Love is painful…(6th episode)

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Rohan: ” Aunty With your permission can i take Suhani for lunch today?”
Sunita:” No!”
Suhani and Rohan look on.
Sunita: “(smile) Ofcourse beta you can go. Infact it is better if you leaves rigth now and roam outside.”
Suhani:” How sweet of you mom! Come on let’s go before mom’s mind changes.” She laughs. Rohan and Sunita also laugh.

Yuvraj and Shonella arrive a big luxury hotel. Shonella wears a mini pink dress. After some time Suhani and Rohan arrive at the same hotel.

Suhani:” Rohan here the food is very expensive. Come on let’s go somewhere else.”
Rohan: ” wait! I have got some advance from my salary so i just want to please you with my money. Please for my sake don’t say no.”
Suhani:” Ok!”

Shonella and Yuvraj sit at the table. Shonella and Yuvraj looks at the menu card.
Shonella: Baby what will you order?
Yuvraj: ” hmm i will like to..”
Yuvraj spots a girl, wearing mini skirt and a blouse.
Yuvraj thinks ” What is she doing here?”
Yuvraj: ” Baby i just come i have an important work to do.”

Rohan:” Suhani go to the hotel’s restaurant i have to make an important call.”
Rohan leaves. Suhani searches for the restaurant.
Suhani: “where is the restaurant? I think that’s the way of the restaurant. ”
As she is walking, suddenly a door from a room opens and someone pulls her inside. The room is so dark. So Suhani could not see anyone. Suhani is scared to death and says:” Who is there?” But there was no response!

The girl sees Yuvraj and goes after him. Yuvraj sees her and runs away from her.
Suddenly the door opens and someone enters in. Suhani is stunned and afraid. Suhani shouts:” who are you?” (the room is dark)

Precap: Yuvraj thinks of Suhani.

Hope you like it!

Credit to: ruby o


  1. Gunj

    Ruby i cnt understand one thing if yuvi was outside then who pulled suhani in d dark room??

  2. ruby

    Thanks a lot Guys.And Gunj be impatient with time you will learn who was that person

  3. ash

    ruby dr…. the stroy was amazing… pls nxt update soon be post yarr.. am waiting..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.