I Love You (Part 3) d

Romance credit to my friend Nayana

San – lets start baby
Sw – (blushes) sans..
He kiss her slowly licking her lips then start to kiss her passionately pjtting his hands on her waist . She soon starts reciprocating by pulling him towards her . They broke the kiss when they need air. Both were heavely panting. Sanskar throw his shirt away and swara was looking at other side being shy. He start to kiss her forehead nose eyes cheeks chin and lips .
He then take her paΔΊlu and she turns facing her back towards him. He smiles and open her dori and start to kiss her back. He turns her and dtart to kiss her neck. Swara turned other side giving him access and start to pull him towards her. After kissing her neck he starts to undress her and himself soon both were naked . He stared her feeling his gaze she suddenly hug him feeling shy. He broke the hug and started kiss her br***ts . He was kissing her br***ts and kneading the other one. She was mourning. He then started to bite her n***les
Sw – san..s..ka..r
After biting and kissing her nipples he start to kiss her belly and she was pushing him towards her. He put his tongue inside her navel. He put his fingers inside her core and she was screaming badly.
Sw – tak..e it.. out.. please
He was not minding her words and enters into her
Sw – sanskar……. please aahhh…
To divert her he kisses her after a lot of struggle she calm down and started to mourn taking his name
Sw – sanskar
After their love making he fall on her br***ts and wrap his arm around her waist. She was combing his hair.
San – love you baby (peck her lips)
Sw – love you too

Swasan room
Swasan were sleeping peacefully in each others embrace covered in blanket. Sun rays fell on sanskar making him wake up. The first thing he saw was his princess sleeping peacefully in his embrace. He goes and kisses her forehead lovingly.
San – good morning shona
Sw – good morning(smiles)
When she was going to get up sanskar pulls her making her fall on his chest. Sanskar goes on top of her
San – where is my morning kiss baby
Swara smiles and kisses his lips
When they break sanskar looks at her naughtily
San – morning itself my wife is in a romantic mood what happend
Sw – nothing happend i know you will not leave me if i didnt kiss you
San – but i didnt said you to kiss me on lips(smiles naughtily)
Sw -(wrap her arm around his neck) mr maheshwari i know you very well ok so stop it
She gets up and wore a nighty and gets a dress for sanskar
Sw – go and get fresh
San – lets us fresh up tog…..
Sw – no need now you go (pushes him to bathroom)
San – huuu
Swara smiles
After some times
Swara was making sara wear her dress
Sw – the hardest thing for me is to make you and your father ready(sara was playing with swaras hair)stop it sara
Sara pouts
Sw – drama queen
Sara then starts to play with her mangalsutra
Sw – oh god
Atlast she make her ready . Sanskar enters the room
Sw – ha your partner in crime too came
Sara – dad(jumps to sanskars arm)
Sw- slowly
San – my god doll is looking so beautiful
Sara giggles
Swara smiles seeing both of them and kisses their cheekss
Sanra also kisses her back and they share a family hug

After some weeks
Swasan mansion

Swara was in walking to kitchen with sara in her arms
Sw – come mom will give you milk
Sara on her arms putting her head on her shoulder. Swara make her sit on a chair and started to boil milk. Suddenly swaras phone started ringing
Sa – ( was happily)dad…dad..dad.(claps her hands )
Swara smiles
Sw – sanskar
San – shona. How are you and my doll she is fine right?
Sw – ha sanskar she is fine
San – how are you
Sw – im also good
San – i miss you both(sadly) i wish i would be there right now
Sw – its just a matter of three days. Day after tomorrow you will be here then why to worry
San – what are you doing right now and doll is with you na
Sw – ha baba she is with me and im in kitchen right now boiling milk for your doll
Sara start pull swaras saree
Sw – one minute your doll want to talk with you now
She put the phone on speaker
San – hello doll
Sa – (screams happily) dad…
San – dont worry doll . Dad will come day after tomorrow
After talking with sara
Sw – now concentrate on your meeting ok
San – ya do you want anything from here
Sw – nothing is needed you want to come back fastly . Im missing and your doll too. She was crying yesterday.
San – i will come fast. Im asking you seriously dont you want anything from here. You really know the speciality of this place then also
Sw – (blushes) i know mr maheshwari . From london we both conffesed our love to each other and started our life.

Swaras pov
(Thanks @rabia0032 for the wonderful idea)
After making sara sleep i went to our personal room. Nobody has enter here except me and sanskar. I opened the room. The room is filled with my and sanskars photo. Other side of the wall is filled with saras pictures. From college sanskar and i was friends. Starting we used to fight with each other and slowly became friends. I used to get jealous if i saw sanskar with any girl. I got to know im in love.i thought to propose him after our final exams. I also believed that sanskar also loves me. After i exam i didnt saw him.i tried to contact him after our exams but i couldnt. He didnt reply any of my messages calls. I was very much sad . He didnt came to meet me also. Days passes week passes months passes and years also. I saw him in london. I was on cloud nine. Soon i got to know he was not my old sanskar he was arrogant bussines tycoon sanskar maheshwari. I thought to confront him and i want to ask him why he leave me . I got a chance to meet him because my brother was having a meeting with him. He was totally in shock when he saw me . When we were alone i confess my love to him . He then started to talk with me rudely and say he doesnt trust anyone even me and also say that im behind his money. I felt like my heart break into pieces. My sanskar is talking to me like this. I got to know the actual reason behind his cold attitude. I promise him that i will make him my old sanskar. He said that he cant. When i go to his house i saw wine bottles and s maid tell me that he used to drink every day. I went to his room and saw a diary . I opened it the first thing i saw was photo it was mine. It mentions that REASON FOR ME TO LIVE MY LOVE MY LIFE SHONA. I was very much happy. Next page he wrote that he doesnt trust anyone. Suddenly in my home a marriage proposal came for me . I am an orphan i have only one brother rithik he used to love me and care me and protect me always. Our family is a joint family . My badepapa bought a proposal for me. I actually was not knowing what to do . Then i got to know the groom is sahil sengupta. Sanskar maheshwaris enemy. I said sanskar to confess his love for me . But he didnt i was shattered. Then i said yes for the proposal. My bhabhi shivanya knows that i love sanskar . Through bhabhi bhai got to know about it. He cancels the marriage saying that he dont like sahil. In a business party i saw sanskar when i was going to him sahil came and took me with him forgot to say sahil became my friend and he is already having a girl friend . While i was walking through corridor sanskar pulled me towards him and kiss me. I was totally in shock. After breaking it he started to shout on me . Asking how i can talk with sahil even after knowing he is sanskars enemy. Then i got to know he was jealous. I took it as a chance and started to tease him. His jealous over power and he shout that he loves me
San – i love you dammit
Sw – i love you too
After two years of our relation ship he came to my house and ask my hand for marriage from bade papa. He agree to it because he find my happiness im sanskar. Soon we got married and i got to lnow one thimg after marriage that he is romantic. He always used to give me surprise. After six months of our marriage i got to know a new member is coming . I still remember how happy sanskar was when he got to know about it.
(Im describing the scene in my words)
Sanskar came to their room. He find the room is full of darkness he switch on the lights and saw the room decorated
San – sho….
She comes and back hugs him and whispers in his hears
Sw – happy birthday sanskar
He turns and she hugs him.
San – thanks a lot shona
But why did you make all (hugs her) these arrangements you know na you are not well from last week(she blushes)
Sw – come lets cut cake
San – shona…(she cut him)
Sw – come
He cut the cake and feed her
Sw -(shy) i have a gift for you
San – where is it
Sw – it will come only after 9 months
San – a gift after 9 months is it that much precious
Sw -yes it is.
San – then tell me where it is
(She put his hand on her belly)
Sw – here it is
San – i didn…(something strikes to his mind) yo..u.. me..e.a.a.an.. i…am..goin…g… t..o .. be…..a…fa..t..h..e..r..
Swara shyly nodes
Sanskar hugs her – we are going yo become parents. This is the best birthday gift for me
(Shouts happily) im going to Be A FaThER
Sw – sanskar
Sanskar took her in his arms and start to swirl her
Suddenly he remember that she is pregnent and put her on the bed care fully and was going to hug her but stops

Sw – what happend
San – you will feel pain right
Sw – nothing will happen to me(she hugs him)
San – im very much happy shona . Our baby(touches her belly and kisses it) thank you so much shona ( he started to kiss her she was also responding him)

Swaras pov

He didnt allowed me to do anything during my pregnancy. He to take care of us very well. Atlast the day came . Before me he saw her because he was with me when i was delivering. I saw tears in his eyes i know its tears of happiness.
San – shona she is having your nose but my eyes. She is so cute jjst like you
And thank you very much shona(kisses her forehead)

Now we are living peacefully with our baby. I m blessed to get such a life partner and to get cute daughter and now we are a perfect family.

The End

Guys actually i thought to write one more episode with more swasanra moments .but the problem is that my sister is coming tomorrow so i cant write. If you want one more part you have to give comments and THANKS @rabia0032 for supporting me and and a lot of hugs and kisses to those who comment and vote for my story


  1. anu

    awesome.. hope get one more last episode with swasan scenes with baby .. its nice but what i felt is u ended this as sanskar out of station and swara is at home.. hope u dont dissopinted with my opinion this is what i felt at last.. sorry if i hurted u.. sorry kaan pakdke…

  2. myna

    swasanra are the perfect family and this is the perfect story very very nice
    write more

    read all the parts today

  3. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Ifza nooo need to thanks dear and yeah I was waiting on wattpad when will you post but you posted here first…plzzz Post soon wattpad…
    And i love the epiii😍😍awesome…
    Your sis again back sorry being rude to her but When she come you stop writing ahhh never mind when will she go and yeah start with your ff soon waiting for that also…

    • Ifza



      You cannot say that i cant say thank you to you. If you didnt help me for giving the idea then i would not be writing this part. Coming to my sister she is my enemy😈😈😈 and im very much afraid of her more than my mother . If she is here im not writing because ig she got any doubt then im dead… thanks for commenting and helping me😊😊😊

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