Love is painful…(12th episode)


Sorry guys for late update as i had 3 tests yesterday. So i had to revise.

The episode starts..

Yuvraj:” I will not Give You The Ring”

Everyone is shock including Ishita, Rohan and especially Suhani.
Suhani:” Yuvraj what are you saying? Ok now stop this i agree that it is my fault i should have told you about this and sorry for that.”

Yuvraj:” Suhani please for once listen to your heart and then answer me. Are you happy with this proporsal? Do you love him?”
Suhani remains silent.
Ishita:” sorry to interfere but why are you asking Suhani this?”
Yuvraj:” Suhani i am waiting.”

Suhani thinks about her time she spent with Yuvraj. Ishita touches Suhani.
Ishita:” Suhani tell him your answer.what are you waiting for..”
Suhani looks at Rohan and her parents.
Suhani:” Yes! Yes Yuvraj i am happy with this proposal. I love Rohan. Suna tumne! Main Rohan se pyar karti houn.”

Yuvraj is shocked.He feels like his heart is breaking into pieces. He is dishearten.
Krishna:” now don’t waste time let’s start the ceremony. Come on Rohan put the ring on her finger.”
Suhani silently looks at Yuvraj.She is sad. Rohan is about to make her wear the ring.Just then Yuvraj says.

Yuvraj:” I love you Suhani”
Everyone is shocked.
Yuvraj:” I love you Suhani. I promise that i will always love you, i will always be by your side.”
Krishna:” Hey how dare you say that to my sister”

In anger Krishna starts beating Yuvraj hardly. Yuvraj does not do anything to defend himself. Rohan also joins Krishna in beating Yuvraj.
Sunita and Pankaj try to stop them but in vain. Tears roll down Suhani’s cheeks. She could not bear Yuvraj being beaten.

While getting hurt,Yuvraj says:”
Aag joh dil mein lagi hai, usse duniya
mein laga doonga main … joh teri doli
uthi, zamaane ko jalaa doonga main.”

Hearing this, Rohan beats Yuvraj hardly on his stomac. Blood is oozing from his mouth and noise.
Suhani can not bear this and Shout:” YUVRAJ”

Krisha and Rohan stop beating him. Suhani approaches to him.
Suhani:” Go from here, Just go or else they will kill you.”
Yuvraj:” Why? Can’t you see me in pain? I have got my answer. I just wanted to know that you care for me or not. Seeing me in pain Are you hurt or not? I am elated that i got my answer. You care for me and i think you also love me.”

Rohan:” Stop your nonsense and go!”
Yuvraj turns a deaf ear to him and looks at Suhani.
Yuvraj:” Tum bhi mujhse pyar karti ho…bahut
pyar, lekin kahogi nahi…. you’ll wriggle
without me but you won’t show that..mere

paas aana chahti ho, seene se lagke
rona chahti ho, dil mein rehna chahti
ho lekin rahogi nahi … lekin main tumhari tarah nahi hoon … main toh
reh hi nahi sakta yeh kahe bina ki
mujhe tumse ishq hai And i will love you to the square of infinity.”

Ishita audible to Suhani:” I think he is truly in love with you.”
Suhani cries.
Yuvraj:” now i am leaving. I will not force you on anything You decide what you want to do”

Yuvraj leaves. Suhani feels dizzy and falls down. Everyone is tensed. Ishita throws water on her face. Suhani gains conscious but she is very weak.
Rohan’s mom:” I don’t think this engagemnt can happen. We will postpone it as Suhani is not well.”
Pankaj:” As you wish!”

Hope you all like it!

Credit to: ruby o

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