Love is painful…(15th episode)


i request all the silent readers to plz comment.Guys i am rushing with this ff as i don’t want to drag the same story for a long time. I just want to add new story in this ff. Hope you like it.
A big thanks for all your comments.
and i have tried to make it a little more long.

Suhani cries seeing the note. She holds Rohan and tries to wake him up.
Suhani:” Rohan please wake up. I am sorry please wake up.”
But unfortunately Rohan does not wake up. Just then a car passes by there and stops seeing them. Suhani rushes to ask for help. From the car comes out a smart good looking man. Suhani requests him for help and he immediately puts Rohan in the car and drives to a nearby hospital.
Arriving the hospital, the hospital staffs take Rohan to the ICU( Intensitive care unit) where they examine him. Outside, Suhani sitting on a bench cries enormously.The man tries to console her but in vain. Soon the police comes.

Police:” How is that man related to you ?”
Suhani:” he is my…..would be fianceé”
Police:” Does he had any enemy or do you know someone who want to hurt him”
Suhani:” No he had no enemy”
Just then Suhani thinks of Yuvraj and Rohan’s words.
The man:” sorry to interrupt you but i don’t think that she is in a state of answering your answer.”
The police:” Ok! ”
Then Rohan’s parents and Krishna, Ishita and Pankaj arrive.
Kajal:”( Rohan’s mom) Oh god what has happen to my son. I am sure that it is all because of Suhani”
Ishita:” But what is Suhani’s fault?”
Kajal:” she is that Yuvraj’s friend”
Suhani thinks in her mind that why everyone is blaming Yuvraj.
Ishita:”(to the man) thanks you a lot for helping us. We will always be grateful to you.”
The man:” It’s ok! Infact it is my duty to help someone in problem.”
Ishita:” Oh that so nice of you. A great pleasure meeting you.”
The man:” Me too. I am Raman Kumar Bhalla and you?”
Ishita:” I am Ishita Iyer”
Raman:” nice name but it is not too old fashion”
Ishita:” what?”
Raman:” Your dress. I mean name Ishita so your dress must be modern U know what i mean.. Western clothes.”
Ishita:”( with a cunning smile) Your name don’t suit your personality. You should wear clothes like ancient time people used to wear. U know what i mean.. Those Bhaiya type clothes.. OMG!”
Raman:” What happen?”
Ishita:” You don’t have moushtache! Ravan Kumar should have moushtache.” Ishita smiles.

A doctor comes out of the ICU. Everyone comes towards the doctor.
Kajal:” How is my son?”
Suhani:” What happen doctor? say How is Rohan?”
Doctor:” I am sorry! He is paralyzed.”
Everyone receives a shock.
Kajal:” No this can’t happen.”
Rohan’s father:” I will not leave the one who has done this to my son.”
Suhani is so broken that she leaves from there quietly. Soon she notices a lady talking to the police. It is none other than Soumya. The police leaves.Suhani goes towards her. Suhani is behind her. She is about to touch her that Soumya
says to herself.
Soumya:” Thank god no one doubts Yuvraj and no one knows that Yuvraj is behind Rohan’s accident in order to gain Suhani.” Then Soumya smiles cunningly looking at a mirror a little far away in front of her because of which she has seen Suhani coming towards her. Then Soumya leaves from there. In her mind she says that now Suhani will hate Yuvraj and the latter will become mind forever.

Suhani is stunned. Her heart breaks into pieces. She runs away from there and comes behind the hospital. There is no one there and it is very quiet there. Then it rains. Suhani kneels down on the ground and cries a lot. A lot of tears are rolling down her cheeks. She shouts.
Suhani:” Why Yuvraj? Why ? Why you did this? Why have you destroyed many people lives? Why? I Hate You! You betray me by doing so. I just hate you. I will never forgive you of what you have done. I hate you.”
Song plays..
Zindgi me koi kabhi aaye na rabba….
Aaye jo koyi to phir jaye na rabba
….. Dene ho gar mujhe baad me aansu
To pehele koyi hasaye na rabba… To pehele koyi hasaye na rabba …. Jate jate koyi meri khushiyo ko le gaya…
Suni suni akhiyo ko gham koyi de gaya…….Aas jo lagayi hai aankh bhar aayi hai…..Itna bhi koyi sataye na rabba
Zindgi me koi kabhi aaye na rabba
Aaye jo koyi to phir jaye na rabba Dene ho gar mujhe baad me aansu
To pehele koyi hasaye na rabba…….

Visiting hours is over but yet Suhani asks the receptionist Rohan’s ward and goes to him. Fortunately any hospital staff has not notice her. She opens the door and goes near Rohan’s bed. Rohan is sleeping. Suhani is a little covered in mud and she is wet.

Suhani:” I promise you Rohan that i will not leave your culprit. I will surely teach him a lesson. Now he wants me to be his love but i promise you that he will regret having me in his life.”

At Suhani ‘s house( it is already night)
Sunita:” The police has closed the case.”
Ishita:” They are so.. Huh! Because of police like this innocent people don’t get justice.”
Suhani secretly listen to them. She stands there ,foaming with range.

The next day someone calls at Birla house. Yuvraj picks the phone.
Yuvraj:” Yes i am Yuvraj Birla…Hello who are you?”
The call ends.
Sharad:” Who is that?”
Yuvraj:” I don’t know. It was a lady’s voice asking me to come at Lover’s point garden.”
Sharad:” Maybe it is one of your old gf and you forgot her.”
Yuvraj:” Maybe!”

At the garden,
Yuvraj thinks who has called him and who must it be.
Yuvraj to himself:” I don’t think that she will come. It must be a prank. This Sharad is always busy when you need him.”
Just then a little boy comes towards him and gives him a note and then runs away.
Surprised, Yuvraj reads the note:” Meet me at the tall tree near the river. I’ll be waiting.”
Yuvraj immediately rushes there and he is shock to see no one there.
Then it is seen a hand touching a tree,looking secretly at Yuvraj.It is a girl as her nails are beautiful,a little long and have pink nail polish.
Her face is not shown.
Yuvraj keeps wondering who has call him here.
Then he hears someone playing guitar. He looks around and the sound of the guitar stops. Then came a voice” If your love is true try to recognise this voice!”
Yuvraj thinks for a moment and says:” SUHANI!”
Then comes out behind the tree, a beautiful a little short curly hair wearing a little short pink-black dress. She is looking gorgeous and stylish. Yuvraj’s eyes open wide in surprise.

Yuvraj:” Suhani!”
Suhani:” why? What happen? Did you thought that i am behenji type girl.”
Yuvraj:” yaa ahhh I mean No”
Suhani comes close to Yuvraj.
Suhani:” After thinking a lot i realise that i also feel the same that you think for me”
Yuvraj:”(happy) Really?”
Suhani:”( in a serious mood) No!”
Yuvraj:” What?”
Suhani:”(with a smile) Just joking! Ofcourse yes”
Yuvraj:” I love you Suhani you don’t know how happy you make me by saying this.”
Suhani:” I love you too”
Yuvraj in happiness hugs Suhani tightly.
Yuvraj:” I promise i will never hurt you. I will always be by your side. My love for you will never end. You are my oxygen and without you, I will die”
Suhani in her mind” The game has just start Mr Yuvraj Birla. Aage aage dekho hota hai kya. And don’t worry I won’t let you die … but I will kill you
everyday…” Suhani smiles cunningly.

Suhani:” ROHAN!”
Yuvraj breaks the hug.
Suhani:” I feel very bad for Rohan”
Yuvraj:” Yaa me too but what to do. A person will get what is written in his destiny. No one can fight with his destiny.( Yuvraj unaware of Rohan’s accident)

Suhani:” You are right but sometimes other should fight for justice”
Yuvraj:” What? Why are you talking so strange today?”
Suhani:”(with a smile) It is just a dialogue so i thought to tell it to you”
Yuvraj:” Tum bhi na Suhani. You should work in film industry. You would have earn a lot of money.”
Suhani:” So at night do you have any plan?”
Yuvraj:” why? You want to be with me tonight. You are becoming very naughty Suhani.”
Suhani:” Yes your love has make me crazy, naughty and ( in a low voice) like a vamp.”
Yuvraj:” What did you say?”
Suhani:” Nothing! I have my first show tonight so will you come please..”
Yuvraj:”( putting his both hands on Suhani’s shoulder) Anything for you Love.”
Suhani hugs him and says thanks you.

The scene freezes here…

Credit to: ruby o

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  1. Dude… Pls.. Dont turn suhani negative… Pls make suhani know the truth in the next epi itself.. Bcoz i cant see suhani hating yuvraj

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