I Love You (Part 3) a

Days are passing sanskar forgive maheshwari family due to swara now they were living happily but sanskar used to make a little distance with maheshwaris although he forgive them the past is still there in his heart

After 3 months

Swasan room
Swara was tying sanskars tie
San – make it fast shona
Sw -(stop doing and look at him)then do it yourself im doing it fast itself
San – ok ok please tie
Sw – ok now ready here is your watch phone wallet and important file(gave all the things to him)
San – thanks shona(kisses her forehead)

Sw – is there any meeting today
San – no a client is coming to meet me do you know who is it
Sw – no
San – it is adarsh maheshwari
Sw – is it your brother
San – not my brother
Sw – sorry(catches her ears)
San – no problem (remove her hand from her ear)
Sw – how he became your client
San – already the maheshwari company was in a not good state but when adarsh took the business it fall down fully so now the company need to reach a good level and he is trying his best

Sw – you are helping him
San – never in my life today ill buy the maheshwari company and will make adarsh life hell
Sw – sanskar its not good they must me regreting now so leav..
San – ill not leave them swara (suddenly he remembers what he call her)
Sw – come eat breakfast and go
San – shona im sorry
Sw – its okay i know
San – what you know ha (hold her hand)

Sw – (take her hand from his and turns) i know you cannot control your anger and will shout at anyone even if its me
San -(back hugs her) sorry will not repeat it again
Sw – (turn to him)you always say this(pout)
San – hey dont make that leave it(she leaves the pout) (pulls her through waist) you know when you do this i cannot control myself
Sw -stop it sans..
He suddenly kisses her swara looks at him shockingly she gasps and taking it as a chance he enters his tongue into hers she starts responding to him and wraps her hand around his neck and with other hand start pulling his hair soon they stopped kissing due to lack of oxygen swara looks down due to shy
San -(cups her face)i am forgiven

Sw – yes (blushes)
San – how is my new idea to make you forgive me
Sw – you are seriously shameless
San – i know it dear now lets go
Sw – one minute
San – what happend
Sw -(blushes)wo your lips..
San – (he looks into the mirror)oh rub it
Sw – me

San – you itself did it so you should
She rub it and peck his lips
San – oh my god my wife is in romantic mood
Sw – shut up
San – ok (laughs) ok where is my doll
Sw – she is with ragini…..
Soon they hear crying sound of sara . Ragini came to their room with her
Rag – swara she is crying

Sanskar took her in his arms
San – what happend doll
Rag – i think she is hungry but when i started giving her bottle milk she is not drinking
Sw – its not because she is hungry ragini its because
San – she want to be with her dad right doll
Sara smiles and claps her hands and started making sounds
San – look she is agreeing(kisses her forehead)
Sw – come

Dining hall
Everyone was having breakfast suddenly a girl and boy of 4 years enters
Swasan – riya shiv
R & S – good morning
Swasan – good morning
Sw – when both of you reach india

Man – today coming from airport straight to here
San – rudra
Sw – where is bhai and bhabi
Ru – they are in australia itself we three  said we miss you both,india ,our sara and
Swasan – your girlfriend(laughs)
Swasan give hi – fi to eachother
Ru – yoou both again started oh god
San – what happend
Ru – priyanka
Sw – she also came
San – where is she
Riya – bua and chachu put a bet and
Shiv – chachu lose in it and he ran away because he is feared about the punishment came here i think now bua is standing in the parking area
Riya – because no one is there to help her to take luggage
San – rudra
Ru – sorry ill go and help her

Suj – swara who are they
Sw – these are my bhais children and (saw rudra and priyanka coming)these are my chachas children i mean my cousins more like brothers and sisters
Priyanka came and hug swasan
(Swaras badepapa is now fine and they all are in australia)
Sw – why didnt say to me about your arrival

Pri – its because we want to give you all a surprise(she saw mf)
She goes and take blessings from them followed by riya
Ap – khush raho
Pri – i think we disturb  you all because you were eating breakfast
Rag – no nothing like that we were just going to eat
Rudra goes and takes sara
Ru – sara come
Pri – sara oh god my angel is looking so cute(pulls her cheeks) jiju she is your xerox copy
Four of them started to play with her

Sanskar office
Aman (sanskars pa) – sir adarsh maheshwari has come
San – tell him to wait
Am – ok sir

Sanskar saw adarsh through his cabins glass who is sitting nervesly
San -im going to make your life hell adarsh maheshwari

guys do you want swasan romance if then i need comments


  1. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Loved it…
    Yup wants lots of swasan romantic moments😍… n swasan wid sara bond…😙
    Y sanskar forgve MM people m not liking dem… dey r slfsh… first dey throw sanky out of dere lifes… n nw wen dey were in trouble dey came to sanky for help 😠

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.