Love is painful…(14th episode)


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Sunita cutting the vegetables in the kitchen.
Sunita:” Ishita how is Suhani?”
Ishita:” She has already woke up and she is fine now”
Sunita:” I am afraid that Rohan’s parents don’t change their mind after yesterday incident”
Ishita:” Rohan also loves Suhani but Suhani..”
Sunita:” Suhani loves Rohan a lot i have seen it in her eyes. She will break up if Rohan does not marry her”

There is a knock at the door. Ishita goes to see who it is.Ishita opens the door and is shock to see a wealthy old woman at the door.
Ishita:” Namaste Who are you looking for?”
Dadi:”( in her mind) She must be Suhani. She is not so bad.”
Sunita:” Who is at the door. You?”
Dadi:” I am Mrs Birla. Birla company’s owner”
Sunita:” Namaste please come in”
Dadi enters the house and looks at the house carefully.

Sunita:” Please sit”
Dadi:” I did not come here to sit or have something. I just come to ask for your daughter Suhani’s hand for my grandson. I am Yuvraj’s dadi
Sunita:” but…”
Dadi:” I don’t want any excuse.i will be waiting for my answer.”
Then Dadi leaves from there.
Ishita:” What a strange woman! Hey Suhani where are you going?”
Suhani:” I am going to meet Rohan. Bye.”
Then Suhani leaves from there.

Suhani and Rohan going for a long drive on motorcycle.
Suhani remains silent and does not talk to Rohan. Suhani says in her mind:” Why am i thinking of Yuvraj when i should talk to Rohan? Is that not because i start loving Yuv.. No No No this can’t happen.”
Rohan says in his mind:” Has Suhani start loving Yuvraj.. No i can’t live without her. I have to poison Suhani’s mind against Yuvraj.”

Rohan:” Suhani beware of Yuvraj he is very dangerous. He can do anything to gain you. You know what he has even treathen me to leave you or else he will kill me.”
Suhani:” Stops the motorcycle i need to talk to you.”
Rohan and Suhani gets out of the Motorcycle.
Suhani:” I don’t believe what you had just said. I know Yuvraj he will never do such thing.”
Rohan remove a note from his pocket and hands it to Suhani as he feels that Suhani is going away from him. Rohan turns away.
Just then a driver, driving a lorry too fast hits Rohan. Rohan is hurt a lot and blood is oozing from his body. The driver runs away.
Suhani:” Rohan!”

She rushes towards Rohan and cries bitterly. she Read the note. On the note it is written” WITHOUT YOUR LoVE I WILL DIE..”
Suhani is shocked.

Credit to: ruby o

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