My love is only for you (part 3)


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Hayathi: they beat up sanskaar because Shanaya is quite famous, many people had attempted to kidnap her. So that’s why the jumped into a conclusion that sanskaar was kidnapping her. Plus it was just their worry for their friend.

In the car, laksh is driving
Laksh: bhai what was all that
Sanskaar: does it look like I know
Laksh: sorry, but do u think that that’s our Swara
Sanskaar: I don’t know, they were calling her Shanaya. But that voice, the long wavy hair, That smile, that beautiful small eyes they all belong to Swara
Laksh: to be honest I’m as shocked as u, but don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll try to find out about that girl
Sanskaar nods in agreement.

In Varuns house, the party was over and the WSTRN group was in the guest room. Shanaya was lying down on the bed with Angel beside her. Aditya was sitting at the back of the bed. Whilst veer and varun was sitting on the couch.
Angel: guys look shanayas regaining her conscious.
Shanaya: gu…ys what you doing
Aditya: no firstly u tell me that what was that man doing
Shanaya: man? ….. Oh I remember that guy was helping me stand up as I had slipped. I don’t know why but when that man said something I had fainted
Veer: what that man was helping you and we
Shanaya: what did u guys do
All the boys are quiet
Angel: they don’t have the guts to tell u, I’ll tell u. (She explains everything)
Shanaya: you guys are bigger idiots than I thought, who told u to hit the poor guy, did ur grandma tell u, huh, no na. I want u to u apologise and one more thing I’m going to come with you
Veer: I didn’t do anything in fact I was telling them to stop
Shanaya: obviously u didn’t do anything, u probably got scared by seeing how strong the guy is
Aditya: I’m sorry Shanaya, I’ll try and find out where that guy lives
Varun: yeah sorry
Shanaya: ok ok whatever

All of WSTRN go to their each home later.

Raizada house
Shanaya and aditya try to enter the house secretly but they see their mom (Monica) and arnav
Shanaya: mu-my
Monica: what happened, today your calling me mummy
Arnav and takes Shanaya near him
Arnav: don’t blame my sister, my sister can never do anything. She’s one in a million. It’s probably your son who has done something wrong. And my sister being nice as usual must be covering for him. Right Shanaya
Shanaya: (acting) bhaiya I didn’t want to tell you but what can I do your that smart that u figured it out
Arnav: drama queen don’t lie, any u bhai u always take her side
Monica: ok ok no more arguments eat your dinner and go to bed.

After dinner everyone go their room. But as Shanaya is going to her room arnav stops her.
Shanaya: I knew it that you need me for something, that’s why u were covering for me right
Arnav: yeah, the thing is I need to go out and you know mom will never allow me so I need you to
Shanaya: cover for you
Arnav: yes
Shanaya : no way
Arnav: come on don’t be so tight after all I did help u downstairs
Shanaya: bhai come on both me and u know that I could’ve handled that on my own after all I am an amazing actress
Arnav: fine what do u want
Shanaya: a Segway
Arnav: no why don’t u buy it after all u have so much money in your bank account
Shanaya: the thing is as I spent way too much much last month dad took away my credit card, but anyways of u won’t buy it for me I’ll just go tell mum
She starts to go when arnav stops her
Arnav: fine I’ll buy it 2morrow
Shanaya: pinky promise
Arnav: yes pinky promise

Precap: WSTRN enter mm mansion

Guys I know today’s one is quite boring but I’ll try and make it interesting in the next part

Credit to: Mumina

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