Love is painful…(9th episode)


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Suhani:”huh i spoil Rohan’s plan.”
Yuvraj comes to the restaurant and sees Shonella not there.A waiter comes and tells Yuvraj that Shonella has left after waiting for a quite long time.

Yuvraj:” Oh god! Now what will happen to my surprise?”

Then he sees Suhani. He approaches to her.
Yuvraj:” Suhani are you waiting for someone?”
Suhani:” No! I am going home”
Yuvraj:” ahhh Suhani will you have lunch with me Please” Yuvraj makes a sad face. Suhani looks at him and could not refuse him.

Suhani:” Ok!”
Yuvraj:”(he becomes happy) Thank you Suhani hmm Jungli billy.”

Suhani and yuvraj sit at the table. Suhani orders italian food, cheesy macaroni for her and Yuvraj. The waiter brings their food in a matter of minutes. While eating,there is some cheese stick to Suhani’s lips.Yuvraj sees this. Without thinking, he sweeps the cheese from Suhani’s lips. Suhani looks at him as if she is shock.
Saware plays. Yuvraj and Suhani look at each other.

A waiter comes and place a beautiful chocolat fruity cake on the table. On the cake it is written:” Our love is indefinite ”
Suhani is shock seeing the cake.

Yuvraj:(in his mind) “huh i have ordered this cake for Shonella now she has already leave what will i answer Suhani”

Yuvraj:” ahhh Suhani i have ordered this cake for my friend and his wife.They have just married but unfortunately they could not come because of some emergency.So what can i do with this now. If i tell u to cut this..”

Suhani:” No i can’t. I…”
Yuvraj:” i know it.You will never cut this cake.You don’t think me as your friend.I think that i must throw this cake away.”
Suhani:” Noooo! You cut it and we both will eat it. Let’s celebrate our friendship” She smiles.

Yuvraj takes the knife and is about to cut the cake that someone interrupt him.

Guys can you guess who is it? Is it Soumya? Or krishna? Or Tina? Shonella? yaa phir…..Rohan?

Yuvraj looks at the person. It is a photographer man, Sanjeev with his wife.
Sanjeev:” what is this? You are cutting this cake alone and your wife is just looking.Come on You both cut this sweet beautiful cake”

Suhani is about to say something that his wife forces Suhani. Suhani gets up from her chair and stands up near Yuvraj. Everyone in the restaurant looks at them.

Yuvraj slowly touches Suhani’s hand and they cut the cake. While cutting the cake,Sanjeev takes their photos. Everyone claps while they cut the cake. Suhani and Yuvraj feed each other.

Then a musicien comes and says:” Now this cute couple will dance .and please don’t say no.”
Everyone requests them and the agree. Music starts… Yuvraj touches Suhani’s waist and Suhani hold Yuvraj’s hands and they dances romantically.

Kabhi aaine pe likha tujhe…….
Kabhi aansuon se mita diya
…….Kabhi khat samajh ke padha tujhe……..
Kabhi diary mein chhupa liya……. Ik pal bhi tu mujhse, hota nahi hai juda
Aye khuda, aye khuda, aye khuda, aye khuda
..Aye khuda, aye khuda, aye khuda, aye khuda

After the music has ended they stop dancing.
Suhani:” I have to go home.Bye”
Yuvraj:”(to himself) There is something which makes me feel special with Suhani. Why do we always meet.Yuvraj beta you can’t fall in love with someone. You are a playboy so remain like one..”

Suhani enters her house.
Sunita:” Suhani where were you? Rohan was sad as he could not spend time with you.”
Suhani:” wo mom actually i met my school friend so i was talking to her.”
Suhani quickly goes in her room and shuts the door. There in Birla house, Yuvraj also shuts the door and both Suhani and Yuvraj are seen lying on their respective bed. They think of each other. Song play.

Teri yaadain
Main kaise bhulu chaahat ki wo barsaatein….. Tuhi mera dil hai………
Tuhi meri jaan
Tuhi mera dil hai
……..Tuhi meri jaan …..Kabhi toh paas mere aao…..
Kabhi to nazrain mujhse milao
….Kabhi to dil se dil ko milao Oh jaana

The scene freezes on them.

Credit to: ruby o

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