Love is painful…(13th episode)


Sorry guys for late update as i were busy and i was sick also as the weather here is changing.

Suhani is lying on her bed. Her eyes are full of tears. She is alone in her bed. She thinks about how Yuvraj expresses his love to her and how they were beating him. Just then Ishita enters in. Suhani looks at her.Ishita closes the door and sits near Suhani on the bed.Ishita holds Suhani’s hand.

Ishita:” I can understand Ani. You have considered Yuvraj as a friend and him. Digusting. I know you are hurt as your engagement did not happen. But believe me Rohan loves you a lot and he will not leave you after what happen today. So stop thinking about that and go fresh up.”

Ishita is about to leave that Suhani says.
Suhani:” How must Yuvraj be now. He is very hurt. They have beaten him so much. God knows in what state he is right now. Ishu has he not take any wrong step in anger?”

Ishita is shocked.
Ishita:” Suhani what’s wrong with you. you are thinking about him instead of thinking what Rohan must be feeling right now.”

Suhani:” Yuvraj is very strong He will never take a wrong step.”
Suhani is in a state of shock.
Ishita:” Ani what’s wrong with you? Why are you behaving like this?”
Suhani:” Ishu they have beaten Yuvraj a lot. Yuvraj is hurt.In what state must yuvraj be. Is Yuvraj fine? ”
Suddenly Ishita slaps Suhani and shakes her.
Ishita:” Suhani hosh mein aao. What happen to you Ani. Control Yourself.”
Suhani hugs Ishita tightly and cries bitterly.
Ishita:” Cry as much you want. Remove all your pain i will not stop you.”

Yuvraj comes to his car. It is raining cat and dog. He kneels down and cries and shouts.
Yuvraj:” Why? Why has this happen to me. Why? I Love You Suhani and i will die without you. Everyone falls in love but tadapna sirf mere naseeb mein aaya.(but the
suffering only came in my destiny) why god why?
Kaash(wish) … kaash main Rohan ke jagah pe
hota ( i wish i were in Rohan’s place) … kaash.”
Song plays. Jag suna lage

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye…
Hath mile bina hi chhut gaye.
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne..
Baar baar rod akhiyan.
Tainu jo na vekh sakiyan
.Khole aaye aaj Kudrat ne..
Kataan main ki ve din
Teri soth tere bin…
Main toh jiya na mara Chan se jo tute koi sapna
…Jag suna suna lage…
Jag suna suna lage
..Koi rahe na jab apna…
Jag suna suna lage
Jag suna suna hai toh.. Yeh kyun hota hai..
Jab yeh.. dil rota hai
Roye sisak sisak ki hawayein
Jag suna lage…

Yuvraj is desperate. Just then Sharad comes and is shock to see Yuvraj in such a bad miserable state.
Sharad:” Guru what happen to you? Come with me You are very hurt.”
Sharad takes Yuvraj with him in his car.

Suhani cries in front of Krishna, her parents , Ishita and Rohan.
Suhani:” I hate you all Especially you Rohan You have kill my Yuvraj. I just hate you.”
Krishna:” Pari please listen to me. What we did was for your goods”
Suhani:” Just shut up You both have kill my Yuvraj”
The police comes to her house.
Pankaj:” Police”
Suhani:” I have called the police”

Sunita:” Have you become mad?”
Suhani:” Yes i have become mad as you kill my Yuvraj. Inspector These two have kill my Yuvraj”
Ishita:” Ani have you become mad. Do you realise what are doing. He is your brother and this is your Rohan”
Suhani:” Inspector believe me they have kill my Yuvraj”
Suhani sees a knife and immediately takes it.
Pankaj:” Beti what are you doing leave it”
Suhani:” If my Yuvraj is not alive so what is the use of being alive.”
Suhani cuts her vein in her hand with the knife.
Rohan:” Suhaniiiiii”
Rohan wakes up and finds himself on his bed. He heaves a sign of relief.
Rohan:” Thank god it is just a dream, but if Yuvraj is really hurt and it becomes a police case.So then.. No no no my dream can’t be true. ”
It is morning. Dadi comes to Yuvraj’s room.

Dadi:” How did you get this injury?”
Yuvraj:” Dadi forget it now i am alright.”
Dadi:” Ok! Ah Sharad comes with me i need your help.”

Sharad comes in dadi’s room.
Sharad:” Yes dadi!”
Dadi:” Tell me in details what happened to Yuvraj or else i will tell Pratima what happened that day.”
Sharad is afraid and tells Dadi everything in details what had happened that day at Suhani’s place.

Precap: Dadi asks Suhani’s hand for marriage with her grand son at Suhani’s place

Credit to: ruby o

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