love in paradise 2nd last episode (ek duje ke vaste)

Hello hello all sorry for confusion this is 2nd last epi

2nd last epi…….
Next morning
diana wake up after a peacefull sleep and goes down the clouds
she was very much suprised to see pinkparadise decorated like a bride small small fairies were busy in some preparations she was mesmerized by beauty of pink paradise….

Just then markh came flying
markh:come with me(he was tensed)

diana:is everything ok?? What happen??
(markh did not respond and take her with him)

they land on beautiful garden…
Ariel and afel was there ariel was standing his back was towards diana and afel was over eating in tension

diana:(feels that smthng is wrong but then change the topic) hey guyzzzz today our pink paradise is looking so awsome na

ariel:(turns towards her there was anger in his eyes) ohh really u like this offcourse! After this all is for u
diana:why r u talking like this?
Afel:these preparations are done becoz today u r going to marry crown prince of snowland
ariel:congrats (angrily)
and he take fly to go,diana also take fly and hold his hand in air
diana:i,m not gng to do this
(some relief comes in ariel eyes and diana fly away)

diana is flying through some smoky area and by side thier are high high glaceirs from which water is falling and she reach a casstle(pure white) above which there are many rainbows and casstle is completely trapped in white smoke…..

Diana goes in casttle but two fairies block her way

diana:i hv to meet queen_fairy leave my way (angrily)

fairies let her go

inside diana reaches a big hall which is made up of gold and a lady is sitting on chair which is glowing with silver light a lady seems to be very strict and hard

queen_fairy: dianaa my dea! I knew u will come
daiana: i hv to come how can u do this to me
queen_fairy: u knw that if u will marry that crown prince it will be benefit for our kingdom
diana:i cant destroy my life to benefit ur kingdom and i,ll not (with high attitude)
queen_fairy:u will! else i,ll snatch magic power frm ariel and i,ll take him away from u and u urself will be responsible for it!!!!!!

Diana leaves frm there and goes to ariel and afel ariel was worried when he saw diana he goes to her and hold her by arms

ariel:what happen
diana: i hv no other option (with teary eyes but did not tell him abt her convo with queen_fairy)

ariel leaves her with a jerk and and goes diana hug afel and tell her whole matter

after some time ariel was in garden completely broken and diana was on clouds she starts crying hard which cause rainfall in pink paradise ariel got wet in that rainfall and feels diana,s presence but then goes inside in his room

@7th sky
love angel was looking @his gold book which lose its glow slowly slowly and he close it sadly
and close his eyes in disbelief……….

Diana is now in snowland years has passed but ariel has not seen her face and is broken and still hv small anger

one day there was stromy night in pink paradise ariel was on clouds as was missing diana afel comes and told her whole thng which diana hv told her abt her and queen_fairy convo
ariel was taken aback

ariel: how could u afel
u hv told me this before
afel:i,m sorry diana ask me to do so not to tell u.,,,,,, she leaves

ariel looks on sky he was completely broken then he looks on moon who was also said 🙁

ariel then turn his hand in air and smoke was produe
he saw diana close in some cage and was shocked.,,,

sorry guyzzzzz next epi will be last as this has become too long i cant extend more..
Lots of love share ur reviews 🙂

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  1. Sumo

    it was really.. remarkable.. I mean .. out of d world yaar angel… m really happy .. thanks for dis … even if u end dis one do write some more stories.. I ll b glad.. ?????????

    1. Angel_pari

      awwww thankuuu sooo much i,m glad u like it that much lots of love 🙂

      sure i,ll write somethng after dis 🙂

  2. WeirdSister

    Hey it was awesome…angel..!! Yaah u can end it..anyway good things don’t last long..

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuuu soooo much glad u like it 🙂

  3. it was amazing as alwaysss pari 🙂 … awwwesome ff 😉

    1. Angel_pari

      thanku soo much perry 🙂

  4. LovelyLady

    pta h jb mai pdh rhi thi to n jb last aaya precap likha hua mujhe pta hi ni chla ki ye story khtm go gyi h… i was lost in the story ….
    your imagination was wll showed in the creation of back grounds……. i loved d bck grounds..
    sach pucho to kai dino bad maine koi fairy tales pdh rhi hu….. bachpan me bhi maine ek do hi ft pdha h….. ye pdh kr k bachpn yad aa jata h…. waise budhe to hm abhi bhi ni hue h 😉
    one request is thr….. after endng this start new ff ASAP…..

    1. Diiii kese ho?????? Entrance ka kia hoa???? Gum Kahn ho ap???? Busy ho??? A cha its OK take care love u

    2. Angel_pari

      hahahahahaha nh jiiiii kisne bola abhi to hm chote se nane mune bache hn 😉 kuch years bd hum bare bache bn jaenge budhe thorai 😉

      ohhhh i,m really glad that u like it 🙂

      as per order mam i,ll come with new ff

  5. I dont knw..wt to say..angel..I will definetly miss ur ff…?
    There..will be no one..who will take me to the pink paradise..much…
    Anyway..story..was it started..well..its end is also like that..?☺

    1. Angel_pari

      awwwww my sweeto sona diii dont be sad 🙂 mjhe kahen nh jana 😉 mn ap logon ko stupid stories se pakati rhongi hahaha i,m glad u r liking it till now 🙂

  6. Khushi

    Awww di such an emotional episode…. Literally di I had tears in my eyes while reading this….. I was lost in ur ff…u just always take me to the fiction world of urs….yippe we r going to get one more part m soo happy….
    And yes di….I will only allow u to end this ff if u promise that u will start a new one soon…..chalo chalo ab promise karo jaldi….
    I hope u don’t mind such frank behaviour of mine??

    1. Angel_pari

      thankuuuu sooo much khushiiii glad u lyk it 🙂

      asha ji i,ll write new ff after dis 🙂 promise
      and dont be so formal why will i mind infact i like that way 🙂

  7. Hy angel Di…!!
    The ep was totally out of d world!!!!
    I mean seriously it is only who is d best fairytale writer diii…..
    Really going to miss ur ff!!! Cause it ws great!!
    Lots of luv!! 🙂

    1. Angel_pari

      awwwww thankuuuu so much maira for liking it

  8. Hiii anju kese ho???? Story was a super duper hit way of description is amaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiing I love it even I love u take care swety stay blessed keep smiling and ya I have kept ur name anju is it OK???

    1. Angel_pari

      hey ufaq i,m fyn shyn hru…..

      Ohhhhhh i,m happy that u like it love u too sissy hahahaha anju i liked it 🙂

  9. Main b thk thak Han alhamdolilah and I m glad u liked it:-)

    1. Anju do u know how to speak seraiki???

      1. Hy UFaq u commented on my intro so sorry yr didn’t see it I just saw it yesterday 🙂

      2. Its OK swety hota h kabhi kabhi

      3. Angel_pari

        u can teach me ufaq 😉

    2. Angel_pari

      seraiki!!!! Huhhhhhh too confusing languge nop i did not know to speak but can undesrstand bit r u seraiki????

      1. Ya I know it very well but I m good speaker of Urdu also otherwise I m seraiki maze ki language h

      2. Angel_pari

        yeah its very sweet language when ever i hear it i get so involve to understand but i cant 🙁 and speak not at all 🙁

      3. Oho qismat but I love it

    3. So can ee be frnds??? 😀

    4. So would u lyk to be a frn of dis pagal. girl heheh ??? 😀

      1. Yup sure swety even I m pagal and this thing u can ask to affa api lovely di and anju hahahaha jokes apart friends from onward and ya don’t u think that I m not reading ur ff I m reading it but not commenting due to some reason sorryyyy

      2. Mario do u know seraiki????

  10. Anju I have posted my epi it will get time to b published u plz read it fully I have demanded something from u in it so plzzz read it fully request hai

    1. Angel_pari

      ohhhh okkk i,ll read it for sure as soon as it will be published baba 🙂

    2. No ufaq i dont knw seraiki? but interested i want to knw! 😀 it must be interesting 🙂

  11. LovelyLady

    guys what is seraki…. mujhe bhi koi batayega???
    i too want to kn 🙂

    1. Angel_pari

      lovy seraiki is one of the language spoken in pak 🙂

  12. Hahhaha 😀 no prob !!

    1. Seriously non of u know seraiki??? Oh god

  13. Anjo do u seriously think that I can teach u seraiki in tu comment box hahhahhahha funny:-)

    1. Angel_pari

      hahahahahaha 🙂

  14. Nita D

    Hey pari Thx for links. I read all the episodes…… They r just awesome…..loved it to the core…..just two words which come out of my mouth r ‘shooooo cuuuuteeee’…fairytales have always been my fantasy … this is a treat for me…..

    1. Angel_pari

      Heyyy i,m so gald u like it i hv posted last epi it will get time to be published do read it….

      Thanks again for liking

      1. Nita D

        Yup OK….by now it must have been uploaded….i check that out right now

  15. Affaa

    Angel please don’t end it fast…If you end it please start another ff bcoz your awesome writer….Please try to come with another ff….epi was mindblowing….I love your ff…take care…and don’t say your glad that I liked your ff…

    1. Angel_pari

      ohhhhh diii i had already post last epi….
      But i,ll come t with smthng new paka… Hahahaha ok then i,ll say i,m thankfull that u like it 😉 lots of love

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