Hi guys!! I hope u guys know me… i m meenu…..
Anyway 4 the first time i am going to try a one shot. And the story line was given 4 me by one of my frnd.. it sounded good. So i thought to write on it.ENJOY READING.
A girl is running in a bridal attire through a vacant narrow street. And some people r following her and it is late night. Suddenly she collides with a guy standing infront of her.
Girl:save me please save me….. and without listening to wat he is going to say she runs inside into a house.
A group of people came to him and asked abt the girl.and he replied he dont know and the people gone in another direction.
The guy comes inside and watches the girl who is sitting down with her face down.
Guy: i think u must leave now.
Girl:no please dont let me go . I dont want to go to them. Plzz dont let mw go. I dont want to go. I will stay here with u just 4 some days..plzzzzz
Guy:no no u must leave now.
She removes a chain and
Girl:u take this. This chain is make of precious stones ans metals. U take this. But please dont let me go. I will do all the household work…plZz
Guy:no no u should leave….
But the girl denies… atlast he shouts at her
“I say just leave”
The girl listening to his words… started to leave.
But then……
Guy:u can stay here only 4 some days . Did u get tat???
Girl:thank u thank u…..
Guy:and ur name…..
Girl:ragini..ragini rathore.and ur name…..
Guy:laksh…. ok now go inside… and also ……u should accompany me wherever i go . Did u get tat.
Frm next day onwards she started to go with him wherever he goes. And she did all the works. She made bf,washed…everything…

And the days passed. He started to feel 4 her. She also.. but they didnt open up.they both together enjoyed a couple to days with fun and enjoyment….

And one day…..his eyes went on to a particular news while busily turning the pages…… written beside a picture of ragini’s and another boy……

And the contact number was also given…he hurriedly called and informed tat ragini was with him and gave the address…..
After a while……….
Ragini entered his room and found a board written eveythings which had been happening for tat 1 month along with pics including her name…and on bottom written …………
She had tears in in her eyes……
And by the time laksh came there….
Rag:i want to talk to u….
Lak:no u have to go now…..
Rag:wat… where?????
Lak:frm where u came u have to go there….
And he takes her along with him out where a guy was waiting for them…
And he hands over her to him…
Ragini with teary eyed started to move…
But was stopped by laksh…
Ragini with hope in her eyes tuened Hi guys i am back. Thanku 4 commenting and thank u for the scilent readers. Ok then ,,,,here we foes with the 3rd episode. ENJOY READING.
Recap: swasan meeting.
Sanskar’s room.
Swa: come lets go and buy lollipop.
San: first go and take ur bath.
Swa: no i dont want to bath . Its very borring . I wont bath.
San:wat!!!wat a girl r u. Dont want to bath. Then i will call dadi ma …… dadima…….. dadima……
Swa:no no shhhhhhh shhhhhhh shut ur mouth.(but still sanskar is shouting)ok ok i will go and take bath. But plzz dont call dadi ma. She will comw here and starts to scold me and will start her lecture. Plzzzzz dont call her……
San:ok ok plzzzzz dont shout.i will not call dadi . But plzzz dont shout.
Swa:so u wont call dadi ma.
San:no… but one condition.
San:woh kya he ki…. if u want lolipop, then u have to take bath fastly. So run…run.. go and take ur bath.
Swa:ok tata… let me go and take bath.

Dining hall.
Dadi:ragu beta. Tu kab ja rahi hai lendon .
Rag: aaj.
Dadi: which flight beta.
Rag: gulf air. On 6:35pm.
Dadi:hav ur packing finished.
Rag: i have to do some shopping…
(By the time,swara comes down)
Swà:shopping,i will also come with u.
Sanskar’s POV.
Wat… i wont allow her to go with ragini. She should come with me. She should be always there with me. Bocoz she is mine. Wait a minitue…wat am i saying. How could she be mine. She is swara gadodiya. Oh god…. it has been just one night and i feel loke always being with her…. oh god…anyway she should cone with me.
San:swara! I will buy u a special lolipop which is very big. U mouth will water by seeing it.
Swa:but i have to go with ragini.
San:u can go with ragini any time u want ri8.
Swa:no no we r going 4 shopping…
San:i will take u 4 shopping.
Swa:then i will come with u.
Rag: wat …. ab tu or sanskar ek……
Swa:its not like tat… di…..ok ok ur emotional drama rhuru karne ka zaroorat nàhi hai… i will come with u……
San(behind): i wont allow tat ahe should be with me…
San:swara i want to talk to u.. come with me…4 just a minitue… plzzzz
Swa:ok…. come…..
Precap:swara surprised…. raglak meeting…
How was todays episode?? Was it borring?? Anyways plzz do comment. Ok…..
Twards him..
Lai:ur chain……
Ragini went to him and took the chain f4m him and started to walk away frm him…
But she couldnt controll herself… .
She ran towards laksh and hugged him”u didnt loved me”
Laksh git teary eyed and said ………


how was it…. was it borring….. sorry if it was borring….. and plZz forgive 4 my mistakes and also dont forget to comment below…. Tata

Credit to: Meenu

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  1. HEy minu! A technical problem or what? In the middle how SwaSan Dadima 3rd episode came in?? Dint you checck it before posting?

    1. I think it was a technical problem. Actually it was my mistake. I should hav checked.SORRY

  2. Ya I rem I read it b4 think itz ur another ff mistakenly copied…b ut raglak OS s short nd cute

    1. Ya it was mistakenly copied

  3. I dint understand

    1. I know its becoz my another ffs part came in between. It was my mistake. Sorry……

  4. I cant understand

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  5. It was awesome yr

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