Love in paradise (ek duje ke vaste) Episode 4


Before starting let me tell the age of ariel diana markh and afel guyzzzz they all r in their teenage around 18
thanks sona di for reminding me ๐Ÿ™‚

Episode 4……

(All 4 hv reached unknowingly at a place which is completly filled with dark and there is only one tree there some kind of light was coming from the whole of stem of that tree)

afel:guyzzz where r we???

Ariel: dont knw lets go into tree…..

They all go into hole and hole was straight downward so they all suddenly fell down from dark narrow space and find them selves in a big room of glass with so many doors and outside a beautifull garden is seen……

Diana: where we hv reached???

Markh: frnds get the hell out of here i,m not getting a good feel

all agree and try their magic power to get out from there but all were shocked that their power was not working :O :O

markh: ohhh mumaaa!!! Now what?????

They all look around that might they get some way but there was no way……

Lets try these doors!!! Diana said,

ariel diana markh step toward seperate door while afel saw a apple on table and she eat that apple and she start growing in size more n more untill she fill the whole room and the room broke down afel hv become an extra large now and she is in garden she looks around for her friends and she found thm on ground (by touching those doors all three hv become so small that their heads are in contact with their feets……

Both girls start crying (afel and diana) they cry so much that whole garden was filled with water and its level was about to reach at heads of ariel diana and markh

markh:plzzzz dont cry else we will sink ๐Ÿ˜€

just then they saw small creatures floating in water to reach shore ariel saw a mouse and thought for help


mouse stop but then got afraid of afel and ran away as she was quite big……

They all start to walk and then afel saw a beautiful rose and smell it (as she love roses) by smelling it she also become small in size as her friends

diana: thank god atleast now we can get help frm someone

they had walk for whole day but did not find anyone and r hell tierd now so they sit beside pool and get sleep there……..

Next morning sun rays fall and all wake up suddenly a cat came and start running behind them(cat takes them as mouse)
and they all start running somehow they get escape from cat and reach a garden of mushrooms where they meet one creeper

creeper: who r u

diana:heyyy we r really in trouble our size has become so small than our normal and we r frm pink paradise we r not getting way to go back

markh:and which place is this???

Creeper say i,ll help u all but in return i want ur crown to diana

diana give creeper her crown

creeper: this is our WONDERLAND
and u all eat from that mushroom ur size will become normal then go to that direction there is river jump in it u will reach to ur destination,……

All four thank to creeper and go,,,,,,
they eat from that mushroom and grew normal then reach to river and jump in it…………

And then they four were in fairyland there was still night there

diana: huhhhhhh!!! It was Like a scary dream…. Lets take some rest all leaves

diana fly on clouds..,,. Moon was shining with bright light

diana: sweetheart(to moon) today was really adventurous and tiring (she lay down on cloud) good night (gives a flying kiss to moon)

moon close her eyes and smiles….
Diana also sleep peacefully


so here was the 2nd last epi how was it guyzzzz how was wonderland??? Maza aaya???
Do comment and plzzzz if there are any silent readers plzzzzz comment on this and last epi,….,.,,..

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  1. Ooooo no angel Di second last kyun???!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ itna acha Tha dii u r amazing Di it was fabb!!! i loved it !!

    1. Angel_pari

      awwww thankuuuu so much maira.,..

      But i,m ending it as it is a fairytale and fairytales are alwayz a finite series

      but wish of u guyzzz are much important so tell me ur point of veiw ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sumo

    y is it ending so soon.. plz don’t end na .. u kno dis episode took me to my childhood seriously.. wen we were kids n used to watch dragon tales n wings club.. (dese r cartoons) thanks pari for dis story… afel is so cute… loved It… angel u r really an angel.. ?????

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuu sumo i,m glad u like it
      hahahaha yeah these cartoons were my favourite too.,,…. Mn pehle dragon tales dekhti thi phr school jati thi ๐Ÿ˜‰

      and i,m ending this fairytale are alwayz finite na if i,ll drag may b it lose its charm,,,,,, but plzzzzz give me suggestiob what u think

  3. Khushi

    No no no pari di?????
    Why r u ending it so soon di….plz don’t.. Anyways it’s ur wish di but m sad… Coming to this part…. It was beyond fabulous…. I loved afel….she is so cute??….as usual u just took me away from this world to the world of imagination…. Love u di…..โคโคโค

    1. Sumo

      i agree khushi .. hmari thinking sch me bht milti h… out of all hm dono ko afel se hi pyar hua.. haha.. ??

      1. Khushi

        Hehe right di….don’t know why but I feel some connectโคโค
        Love u di

  4. WeirdSister

    It was amazing angel…nd plz don’t end this so soon..we will miss our dreamland!!

    1. Angel_pari

      thanku sooo much WS…… Glad u like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey..I felt like etching..a Hollywood film..
    There is some this..wonderland..but..u wrote it well..I liked it..
    Gd work..pari..??โ˜บ

    1. Angel_pari

      thanku dii glad u like it…….. Movie ka pta nh but i hv taken that idea frm some cartoons ๐Ÿ˜€ which i hv seen in childhood.,.,,,,,,

  6. Angel_pari

    ohooooo khushi dont be sad,,,,, ur wish is more important to me so plzzzz tell me do u want me to end or not???????

    Becoz i think if i,ll drag may b u guyzzzz get bore
    so gv me advice
    and i,m glad u like the epi means alottttt thankuuuu

  7. shanza sarfraz

    it was justttt awwwesome ๐Ÿ™‚ …. let me ask a question … ap kbi paradise gyi hoo …. i mean how did u know all these …. all the dialogues, dresses nd places r very well portrayed ๐Ÿ™‚ ..
    very welldone .

    1. Angel_pari

      hahaahahaha nh but i would love to go ๐Ÿ˜‰

      thanks a lot for liking it

  8. Last epi to go????? Haaaa that’s not fair anjo u have become very naughty anyways the writing style was amaaaaaaazing even the story is amazing so sorrrryyy for not commenting it was a trajedy anyways love u swety take care and ya best of luck for or entrance test and ya don’t get nervous for that sweety stay blessed love u byeeee

    1. Angel_pari

      ohhhhh finally here i,m glad u like it ๐Ÿ™‚
      hahahaha i,m i naughty ๐Ÿ˜€
      ohhhh thanks alot yar lov u

  9. LovelyLady

    what????? this is secnd last epi……
    endng vry soonnn….
    bt ha wonder lnd me mza bahut aaya…

    1. Angel_pari

      hmmmm ending soon but but i,m glad u like it ๐Ÿ™‚

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