Love is painful…(5th episode)


Guys i am very busy and have a lot of homework to do. But still for the one who likes my Story i am writing the story.Sometimes i think to stop the story but thinking of the one who like it, i continue writing the story. And let me tell you guys there a twist will be coming in the story.

The next day Suhani gets up early. She wears a beautiful red-black anarkali. She puts make up and make her hair curly. She is looking beautiful just like an Angel. She admires herself in the mirror. Just then she hears a noise from outside. She comes out of her room and does not see anyone. She asks herself where has everyone gone. She again hears a noise fom outside. Curiously, she goes outside but to her great surprise there is no one. She is afraid. Suddenly she notices the something moving behind her house. Without losing a second, she runs behinds the house. She is shock.

There is a big board covered with a cloth and tie with a ribbon. Suhani remove the ribbon and the cloth falls down. She is stunned. On the board it is written’ I LOVE YOU’.
Then she hears music. She turns back and is shock to see…..

Guess what guys! What you thinks it is? Yuvraj or Rohan? Confused! So let’s find out!

She turns back and she is shocked to see no one. She thinks to herself that who has done this. Is it Rohan?

Sunita: “Suhani! Comes here quickly. Looks who has come!”
Suhani comes and says:” Rohan!” she smiles and hugs Rohan.The latter also hugs her.
Rohan: ” I am sorry as i told Sunita aunt not to tell you anything that they are coming to pick me up. I just want to give you a surprise but..”
Before he completes his sentence , suhani interrupts.
Suhani:” no but ! I am angry with you as i was scared for a second. Hmm anyway i love your surprise.”
Rohan:”(shock) What surprise?”
Suhani: ” Offo! Come!”

Suhani shows Rohan the board but she is shocked.There is no board there.
Suhani:” how is that possible there was a board here.”
Rohan:” Suhani there is nothing here.”
Suhani:” Stop lying Rohan i know that you have put this board here.”
Krishna:” No Pari you are mistaken.Rohan has just come with us.”
Pankaj:” Arre aisa hota hai. I think beti you did not sleep last night as you were very happy. ”
Everyone laughs except Suhani.

Soumya enters a big luxury clean room. She sees Yuvraj still sleeping. Soumya: (angry) Yuvraj wake up!
She then shakes Yuvraj. The latter opens his eyes and says:
“ early! What are you doing here?”
Soumya:” Yuvraj you forget that we have plan to go for shopping today and you are still sleeping. On top of this you have forgotten our plan. Bye And I hate you!”

Soumya angrily leaves from there. Then Yuvraj smiles and takes his phone and calls someone.
Yuvraj: ” Hi baby i am missing you so much. You know what! I have not sleep last night. I was thinking about you My sweetheart Shonella”

Shonella: ” Oh really baby! I love you a lot. So today plan for lunch is ok na?”
Yuvraj:” Of course baby Anything for you!” Then the call ends.

Sharad enters the room.
Sharad: (smiling) Guru whose call was that?
Yuvraj:” New bird!”
Sharad:” and what about Angry bird?”
Yuvraj:” she has just come and as usual she leaves angrily”
They both laugh!

Precap:Suhani is scared to death as it is dark everywhere. She says: “Who is there?”

Credit to: ruby o

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  1. Its really gud … Ruby…

  2. suprb.awesome.keepwriting.soumya yuvi ka kaun hai?plz answer me.

  3. Ur ff is vry vry nice ruby..plss dnt stop writing..its amazing..i m liking yuvraj character a is cmpltly opp to the real one..keep posting dr..and onee more suhani was dreaming about the i love u board??

  4. ruby.. wht connection sowmya and yuvraj and who’s shonella….
    so much twist yarr.. lets rockinggg 😉

  5. ruby dnt stop this track… keep it up

  6. Nice ruby…

  7. soumya is just a friend for Yuvi and thanks a lot guys for ur support

  8. Shonella is just a time pass for Yuvi as i had mention in intro that Yuvi is a playboy. And the board was real Suhani was not dreaming.

  9. Good one. Next episode plz

  10. thanks Navya and u hav a beautiful name. The server is not good so because of that i could not update the next.

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  13. Nice dear i really like ur story
    Waiting fir next episode

  14. Nice
    Pls dont stop the story
    I really enjoying it
    Waiting next ….

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