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main hall:

there was a celebration going on. all the preparations were made by gauri but no one knew that.

dadi: wow anika and bhavya, amazing decorations.

bhavya: thank you dadi.

anika in mind: what the hell? this is all gauri’s work and no one even knows that?

dadi: anika, where are you lost?

anika: nowhere dadi. thanks.

she goes.

dadi: ajeeb hai!


dark place:

girl: omki, don’t leave me.

om: I have to. it’s shivay’s success party and I have to be there.

girl: so you will leave me alone?

om: yes but I will come back soon.

girl: so sweet. bye.

om: bye.

he goes.

girl: I will make you leave that f***ing sl** very soon omki.


gauri was carrying munni when she saw viren doing homework.

gauri: you’re not going to the party viren?

viren: no. what’s the point?

gauri: matlab?

aadhira came in angry.

aadhira: these cousins… such idiots.

gauri: tell me what happened exactly!

aadhira: all ganged up on me again.

gauri: again?

aadhira: yes. so annoying. I wish I could kill them with my bare hands.

gauri: ok, ok enough with the talks. you going to the party?

aadhira. no. more insl*ts, much rather study.

gauri: ok then you can study too.

aadhira: ok.

munni: me?

gauri: you? um…… party?

munni: renvi (viren) bauya and hira (aadhira) didu (didi).

gauri: you want to stay with them?

munni nods.

gauri: ok.

she keeps munni on the bed and places a border of pillows around the bed.

gauri: ok you guys study and munni, don’t disturb them. I’ll be back in a minute.

she goes out of the room and goes to shivika’s room where she saw anika tossing every dress on the bed.

gauri: what happened bhoojal?

anika:  urgh! no dress to wear. shivay refuses to buy me any more dresses. not fair!

gauri: at least someone cares for you.

anika: awww, ok don’t cry and help me please.

gauri: there is a dress.

anika: which one?

gauri: bade bhaiya kept a dress under the wardrobe.

anika goes down and sees the dress. she takes it out and stood up again.

anika: how did I never notice this before?

gauri: forget that and change.

anika nods and goes to change.

few minutes later:

Image result for surbhi chandna in orange saree

anika: wow this is so beautiful.

gauri: I should go now.

she was about to go when anika said: I wish dadi gave you credit for the preparations.

gauri: but she didn’t because of my character.

anika: chup karo! teri character bhoot accha hai!

gauri: unfortunately to some, it isn’t.

she goes.

main hall:

om comes and quickly goes upstairs. as he was walking, he saw gauri and munni playing together whilst aadhira and viren were packing their schoolbags. he ignored them as always and continued to walk.

precap: pain



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  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that Dadi gave the credit to anika n bhavya though gauri deserved the credit.shocking that om has an evil gf though gauri is his wife.gauri anika scene was lovely.loved anika’s Orange saree n the pic

  2. Hey I have read this one on wattpad but couldn’t rply as m not a member there…but there u r not continuing the story…when will you update there next?? Bdw I loved ur story very much…

  3. Nikita_jai29

    Waiting for the next update

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