Love Is Powerful Than Revenge-Naagin and Vishkanya (Episode 1)


Apu:Shivanya they killed our family now we will kill them.

Shivanya:Yeah we will not leave them.They killed our family now we will kill them.

Apu:With my vishkanya power I will make them this much week that they can be killed easily.

Shivanya:And my naagin powers will effect them after their death also.

Apu:Now also the shout of my family I am able to hear it.

Shivanya:Yeah we will kill all the Mittal family and special we will kill the sons of Mittal family Ritik and Malay.

Apu:They love their both son we will kill them very badly.

Shivanya:First step is to enter Mittal house and then we can complete our revenge.

Apu:Yeah you are right.At any cost we have to step inside their house.

Shivanya takes snake form and goes from there and Apu follows Shivanya.Shivanya takes human form and says

Shivanya:See the sons of murderer.

Malay and Ritik are between the road because their car gets a technical problem.

Malay:Ritik see know this car has stop.

Ritik:This car have to stop in middle of the road only.

Malay:God please help us.

Ritik:Yes you are right.

Precap:Shivanya and Apu makes Ritik and Malay fall for them.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Wow siddhi u combine both the supernatural shows good thought…

  2. Oh no the precap hope nothing happen to Malay and ritvik… Good episode excited for the next episode keep on writing….

    1. Thank you very much.

  3. Hiii very nice i love it

  4. i m new here

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