Love…… Phir se!!! (Kanchi saga by abhilasha) EP 1

Hello guys….i m super duper happy and overwhelmed with ur amazing cmnts ….as I saw many peoplewent with option 2 so I decided to write love ….phir se. Plzzz drop cmnt if u like it!
And those who voted for one … don’t be sad …I will post it next time also I would clear that it would be finite as I dnt like to stretch the things!!! Also I believe stretching stories makes it loose its charm. So without wasting time lets start-

Scene 1
At sanchi’s house
Sanchi was getting ready for the hospital……
She wore a red kurta with white plazo and put her golden earrings and then take vermilion…….after seeing it for sometime she puts it and hide it with her hairs.

Sanchi’s pov
Today is really a big day I m starting a new phase of my life as a senior doctor of sdch…..but why I m feeling restless …….looks I m unable to identify my own feelings….leave it sanchi now lets go.
She reached sdch and firstly took blessings of ganpati bappa and headed to mr malhotra’s cabin.
Mr malhotra- welcome dr sanchi ….all the best beta I hope you will make me and sunil’s soul feel proud!!
Sanchi- thank you bade papa !!…she took his blessings and went to isha and pragya .
Isha- omg sanchi u r looking really pretty today……..even more then me.
Pragya- she again started.
Sanchi smiles.
Pragya- o teri I forget to tell you that he is coming back in sdch.
Sanchi- whattt????
Isha- sanchi I think life is giving u second chance.
Sanchi- I don’t care he is coming or not ….and plz don’t talk about him infront of me…… it?
Pragya- u love him ?
Sanchi- I hate him….she leaves.
Ishagya- yaa that we know .
Sanchi was going to reception she heard some nurses and receptionist saying…
Nurse- omg he is returning… my days will go good.
Receptionist- but this time with married status.
Nurse- ni…divorcee.
Sanchi heard that and fumes.
All prepations were going for welcoming him .
A car parked in front of sdch ….a man in black tuxedo with white shirt with goggles came out the car.
He enters .

All the staff members specially lady staff has planned to welcome him by making fall rose petals on him .
Sanchi was going to take a file from her car so she was going at the door too.
Sanchi was so deep engrossed in thoughts that she didn’t notice him and bumped with him and fall directly in his arms…….
(Hamari adhuri kahani plays in bg)
She opened her eyes and was shocked to see him…he take out his goggles and was lost in her deep eyes …both were lost in each other while rose petals were falling on them…..
All staff clapped for them …both came in senses and came un position …
All staff- welcome dr kabir!!!!
Kabir- thank you so much for this welcome and looks at sanchi.
Sanchi- hello!
Kabir- hi!
Both went in opposite directions.
Kabir’s pov- so she has move on… good….i wish she is happy …come on kabir get up and forget her ….she is only a colleague now……but she was looking gorgeous…….oh god kabir u have gone mad !
Sanchi- why he came back….he really didn’t waited for me……..its 3 yrs now….

Mr malhotra called sanchi in his cabin.
Both enters.
Mr malhotra- I know about ur past but I really want that it shouldn’t affect ur present and don’t let your past overshadow your work ….thats it guys now start to work and make urself comfortable as being senior doctors u have to cooperate.
He leaves.
Kabir and sanchi look at each other.
Sanchi – ok ….she take long breathe …dr kabir …nice to meet you!
kabir- hello dr sanchi…same here….
Both tried their best but shouted- ughhhh…we can’t
kabir- ok lets start everything from start.
sanchi- ok!! … so I m…
Kabir- I don’t want ur introduction plzz
Sanchi-even I m not interested!
kabir- you havent changed.
Sanchi- and u have changed a lot or I was wrong in identitying u.
She was about to go suddenly she get hurt from the table….
Kabir run towards her-sanchi are u ok…u r same …careless for urself…..buddhu…..
He bandaged her hand and sanchi was looking at her…
Sanchi was sitting on bed with a bandages on her head and plaster on her hand…..and was not taking medicines
Kabir- oho….buddhu u r really so careless … take this medicine or front newspaper will have headlines dr sanchi fears from medicine…
Both laughed and sanchi hugged kabir…
Fb ends.
Sanchi- u r really unpredictable!
Kabir – I should go.
Kabir- I m not changed …I was not changed …..i m still the same.
Sanchi- why u did that ???
Screen freezes on kanchi’s face.

Precap- kanchi’s nokjhok and a little info about their past!

So that’s it guys ….plz give ur reviews…….plz….it boost us a lot as writers…….keep smiling!!

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    Wow damn interesting can’t wait to know what actually happened in the past due to which they even got divorced
    I like the fact Dr Malhotra is positive here

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  23. Stretching Stories makes it loose their charm — I sooooooo beelieeveee in it!


    And, your story is great.

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