I Love You (Part-1)

Hey guys it’s a three shot based on swasan. In this ts swasan are happily married and enjoying their life but one day sanskar’s family came to their lives who had disowned sanskar earlier
So let’s start the story………

Swasan house

Morning 7 ‘o’clock

Girl – sanskar wake up sanskar its 7 pls wake up
San – shona pls let me sleep (cover himself with blanket)
Sw – no you cant (pulls the blanket) how much you will sleep
San – (sit on the bed) what is this shona its only 7
Sw – oh only 7 i guess someone should go to office
San – ok now give me my morning kiss then only my day will become good
Sw – you will not get easily mr. maheshwari
San – really i know how to get it mrs. maheshwari (pull her on him)
Sw – no sanskar (he goes closer to her) look yesterday you took my advantage but not today
San – why not today ha i slept hardly few hours yesterday its because of you
Sw – (hits him) because of me you started yesterday Mr. Maheshwari
San – (pulls her closer by waist) ha because you was so much (husky voice)tempting
Sw – (she became red like a tomato) shameless now get up sans(sanskar lean more closer to her)
The distance between their lips got decreased sanskar started to kiss her and swara respond to him equally then sanskar start to bite her lips hardly making it bleed swara gasp and taking it as a chance he enter his tongue to her mouth they break the kiss to catch some air
Sw – ho sans..(he again kisses her)
They break it
San – you are so tasty (he again goes to catch her lips but it got disturbed by a crying sound of a small baby)

Sara Sanskar Maheshwari – swasans one month old daughter

Swara pushes sanskar and took the baby from the cradle
Sw – oh my baby wake up dont cry come mamma will give you milk okay
San – (goes near them and kisses saras forehead) good morning doll (took the baby from swara) come
Baby started to cry
San – i think she is hungry shona
Sw – ha give me i will feed her by the time you go and get ready
San – okay (kisses her cheeks) thanks
Sw – for
San – for making my life colourful
Then swara give food to sara and sanskar go to fresh up

Dining hall

Sanskar was sitting in the dining table and playing with his doll

Swara was coming with breakfast
Sw – give her to me and you eat your breakfast
San – no ill eat afrerwards let me play with my doll ill definitely miss her and you in the office
Sw – but sanskar you need to eat breakfast
San – shona pls (with puppy face)
Sw – dont make that face ok ill feed you
San – really
Sw – hmm
She start to feed him with her own hands
San – you knoe after how many days im eating food from your hands you should feed dinner also to me okay
Sw – okay patidev
suddenly baby start to cry
Swasan smiles and said – We love you too and kisses her forehead

After sometimes sanskar goes to office and swara got involved in taking care of her baby and household works

Swara got a call
Sw – hello
OP – hello its me swara ansh
Sw – ha bhai boliye
An – vo swara dad is not feeling well
Sw – (tensed) what happend to bade papa bhai
An – hey nothing to worry we are in our hospital now
Sw – hospital ill come bhai (with tears)
An – swara no need ( but she cut the call)

Swara calls and informs sanskar

Sw – (worried) im very much tensed sanskar
San – dont worry ill come right now then we together can go okay
Sw – come fast please im too scared
San – ill reach there in 10 minutes

He cut the call and run out of office
He reach home and took sara and swar to hospital

Sunshine Hospital

Sw – bade ma bade papa teek hai na
BM – ha wo teek hai doctor now came and said but why you came beta and that too with sara
Sw – i dont know anything badema i was too much scared
Bm – now no problem is there okay
Sw – i need to see him
Bm – after two hours only you can see him now he is in observation sanskar
San – yes bade ma
Bm – you take her with him to home
Sw – no ill not go
Bm – swara try to understand its not good to keep sara in yhis environment and also it is night
San – yes shona we will meet him tomorrow okay

After a lot of insistences swara agreed to go home and then they left

When they are going sanskar got a call

San – hello
Op – ……..
San – TUM



  1. Manasvi

    |Registered Member

    Hey dear.. I dint knew you are going to follow swaragini..
    Btw episode was good..
    If you dont mind can you tell mein which standard are you studying???

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