Love is painful…(7th episode)


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Rohan enters the restaurant and looks for Suhani. Then he spots Shonella. He goes towards her.

Suhani is trembling like a leaf. The man who has entered the room lights his lighter. Both are stunned to see each other. Without losing a second, Suhani hugs Yuvraj tightly. Yuvraj is more shock. Just then a person,in the room, is shown to see them and the later looks angry,his face is not shown.Yuvraj also hugs Suhani.

Yuvraj: “Suhani stop now come with me.”

Yuvraj brings Suhani to a room in the hotel.He takes a key and unlock the door. Then he enters in with suhani putting his hand on her shoulder. He makes Suhani sits on the bed. He kneels down.

Rohan:” What are you doing here?”
Shonella:” Excuse me i am here with my boyfriend and by the way what are you doing here? You don’t have the status to come here.”

Rohan:” I came here with my future wife.”
Shonella:” So you move on!”
Rohan:” even you have move on .”

Yuvraj:” Suhani what happens?”
Suhani: “(crying) someone pulls me inside the room.”
Yuvraj:” But there was no one there. Anyway stop thinking about that. And i was wrong about you. I used to think that you are a fighter, my jungli billy But you…”

Suhani:” But what?”
Yuvraj:( laughing) “You turn out to be a coward, idiot!”
Suhani:” You ! I will not leave you”

Suhani runs after Yuvraj in the bedroom. Yuvraj climbs on the bed and Suhani also climbs on the bed. Suhani takes a pillow and starts hitting Yuvraj.(while standing on the bed)

Suddenly they fall down. Yuvraj is on Suhani. The latter’s hair falls on her face. Yuvraj slowly removes the hair from her face. They have an eyelock. Song saware plays.

Pehle kyun na mile hum
Tanha hi kyun jale hum
Milke muqammal hue hain
Yaa thhe tanha bhale hum
Saware.. saware.. saware.. Na humaara hua na tumhara huaa
Ishq ka ye sitam na gawara hua

The scene freez on them.

Credit to: ruby o

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