Love in paradise (ek duje ke vaste) Episode 2

Heyyyy guyzzzzz pari/angel here i,m very happy that u all r enjoying this.. this is first time i,m writing smthng like fiction(fairytale) thanks alot for that much love…….
Ok nd i knw u all r not intrested in my bak bak 😛

so ready to go to diana and ariel closeeeee ur eyes and come with me

Episode 2………..

Diana is still on clouds feeling bor and sad(she is wearing light blue sleeveless gown ‘night dress’ and her hairs are set into side braid and she is wearing crown of flowers..

Suddenly she saw a glow extending from near by cloud and after some tym that glow convert into beautifull castle (casttle is glowing with light and at its front there is river and by its side there are silver trees and there is glitter type snow fall on casttle) and that same handsome boy step out from that casstle.

Diana was suprise,happy and relief by seeing him
he came towards diana and knee down
and place her sandal in front of her feet
boy:here!!!!! My trouble queen so what u hv done this time??????

Diana put her foot in sandal and boy sit beside her on cloud

diana:ariel!!!!! Thank God u came (yes he is our hero ariel) but this tym i did not done anything seriously i got this punish in free 😛

ariel:hmmm ok leave that hv u ate smthng???
Daina:shakes her head (no)

ariel:ok come with me in castle (he get up holding her hand but stop as she did not got up and he turns back)

diana:like this ????? (pointing at her dress)

ariel smiles cutely and knee down before her and kiss her hand and her dress get changed into beautiful white and pink gown and her hairs came into side bun with curls and a silver crown on her head she smiles suprisingly seeing her dress

diana:not bad my magic master 😀

ariel:now come!!!!!!!!

They went inside casttle beautifull small fairies r flying inside and they all stop in air like it was written ‘i love u’ with them

diana smiles at ariel and ariel smiles back they go towards dinning table…..
While having dinner

diana:ok tell me somethng queen_fairy knew abt all magic that happen in pink paradise but why she never came to knw abt this type of magic which u do for me???

Ariel:becoz madam this is love magic

diana:love magic?????

Ariel: offcourse see i love u so u r my love and these magic i only do for my love so only love angel know abt it

diana: ahhhhh love angel

@7th sky
there is a house of white roses in which an old man (full white apperance white beard white gown) is writing something with silver pen in gold book and white light is coming from that book……
He saw ariel and diana in magic mirror who are siting beside river and laughing and enjoying eachother company man smiles and say may God bless u my childs
then he looks into gold book and become worried


on clouds moon again came and ariel and diana step out of castle and casttle disapper they sit on clouds again

ariel: hiii buddy (to moon) u came na now take care of ur diana as i,m sleepy now

ariel:(to daina) and my angel will u also sleep today with ur sweetheart ( moon) or u will go home

diana:no no i hv to go down she give fly kiss to moon

moon close her eyes and smiles

ariel make diana cloud bed down in her room but she already slept he give her forehead kiss and her dress change into night dress again she sleep peacefully…………..

Next day @magic place (magic school )

diana(with open curl hairs baby pink gown which fall on ground frm back side and gold crown holding her magic stick)
is walking here and there with stress and stop taking deep breath and closes her eyes
diana:calm down diana all will be ok its just a magic test(just then hands wearing purple gloves with big ring covers her eyes from back )

dream over 😀 come out of it guyzzzzz 😛 and give ur review 😉

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  1. it was a wonderful ff seriously u r just awesome …..! 😀 diana n ariel bonding. awwww i loves it . it was amazinggggggggg…….!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuu soooo much sweety for liking it lots of love 🙂

  2. Khushi

    Wow angel di….I was transferred to another world after reading ur ff….I don’t have words to explain what I m feeling right now…..u r just too good di….aapne toh mujhe apna fan bna liya….I really m lack of words right now….bas aapke liye ek gaana dedicate karti hun….gaur kijiyega…
    Yeh chand saa roshan chera zulfon ka rang sunehra…
    Yeh jheel ki komal aankhein Kuch raaz hai innmein gehra….
    Love u pari di…

    1. Angel_pari

      hahahahahaha khushiiii u r such a sweet heart even i was out of world by reading ur comment thankuuuuuu

      hahahahahaha nyc song thankuuuuuu

  3. LovelyLady

    waaahhhh angel….. awam imagination…. i was also transfeered to another wrld while readng it…. 😉 u r gng vry well……wd a vry diff cncpt…. keep it uup my frnd ….. :-*

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuuuu my cute lovyyyyyy
      for liking it actually bachpan mn mn ne bht fairytale parhi hn islye i alwayzzzz imagine weird things hahahahaha

      thankuuu so much with a tight hug

      1. LovelyLady

        pta h maine bhi ye gss kiya tha tumhare bare me……

      2. Angel_pari

        hahahah kya guess kiya tha?

      3. LovelyLady

        yahi ki tumhe fairy tales bahut pasand hogi bachpan n tum padha bhi krti hogi..

  4. Wt to say..pari..?☺
    All my feelings are already written by my frnds…here..?☺??
    So…I’m saying..same here..too…☺ ff..jeeti rahey..jeeti rahey..air jeeti rahey..???☺??
    Auuir tu bhi..??☺☺

    1. Angel_pari

      sona u knw u r very cute yar
      thanku for lovely comnt love u cutey :*

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow very different n unique keep writing pari

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuuu soooo much 🙂

  6. its awesome yar i like your ff ???

    1. Angel_pari

      really mk? Thanks alotttt

  7. Angel_pari

    sahi guess kiya 😀

  8. Sumo

    it was really sweet… although I don’t believe in fairy tales. but ur characters r damn cute… really pari it was so cute… ❤❤❤❤

    1. Angel_pari

      just saw that 🙂

      thanks alot for liking and offcourse fairytales are just imagination…..thanku again 🙂

  9. WeirdSister

    Its just so different angel…I love it….its like we r in a dream world….! <3

    1. Angel_pari

      awwwww thanku so much for liking it reading it

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