Your Love My Prison Episode 11


Hi Friends I’m back and I’m really happy with all of your response thank you all so much for these lines and comments keep up the likes and I’ll give you all good episodes as I have thought to write a teaser but after seeing all your love I thought to write episode so let’s start……!!!


RECAPE : Sanskaar forces Swara…!!!


Your Love My Prison

Episode – 1

Sence – 1


IN SwaSan Room

We can see Sanskaar is sleeping on the bed the sun rays starts to fall on him making him feel uneasy he slowly opens his eyes and held her head with his hands

Sanskaar(Holding his head in hands and shouting) : ahhh oh God my head is paining like he’ll Swara Swara ahhh where is she now?

On speaking Swara’s name some flashbacks started to come in His mind and he held it tightly due to pain just than the images of last night clearly started to come one by one and he sat on the bed shockily

Note : I’m writing this episode in POV as I have to show you all there feelings so cooperate plzzzz

Sanskaar’s POV

After realising what had I done yesterday night with Swara I immediately get up from bed and scan the whole room in order to find her but I didn’t get her any glimse

Panic instantly caught in my whole body I get up from bed with difficulty as my head was still paining like he’ll I wear my paints and shirt and started looking for her…….

The first thought which came in my mind is that “Did she left me?” no this can’t happened I go downstairs and started calling her name loudly

I(Panicks & Shouting) : Swara Swara where are you Swara???

Just than maid comes there saying that she has not seen Swara from morning now I was really worried as where is she???

I straightly goes in my room and than I remembered that I had not checked washroom I immediately ran towards the washroom and opens it

The Sence in front of me was a full shock I see Swara lying unconscious on the floor with just a single sheet

I ran towards her and started to part her cheek that’s when I got more worried as she was so cold like ice I instantly pic her up in my arms and goes towards the bed and make her lie on the bed care fully

Her face which was glowing till yesterday was now pale and tear marks were clearly visible on her pink cheeks I was so much guilty with my this act that I can’t meet my eyes with her ever I pushed my thoughts aside and called the doctor than I go towards our cuboard and Takes her simple suit and removed her sheet

When I remove her sheet I was so much shocked as her whole body was filled with scrates and marks this make me more guilty and tears started to flow from my eyes unwillingly I slowly and carefully make her wear her clothes as not to hurt her more I sat beside her and caress her hair

Just than I heard a knock at door and opens the door their doctor was standing I get aside and let her came in she came inside and I told her about Swara

I(Worridly) : it’s good you came doctor plz check my wife she is so cold and not opening her eyes plz check her in so worried

Doctor : relax Mr Maheswari I’ll check her

Saying so doctor started to examine her I was restlessly walking and looking at doctor just than doctor truns towards me and said

Doctor : Mr Maheswari she got a really deep shock that’s why her BP level drop and I think she is also suffering from depression I’m giving her injection so that she will regain consiouseness soon and yah when she got consciousness make sure she will eat good as she is really weak

I : ok doctor and thank you for coming so early

Doctor : it’s ok Mr Maheswari it’s my duty and take care of her

Saying so she left and I sat beside Swara and started to caress her hair tears started to flow from my eyes the thing from which I hate the most I did this with her

I(holds her hand & crying) : I’m sorry Swara I’m really sorry I don’t know how did this happened if I would not have drink I would not had loseed my sences you know Swara I hate Rape but today I raped you I raped my own wife my own LOVE ? I can’t imagine how would you have feeled I’m sorry Swara I’m really sorry I know my sorry can’t heal your pain but I will do my best to regain your love and trust yes Swara I LOVE YOU I STARTED TO LOVE YOU WHEN I FIRST SAW YOU WHEN YOU HAD SLAPPED ME but I ignored my feeling thinking this that it’s my Ego(Determinedly) but now I will repay I’ll do every single work which can make you happy …..!!!

After sometime I see that Swara started to stirir in her sleep I think she is gaining her consciousness I sarted to pat her cheeks

I(patting her cheeks) : Swara Swara open your eyes Swara

Just than she opens her brown eyes and instantly moved away from me making me feel guilty and hurt

Swara(scared & shouting) : no no stay away from me Helppp help plz save me somebody help

I(try to go near her & worried on seeing her condition) : Swara Plz calm down Swara

I tried to go near her but she was continuously shouting and going backwards cluthing sheet tightly in her hands

Swara(still crying and shoutung) : no no stay away stayyyy

I(Assure her) : ok ok I’ll not come near you but plz calm down plz

Now she listein to me and calm down a little bit but still she sacredness was clearly visible in her eyes she was shivering with my prense and I’m feeling really bad that it’s all because of me as I have hurted a inocent soul I was so much frustrated with me that I can’t even explain

I glance at her she was crying silently and looking scardlu towards me as like a deer is scared from lion I instantly left the room and goes in hall I called the maid and tell her to take breaakfast in Swara’s room and make her eat properly saying so I go in my office and sat on the chair

I closed my eyes and instantly Swara scared and crying image come in front of me I opened my eyes and bangs my hand of the glass table so forcefully that it tears in pieces my hand was bleeding but I was least bothered about it I started to think about my past my mom and my sister

***********FB STARTS***********

A boy of around 6 years was playing with his ball just than a Girl came in house drying my and ran towards a room the boy who was playing seeing the Girl crying also ran behind her

Girl(Cryingly & Hugging her mother) : Maa Maa he betrayed me Maa he just play with my feelings

The girl was crying in her mother’s embrace and her mother was consoling her

Mother(Consoling her) : plz stop crying Parineeta you should thank God that you got to know about him earlier as if you got to know about marriage than what would have happened I can’t imagine

Pari(Crying) : Maa now it’s not worth of it as i…..I lost my virginity I lost it maa he…he raped me

Saying so she started crying badly in her mother’s embrace while AP was standing their with shocked expressions

Pari(Wipe her years and said dertemindly) : Maa I want to file a complain against him I want to punish him Maa will you be with me???

AP(Consoled and give her coyrage) : I’m always with you beta we will surely file a case against her

The boy was seeing all this from door but could not understand what his mother and Di are talking

Pari & AP file a complain against the Man who had raped her and come back home next day when both Ap and Pari were working on home there house door opened with a bang
Pari instantly on hearing bang sound hide the little boy who was sitting on table in kitchen in open of kitchen cabinet and tell him not to come out
Pari come in hall and sees some men are holding guns and standing there and stands beside Ap

AP(Angrily) : who are you all? And what you want from my house leave from here or I will call the police

Pari was scardly standing with Ap holding her tightly

Suddenly a man came inside the hose making Ap and Pari shocked

Man(scaratly) : what’s so hurry sasu Maa oppsss sorry now that your daughter had refused to marry me how can I call you sasu Maa don’t wirry….

Ap(Angrily shouting) : what are you doing here what do you want from us?

Man : oh you complain against me and asking me what I want ask your daughter to take back her complain or else

Ap(Shouting) : no we will never take back out complain what will you do has bolo Mr Shekar Gagodia tell

Shekar(Smrikls) : oh so you will not listein to me so than I have no option other than this

He takes the gun and shoots Ap and Pari in one shoot and leaves from there two pair of eyes who were seeing all this becomes shocked and comes out from kitchen and instantly goes towards his mom and Di

Sanskaar(Shaking her mother and Di) : Mom mom plz open your eyes Di Di plz wake up look Maa is also not opening her eyes plz wake up plz

Tears started to flow from that inocents eyes but no one was their to listein his cries and console him no one one was there who could live him and give him warmth of love…..

***********FB ENDS***********

Remebring all this year’s are following from his eyes which were red due to crying

Sanskaar(talking to himself) : look what have I done today what have I done due to you Shekar Gagodia I hurt a peciouse soul the thing which happened with my sister I did with swara…..!!!


PERCAPE : Swara’s reaction on Sanskaar’s act…..!!!


So done with this part hope you all will like this…!!!

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  3. Mica

    this POV was awesome Ros…sorry, i read chappy 6, 7, 8 but unable to comment, and jumping to this episode..
    goosshhh,…. Sanskar’s past si painful, no wonder that he is so angry….
    this Shekar moron…somehow you got the karma, but soo bad that your daughter should carry out your sin….poor Swara..

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      Don’t worry mica everything will be fine
      And no problem I m glad that you read as I know u was busy

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