Your Love My Prison Episode 1


Hi friendz i M back with My New FF’s First Part I Hope U All Will Enjou And Give Me Sooo Much Through Ur Likes And Comments As U Gave To My Previouse Ff
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So Lets Start


RECAPE : Swara Slap Sanskaar


Yur Love My Prison

Episode # 1


Swara : A very Bold Kind Hearted and Loving Girl She Loves Her Parents too much And Can Do Anything for them

Shekar : Swara’s Father and rest character will be revealed later

Shomi: Swara’s Mom A Loving Lady And Loves Her Daughter

Sanskaar : A Don Of Mafia And Becomes Very Ruthless Man When It Comes To His Work

Rohit: Sanskaar’s Patner In Crime And A Seriouse Person

Samrat: Sanskaar’s other Partner in Crime Younger To Both Sanskaar And Rohit And A Funny Guy Always Makes Silly Jokes


Sence – 1

***********Sanskaar’s POV***********

Today I was going to beat that Shekar how dare he to do that with me he very well knows that when I liked anything than it automatically becomes mine I was about to teach him a lesson just then a girl came and slapped me ME THE DON OF KOLKATA I’ll not leave her I was about to shout on her but she didn’t let me speak and goes on her lecture on respect of elders well she is going to pay for that when I said her that I AM RHE DON OF KOLKATA I can clearly see that she is scared from her big brown eyes but she didn’t show her fear on her face that thing I lied very much about her than she left from there with his so cold father I think she didn’t know about her father’s acts

But she has done the biggest mistake of her life by Slapping me now she has to suffer from my anger


After she left from there I also walk with Rohit and Smrat to our Mension

The whole way I was boiling with anger and no one dares to talk to me as they know me well

On reaching Menshion Sanskaar goes on his room and sisnt come out after that

***********ENDS POV***********


Both Samrat And Rohit Are Waiting For Sanskaar At Dinning Table

Just Then Sanskaar Came There From His Room And sat on his chair Silently They Three start Eating the Food While Eating The Food Smrat Tries To cheer Up Sanskaar’s Mood But He Gets Fails

After The Dinner Sanskaar said To Both Samrat And Rohit

Sanskaar(IN Serious Tone) : Meet me at Study room I have to discuss something with You two

Saying this he left from there without even listeing to them Having No Choice both Follow him till study room


Sence -2

AT Study Room

Both Rohit and Samrat Enters In Study with Sanskaar

Sanskaar goes towards the couch and sit their and sign both of them to sit

Samrat Observes the Serioseness in Envirment and said funnyly

Samrat(Jokingly ) : So What you wanna say Big Bro Wait Let Me Guess R U Thinking About Marriage???

Sanskaar(Serious) : Yes

Samrat(Funnly) : Oh Hahahaha Do You Listein The Same Rohi What Big Bro said he is going to Marry wow Big Bro Very Nice Joke I Can’t Control my Laughter hahhahahaa

Sanskaar(Seriouse) : I M Seriouse

Listeing to this both Rohit And Samrat Becomes Shocked as someone has Drop Bomb on their Heads and stare each other shokingly and than to Sanskaar

Rohit(Shocked) : What R U saying Sanskaar??? r u Seriouse???

Sanskaar(Determined) : Yah Rohit I M 100% Seriose with my Desion and i have called you both to tell that tomorrow is my wedding I Want You two Prepare everything for the wedding

saying this he looks towards Rohit and Samrat who didn’t said anything

Sanskaar(Raising His Eye Brows) : What???

Samrat : Nothing Well who is the lucky Girl Big Bro U Know What I Will Sing A Song On Ur Barat Bro

He Started Singing “Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai hooo Aj mere yaat ki Shaddi Hai”

Rohit(Irritated) : Samrat Will U Please Shut Up (To Sanskaar) yah who is She??? As I Remember I Have Never seen U with any Girl

Sanskaar : You All Know Her

Samrat : We Know Her???

Sanskaar : Yah!!!! She is non other than SWARA GAGODIA

Listeing to this both Rohit and Samrat becomes shocked…..

Sence – 3

***********Swara’s POV***********

I was really scared after slapping that DON but nothing happened may be he has understand My POV about respect to elders well if that’s so than its really good for him

Right now I’m going to my home from my college

***********ENDS POV***********

As Swara Was Walking Towards Her House with her friends Suddenly A Van Came with Speed and stops infront of Swara and her Friendz
Before they could Figure It Out whats Happening some Men Came Out from The van And Forcefully drag Swara In The van And Then That Van Flew Away….
These All Things happened In So Neno seconds That Swara’s Friendz Didnt Get any Time To Think Or Do Something…..

Screen Freez On Swara’s Freinds Shocking Faces…..!!!


PERCAPE : Swara(Weeping) : No He can’t Do This With Me……!!!


So Done With First Episode I Hope U All Like It….
PLz Read And Comment….!!!

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    awesome 🙂

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    1. Rosey

      It’s not that one u will understand in next episodes

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    i want to slap that samrat to stop singing..hehehheh
    luv it Ros,, ty

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