My love is only for you (part 1)


Thank you for all the lovely comments and suggestions. I’ll take all of your guys ideas and try and put it together.

In shanayas gang and band aka swaras gang there is
Anjali but her nickname is Angel
Their all best friends

The sound of 200 crazy fans filled the huge hall with its angry noise demanding for Shanaya.
Angel:yaar where is this Shanaya
Aditya: where do you think? She must of seen some poor street child and must be playing with them
Veer: her NGO work will never stop
Just then they hear a rip roaring sound coming along with crazy fans shouting Shanaya Shanaya
Aditya: oho how could I forget that our Shanaya is such a drama queen and she never eneters without making a huge impression
They all go on stage and sees Shanaya playing.
Shanaya is the main singer but she also plays the guitar
Aditya and veer are the main guitarist
Angel plays the keyboard
They play on the song raat bhare.

Sanskaar who was there waiting for laksh felt a strong feeling in his heart as he heard Shanaya sing. He turned around to see who was singing but was unable to see due to a tall person in front of him. He asked who was singing to a man near him. The man replied Shanaya. Sanskaar closed his eyes and breathed in and in his head no sanskaar this is not your Swara, she’s dead, and your the reason why she died. Laksh who has then reached there also felt the same feeling ( not a love feeling but a best friend feeling). He shook his head and approached sanskaar and said let’s leave. Sanskaar nodded in agreement,

As they finished singing Shanaya took selfies with her fans and signed autographs.
Angel: come Shanaya we have to celebrate, once again we won
Varun: who are you telling, she probably isn’t even listening to you
Shanaya: I heard that you know
Veer: she won’t spare you, btw where is aditya
Angel points towards a corner where aditya is surrounded by girls

In the corner
Aditya: girls girls girls I have to go now, duty call, but don’t worry I have all of your guys numbers
Shanaya: oh really
She snatches his phone and shows the girls that his phone was switched off and he didn’t add any of their numbers
Fan girl: how dare you, just because your famous that doesn’t mean you can play with our feelings
Aditya pleads to Shanaya for help with his eyes
Shanaya: wait girls
She brings out a cheque and tells them to write any amount they want
They then leave

In sanlak office
Laksh: bhai today there’s a party at my friends house, actually the thing is his brother veer won this competition, the one that we went to this morning
Sanskaar: so what should I do
Laksh: please please can you come with me, papa will only allow me if u come along, please come I mean it will relax your mind
Sanskaar: really it will relax my mind with all that loud noise and alcohol
Laksh: please bhai
Sanskaar: ok but whenever I need you to cover for me, you have to
Laksh: ok done

Shanaya and her freinds were also going to that party as it was in Varuns house.
Shanaya and Angel straight away go to the dance floor and start dancing (not proper dancing just like throwing their hands up and jumping around) they both starts dancing with some random cute boys. After a while sanlak also enter.
Sanskaar: what will I do here
Laksh: I don’t know dance, drink, meet some new girls and have fun.
Laksh goes somewhere else in the room. Sanskaar sees Shanaya dancing with a boy but only her back. In his head nobody can take your place Swara.

Precap: in the garden shanaya and Sanskaar are on their phone texting someone, so they are looking down. They are both walking towards each but don’t notice it until they bump into each other. Due to the wet grass Shanaya slips but sanskaar catches her in time. He helps her get up and says Swara. Shanaya then faints.

I hope you guys are having a great Christmas or had a great Christmas depending on when this is uploaded. Personally I don’t celebrate Christmas but I still hope your having a nice time.
Merry xmas????

Credit to: Mumina

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