My love is only for you (part 2)


This is the link to the introduction- Intro
Recap: Shanaya aka Swara makes a grand entry ans is shown as bold, friendly girl
Pre cap: Swasan meet
Before starting I wanted to tell you that arshi and raglak scenes will come after a couple of episodes. Sorry???

In the party
Shanaya and Angel are still dancing
Shanaya : Angel my head is hurting, I’m gonna go out
Angel: do u want me come with me
Shanaya: na it’s okay you have fun with that boy (she winks at her)
(Don’t worry they ain’t sl*ts or anything)
Angel: laughs, bye

On the other hand
Sanskaar who was feeling uncomfortable went outside for fresh air.

Shanaya was sitting on the grass, leaning against a tree and was texting her friend. On the other side of the tree sanskaar had also came and had sat down. They both felt something. Sanskaar in his head why do I feel as if someone of my own is near me. In shanayas head ugh as it is my head is hurting and on top of that I’m feeling something weird. They both stand up at the same time and are looking down at their phone. Slowly they walk towards each other but don’t notice, until they bump in2 each other. Due to the wet grass Shanaya slips, but just in time sanskaar holds her. He looks at her in shock and helps her up and says Swara. Just then Shanaya fainted and was about to fall when sanskaar catches her. Just then aditya arrived there with veer, Angel and varun following.

From afar
Aditya: how dare you touch Shanaya
Before sanskaar could say anything, aditya comes and holds sanskaars collar. Angel and veer hold Shanaya.
Aditya: what did you do to Shanaya, huh, what were you doing, did you spike her drink, or did you cover her mouth with chlorine, so you can kidnap her or were you trying to take advantage of her
Aditya punches sanskaar and he is about to fall when varun holds him
Varun: you come to my own house and try to kidnap my freind, do u have any clue of who we are or who Shanaya is, we can destroy in two seconds

Laksh who got a phone call came outside to answer it when he saw all the chaos. He came to sanskaar to help.
Laksh: hey listen what happening here
Varun: what’s happening here? I’ll tell you this boy here was trying to kidnap Shanaya
Laksh: look, my brother isn’t like that and I bet that girl was trying to frame him, anyways who is this Shanaya
Varun: (pointing to Shanaya in the corner) that’s Shanaya
Laksh had turned his head to see and when he saw he was as shocked as sanskaar.
Laksh: Swa swa Swara
Aditya: look we don’t know and Swara, take your brother along with u and get out before we call the policemen.

Preach: Shanaya telling her friends that she fainted and that guy was just helping her

Guys for shanayas gang/band I decided to name them WSTRN, to be honest I stole the name from the original group WSTRN. Their rapping and singing is so good. You guys should listen to them they have a song called in2. However I don’t know if u guys will like it as its English.

Credit to: Mumina

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