arms
Ahhh I think I’m gonna mad if this keeps happening may be Mom could help me with this stuff
Well tomorrow I’m going to my home after that night I want to hug mom and wanna cry my heart out I wanna sleep in her embrace well but for that I have to wait till tomorrow
It’s good that Sanskaar is not here and he gave me permission to meet mom dad I guess he is not that bad as he shows to himself but still I think I’ll never be able to forgive him

**********POV ENDS***********

Sence – 5

The whole day passes and now it’s night time both SwaSan had not seen each other from morning
Sanskaar walks towards the room and stops at door seeing the front sight

IN SwaSan Room

Swara has weared pink silk nighty which was totally backless and the gown of nighty was kept at sofa and she was sitting IN front of dressing table by placcing her long thick black hair on her shoulder

She was trying to apply cream on her back but was unable to do that Sanskaar enters the room making her shocked and scared
She immediately truns around and was about to put gown on her night but Sanskaar stops her

Sanskaar(Flat tone) : wait Swara

She becomes scared as she does not want that night to repeat but somewhere in his heart she believe s that he will not hurt her again so she stops Listeining to him

Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

He goes towards her and holds her from shoulders and make her sit on the bed and takes the tube from her

Sanskaar(Ordered her) : Swara lay down on the bed by facing your back towards me

Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

She becomes shocked and scared as well Sanskaar realise her situation and said

Sanskaar(Strictly) : I said lay down and don’t argue if you doesnt obey me than I’ll not let you go to your parents house tomorrow

Listeining to this she becomes angry on him but stays quite and lays on the bed in the same posture as he said

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Her long whiney silly hairs were on her back covering it completely
He slowly place them in side and now her whole back was visile to him

Yeh rooh bhi meri
Yeh jism bhi mera
Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera….

Swara was feeling scared but she can’t do anything as she knows if she didn’t obey him than he will do something worse while on the other hand Sanskaar was completely shocked and guilty on seeing her back full of scratches

Tune diya hai jo
Woh dard hi sahi
Tujhse mila hai toh
Inaam hai mera

He slowly runs his gongs on a scare making her winch in pain He immediately withdraw his hand
Tears started to escape from his eyes but he controlled them and slowly kissed her on her scared while she cluthes the bed sheet tightly in her fits

Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi

Zameen pe na sahi
Toh aasmaan mein aa mil
Tere bina guzara.
Ae dil hai mushkil…

After kissing her wounds he apply cream on them and gets up Swara was about to move but he stops her

Sanskaar(placed her hand on her shoulder) : Don’t move Swara first let dry the cream than you can move as if you move now than your hair will come in contact with that cream ok

Maana ki teri maujoodgi se
Ye zindagani mehroom hai
Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
Na mere dil ko maaloom hai…

She simply nodes and tests there and Sanskaar goes towards balcony leaving her alone as he knows that she is feeling scared due his presence

Tujhko main kitni
Shiddat se chaahun
Chaahe toh rehna tu be-khabar
Mohtaaz manzil ka toh nahi hai
Ye ek tarfa mera safar, safar
Khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi…

After sometime he enters in room and see her sleeping in same posture she was shivering so he put the blanket on her carefully and goes towards the couch to sleep….!!!

Adhura hoke bhi
Hai ishq mera kaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil…

(I always wanna write this Sence as it’s my favourite and I write it today yehhhh)


PERCAPE : Teaser next part…..!!!


So here was the episode I hope you all will like it…!!!

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