I Love You (Part 2)


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So lets start it

San – tum, how dare you to call me
(Suddenly he notice swara who was standing there confused)
San – nothing you go and sit in car ill come after five minutes
Sw – there is no problem right
San – he nodes no

After swara left
San – laksh (op is laksh) why are disturbing me from last 2 days by calling me
Lak – bhai …. please now you only can help us  please i want to meet you one time only one time please
San – ok i will only one time in 30 minutes come to sunshine restaurant
Lak – ok ill reach now itself thank you so much
He cut the call
San – what the hell now why they are irritating me oh swara and doll
He runs to parking area and saw both arw sitting in car
He gets into the car
San – sor….
Sw – its ok sanskar
San – did she sleep shona
Sw – yes now only let us go
San – hmm

While driving
San – shona dont worry you trust me no
Sw – more than myself
San – so dont worry he will be fine okay now gice me your hundred million smil
Sw – smiles
San – thats like my shona (kisses her forehead)

They reach home
Swasan room
Swara place baby on cot
Sw – sanskar you change you change your clothes by the time i will change from other room and will have dinner okay
San – wo shona….
Sw – (she was taking sanskar clothes from wardrobe)hmm
San – i need to meet someone so i will come afterwards
Sw – any office work
San – no nothing ill come fast and you also eat your dinner no problem na
Sw – no problem drive carefully its night got it
San – yes mam
He kisses her forehead and she kisses his cheeks

Sunshine restaurant
Sanskar came and saw laksh
Lak – bhai….
San – first of all dont dare to call that and say what is your problem
He notice all the maheshwari except parineeta and adarsh
Sujata goes near him and touches his face but he jerks her
San – i dont come here to make relations
Suj – my so..
San – im not anybodys son to call me that im simply wasting my time let me go
When he was going durgaprasad stop him
Dp – sanskar we know we did wrong with you especially me but im really sorry for that please forgive me

San – really i need to forgive instead of believing me you believed a girl who claim to love said that i force how could you all beloeve me and like a dog you mr durgaprasad maheshwari throw me out of the house and my so called parents just stand there and look at me    it has been five years but you know what im happy very much happy so i dont want any disturbance in my life thats why i came here to meet you all so tell me the matter
Lak – adarsh bhai cheated us   he make all the property in his name and kick all out of house we dont have any place to live
Ap – please help us beta
San – you need me now you itself said im ashames to call you son then why are tou calling me now ha
AP cries

Swasan  mansion

Sara started crying swara start to make her calm because she know sara was missing her dad
Sw – baby dont cry you are papas doll no he will come in sometime hmm
She put her on the shoulder and started to walk to downstairs
Suddenly the bell ring
Sw – baby your father came we will give him punishment okay
Swara open the door ans saw sanskar
San – (he took sara) what happend to my doll shona
Sw – she is missing her dad
She notice maheshwari family in back of him
Sw – who are they sanskar
San – they are the maheshwari family
Sw – oo please come in
San – come in
They came in and sanskar explain what and all happend to swara
Sw – did you all eat food
Suj – no
Sw – ill show you all room and you all can fresh up
San – shona im going to fresh up
He was going to give sara but she was not ready and was clutching his shirt sosnskar said
San –  after showing them come to room
Sw – okay
Swara was showing rooms to them sujata already saw mangalsutr and sindur in swara so she ask
Suj – you are sanskars wife
Sw – yes
Ap – what is your name dear
Sw – swara
Rp – is that my grandchild
Sw – hmm
Utt – what is the name of the baby
Sw – Sara Sanskar Maheshwari
Rag – nice name
Sw – sorry to say i know you are sanskars family but i dont know whom you and all
Dp – its okay beta
Im his badepapa
Rp – im his father
Sujata – im mothet
Ap – me badema he used to call me mom
Lak – im his brothrr and this is ragini my wife
Utt – im his little sister uttara
Sw – okay you all fresh up and come downstairs

Swasan room
Sanskar standing in the balcony with sara
Swara came and back hug him
San – im sorry
Sw – (break the hug) for what
San – without saying anything to you i brought them here im really..
Sw – (put her finger on lips) shh why to say sorry it is your fam…
San – they are not my family i already ask ankit (sanskars pa cum friend) to find a house for them
Sw – whats the need of it they can stay here
San – no need
Sw – they are rectifying their mistake then why cant you dorgive them
San – i dont know  but something is stopping me
Sw – come sara you go and fresh up
San – hmm
Swara went downstairs with sara and saw ragini
Sw – what happened did you need anything
Rag – no im came jere to help you
Sw – you just take rest i ll do it
Sujata came and said – we all will help you too
Ap – yes beta you only there
How many uears for both marriage
Sw – one and half years
Suj – can i take her please
Sw – of course
Sujata take her sara was and scared and was looking at swara itself
Suj – she is just like my sanskar
Ap – yes sujata
All take her in arms all the mens came and tolk her one by one
Suddenly she started to cry
She was with laksh and ragini
Lak – hey dont cry its your chachu dear
But she was not stopping so swara took her and make her calm
Sw – hey dont cry baby
Sw – she is her dads doll when her dad is there she dont need me too
Ap – haha sanskar like child very much
Suj – how many month old is she
Sw – one month
Utt – only one month how cute she is

Dining hall
Sara was in the cradle and all wating dinner sanskar is also there he is sitting in the middle(the one in which dp is used sit in show) and swara was sitting beside him
Sw – the food is good no i dont know your taste
Ap – its very good
Suj – all our favourite foods are there too
After dinner all went back to their room

Swasan room

San – shona bade papa is fine he gain consious we can meet him tomorrow
Sw – thank god (she put sara in the cradle)
San – lets sleep
Sw – mm
San – then for what you are waiting for(pulls swara on him and both falls on bed such that sanskar is on top of swara)
He tackle her hair behind her ear he kiss her forehead nose eyes cheek chin and was leaning to her lips
Sw – now a days you became so shameless
San – really thanks for  the compliment
He kiss her the kiss was a passionate one they broke it due to lack of oxygen
Sw – what was that (she rub her lips which is covered with his saliva) it is bleeding
San – (rub the blood) your saykng it as it is our first time
Sw – im not goinv to talk to you
She pushes him and lay on her side of bed
San – he goes and  back hugs her and nuzzle his nose in her neck
San – are you angry
Sw – (turns)yes what will you do
San – (puppy face ) sorry
Sw – hugs him i just teased you
San – so you should get the punishment
Sw – give  me im ready
He came on top of her And start to kiss her
Then he started biting and kissing her neck
After he kissing her pecked her cheeks and sais
San – punishment finished
Swara then kissed his forehead
He put his head on her chest and wrap his arms around her waist and hugged her she also reciprocated by hugging him
They both sleep in each other embrace

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