Love is painful…(8th episode)


Hope you guys like it and i have write it a bit long.

Rohan:”( asks himself) Where is Suhani?”
Shonella:( asks herself) where is Yuvraj?”
The girl:”( asks herself) where is Yuvraj?”

The girl sees a waiter passing.
The girl:” Excuse me! Have you seen Mr Yuvraj Birla?”
The waiter: ” Yes he has gone towards his usual room.”
The girl:” Thank You!”

Both Suhani and yuvraj come to their sense. Both get up from the bed. Suhani feels a bit strange. She remains silent. Yuvraj look at her with a smile.

Yuvraj: ” thank god! You have not fallen on me or else you would have break my bones with your weight”
Suhani:” How mean! So you mean i am fat?”
Yuvraj:” I did not say that. You are saying that you are fat.(Yuvraj laughs)
Suhani:” huh! I am going Bye”
Suhani opens the door and she is shock to see someone at the door.

At the office…
Soumya:” where is Krishna? Call him right now to my office”
a worker:” Yes madam”

After sometime Krishna comes in.
Krishna:” Yes madam.”
Soumya:(with an angry look)” What is this? You are asking for advance from your salary. Are you taking me for granted? Remember Mr You are just an employer here so you must think about company’s profit. If everyone asks for an advance then what will happen to the company’ budget . So is that clear now? You will not get any advance.”

Krishna:” but..”
Soumya:”(loudly) Get out!”

Yuvraj: “what happen? Have you seen a ghost or what?”
Then that girl enters in. Yuvraj is shock.

Yuvraj:” Tina!”
Suhani:” Tina? Who is she?”
Tina:” Yuv baby who is she?”
Suhani:” Yuv baby? where is baby? I think you are mistaken there is no baby here.”
Tina:” shut up! He is my Yuv baby”
Suhani looks at Yuvraj angrily. Yuvraj seems tensed.

Tina:” who are you and what are you doing here ?”
Suhani:” First you tell me who are you and how are you related to yuvraj.”
Tina:” oh just answer my question you behenji”
Suhani:” behenji hogi tum.tumhari maa And your whole family.”
Tina:” how dare you to say that witch”
Suhani:” you..”
Yuvraj interrupts.
Yuvraj:” shut up guys, Tina come with me and no one will say anything.”

Yuvraj brings Tina to a corner of the room.
Yuvraj(audible): Tina she is my far away relative’s daughter. She is not well. She suffers from a serious disease and she is here for treatment. Please baby now go i will talk to you tonight and remember i love you.Right now i have to handle her.”

Tina:” Ok yuv baby.Love you. And take care of her if you need help you may contact me.Bye”
Tina says sorry and Bye to Suhani and leaves from there.

Suhani:” Yuvraj what were you telling her?”
Yuvraj:” Suhani i was just.. hmm listen to me. she is my far away relative’s daughter. She is not well. She suffers from a serious disease and she is here for treatment. Please don’t feel bad of what she said to you.”

Suhani:” oh i am sorry i did not know that she is ill. I am really sorry”
Yuvraj:”Its ok.”
Suhani: ” bye”
Suhani leaves the room. Yuvraj is relieves.
Yuvraj:” thank god the matter is solved and they both believe me” he smiles. Then his expression changes.
Yuvraj:(to himself) Oh teri! I left Shonella there.

Suhani reaches the restaurant and looks for Rohan but Rohan is nowhere to be seen. Rohan calls her and he says that he thinks she has left and has come back home.

Suhani:(to herself) huh i spoil Rohan’s plan.

Precap: Yuvraj and Suhani sitting at the table.

Credit to: ruby o

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