Love in paradise (ek duje ke vaste) Episode 6 last part

Hey guyzzz before to start i would love to thank all of u a big big thankssss for support that was support of u all that encourage me to write and today this ff has come to its end

So lets go to pink paradise and see what is happening there….,,,,,,,,,,

ariel saw diana in some cage he was restless and did not knw what to do
then after some time he close his eyes and make some magic tricks which cause a multicolour light in front of him from which a beautifull colourfull butterfly comes out

butterfly:order my master!!!
ariel:go to snowland and get me all information abt diana that what has happen in all these year……..

Butterfly goes as per his order and ariel walks restless and broken
after some time butterfly comes and he tells ariel that crown prince of snow land is student of black magic his black magic master told him to marry a pretty angel and try ur black magic on her ur black magic will get strong and u will become king of world thats y he marry diana

ariel was shocked

further butterfly says that so he alwayzzz use his black magic on diana and his black magic power gets strong by which she had become too weak and one day diana try to escape from trap of prince but he caught her and close her in cage

ariel: this all has happen because of me only i,ll not leave that prince
then he takes his white flying horse and fly away……

He reaches snowland and he goes towards diana and saw daina who has become completely weak and has lost her charm she was sleeping

ariel somehow get into cage
and sits on ground and hold her hand


Diana slowly open her eyes and when she saw him some glow appears in her eyes

ariel:come with me
diana: (with weak voice) ariel no!!!!! (she wanted to tell him that its magic cage and if she will step out she will die but she did not get strength to tell )

unaware of that fact ariel takes her out and holds her and takes fly while flying
they both were looking at eachother all time diana was loosing breath and was finding it dificult to kept her eyes open but she kept them open as she wanted to fill ariel image in her eyes and ariel was hurt to see her like this and his eyes was teary

then they reach pink paradise ariel lay diana down on bed whole fairies of pink paradise gather there when queen_fairy came to know abt this she destroy snowland and prince by her magic power and goes to meet diana
when she reaches there ariel blocks her way

ariel:dont u dare to get close to her
queen_fairy:i knw mistake is done by me and i,m guilty for that….
Ariel: i,m not intersted in ur guilt just stay away from her

ariel goes and queen_fairy stood there

ariel when goes back to diana lil fairies told him that she is not responding to their magic as if she didnot want to live

ariel throws himself on ground and cry bitterly just then a white glow appears infront of him and a white man comes out of it (love angel)
he takes ariel with him to diana and ask him to hold her hand then love angel starts magic and diana respond to it and open her eyes (as if she wanted to fell the precense of ariel)
ariel gets happy and kiss her forhead by which she gets her glow back

ariel:i,m so happy u r fyn i,ll never let u go away from me now!!!!!

Diana smiles

soooo dayz passes diana has become completely fyn but now diana use to be lost and that naughty diana was no more

ariel notice that and one day he goes to meet queen_fairy

ariel:so u r really guilty abt diana,s condition arent u???

Queen_fairy: i,m and i,ll be glad if i can do somethng for her

ariel: then remove all these thngs from her memory which has happen with her in these years

queen fairy did so

and then again there is a peacefull night in fairyland moon was shining bright and on clouds two love birds(ariel and diana) was sitting holding eachothers hands



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  1. WeirdSister

    Oh my god angel…it was just amazing..I m in well u used d title…nd ur story was short..but it was great nd it left a impact on us…keep writing like this..luv u
    :-* :-*

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuu so much ws for liking it and supporting me till now a tight hugy for that 🙂

  2. LovelyLady

    awsm blossom story………. i was veey mch lost in d story…… ek bar,to lga ki ariel diana qll het seperate bt loved in d last to see HAPPY ENDING…

    1. Angel_pari

      thanku soo much ary aise kese do love birds ko alag kr deti 🙂

      thanku for support till now 😉

  3. It was epic angel Di!!
    It is d bst evr fairytale story i ever read! 🙂 i was completely lost in it!
    U r a wonderful fairytale writer!! 🙂 🙂
    Plzzz come again wid a wonderful story!
    Lots of luv!!

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuu sooo much maira ….. Sure i,ll come with new story 🙂

  4. Sumo

    wat a happy ending yaar pari it left me awestruck… it was soooooo cute.. areil n Dianna together forever.. ???? love you for dis one really… keep writing…

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuu sooo much sumo it was support of u all that encourages me bara wala thanku 😉

  5. U knw..wt angel..whenever..wherever…if any kid..or children ask me to tell a fairy tale..then I will tell this story..even for child..grand child everyone..
    And don’t s not gng to be will be always in my memories of heart..??☺☺☺??
    Really..I loved it..
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Angel_pari

      awwww diiii ap itne sweet ho k kya btaun 🙂 thankuuuu so much love u alot

  6. OMG !!!!!!! what an awwesomistic story !!!! ???? …. it was fabulous yr …. I have no words to explain my happiness…. it is justtt awwwwesome ????????

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuu soooo much i,m really happy that u like it 🙂

  7. Nita D

    Angel darling it was awesome… beautiful……

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuu nita i,m glad u like it…..means alot 🙂

  8. Affaa

    Superb no words words speechless….I just loved you’re story….Thank you sooooo much for awesome story…come with another ff soon…I am going to miss it….and you called me Di…you considered me as your di…I felt happy…so your my sis right…then my ordering you come with next ff ASAP you please…love you

    1. Angel_pari

      ohhhh my di,s order ab to ana he parega new ff k sath i,ll surely write….. Really a big thanks that u appreciate it 🙂 love u di 🙂

  9. Wow….what an ending I’m speechless u r too good just awesome….i don’t have words to express……it seems like u r a profrssional writer…..

    1. Angel_pari

      naina it was a big compliment 🙂 i,m glad u like it 🙂

  10. awwwww so sweet ending amazing i loved it u rocked and sorry for lateness love u sweety

    1. Angel_pari

      ahhhhhh thankuuu so much!!!!! Its ok yar….. Lov u too sweetheart 🙂

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