Love is painful…(10th episode)

Guys thanks a lot for your support but i have decided to end this as soon as possible maybe tomorrow itself. I have decided many more things, twist in this ff but now i think it is impossible to add it as i am ending it.

At birla house…
An old, well dressed Lady and a young married, attitude woman is sitting on the sofa. It’s is none other than Yuvraj’s Dadi and Ragini.

Dadi:” Rags bahu, i think now its time to get Yuvraj marry.”
Ragini:” Yes dadi as you wish. We will look for a beautiful fair girl for Yuvraj”

Yuvraj is passing from there.

Dadi:” Yuvraj come here! I need to talk to you.”
Yuvraj:” Yes dadi what’s the matter?”
Dadi:” Do you love any girl?”
Yuvraj:” Yes dadi. I love you and mom.” Yuvraj smiles.
Dadi:” Yuvraj i am not joking. We are thinking to marry you”
Yuvraj:” Dadi not now. I want to be a bachelor. Let me enjoy my life.Ok bye i need to go.”
Ragini:” Dadi he will not agree like this. We will have to force him”
Dadi:” How do you like Yuvraj and Soumya’s pair?”
Ragini:” Wow dadi i didn’t think about that.Soumya is perfect for this house and even Yuvraj likes Soumya. He is her friend.”
Both Dadi and Ragini smile.

Sunita comes in Suhani’s room and sees Suhani reading a book.
Sunita:” Suhani Rohan’s parents have call and they had said that they want Your and Rohan’s engagement to happen tomorrow evening.”
Suhani:” What! Tomorrow? Why?”
Sunita:” I don’t know why but tomorrow get up early as we will have to go for shopping.We don’t have much time.”
Sunita lefts…

The next day….
Yuvraj receives his and Suhani’s photos which Sanjeev has taken in the restaurant. He looks at the photos and admires Suhani. Suddenly Soumya enters the room but Yuvraj does not notice her as he is busy admiring Suhani. All of a sudden Soumya snatches the photos from Yuvraj and sees the photos. Yuvraj is shocked.

Yuvraj:” Soumya! Give it back to me”
Soumya:” wow Yuvraj You love her and you did not bother to tell me. Don’t you accept me as your friend”

Sharad enters in and says:” Yuvraj don’t accept me as his friend or else he will have told me about her.”

Yuvraj:” Guys its nothing like that. She is just a friend and i don’t think i love her.”
Soumya:” then close your eyes and tell us who you see”
Yuvraj:” what nonsense!”
Sharad:” come on do it. It works”
Yuvraj closes his eyes and see Suhani smiling. He then opens his eyes and say Suhani.

Soumya:” wow! Now guys we will have to think how to unite this two lovers”
Yuvraj:” but first we will have to think what Suhani thinks about me.”
Sharad and Soumya say in chorus:” Leave this on me.”
They laugh.

Soumya:” I have an idea. Call Suhani and asks her to me you then you can propose her.”
Yuvraj:” Wahi toh problem hai, i don’t have her number”
Sharad:” Huh You are so useless guru”
Yuvraj:” Hey!..Wait i know where she lives.”
Soumya:” Good now go don’t waste time”
Sharad:” Are guru first dress up and look handsome.”
Yuvraj:” Hey idiot main to peida se hi handsome houn”
Yuvraj leaves…

At Suhani’s house..
Yuvraj sees many people their making decorating the house. Yuvraj’s mind is in turmoil. A woman is passing.
Yuvraj:” Namaste aunty do you know where is Suhani,I am her friend.”
Aunty:” Suhani has gone to Paradise shopping mall.”
Yuvraj:” Thank you.”

Yuvraj arrives in the mall.He looks for Suhani everywhere. Then he sees Suhani in a saree shop choosing a saree.No one is around her. Yuvraj goes near her.

Yuvraj:” Hi Suhani i need to talk to you. Come with me outside i can’t talk here”
Suhani:” But Yuvraj what’s the matter?”
Yuvraj:” O god You ask so many questions Come na don’t waste time and i am already nervous don’t make me more nervous.

Yuvraj holds Suhani’s hands and leaves. After some time Sunita comes there and looks for Suhani.
Sunita:” Ye ladki kahan gayie?”

The scene freez there….

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  1. Rubby ur ff is really good plz don’t end ur ff plz plz plz…….

  2. Very well Ruby
    Well done…….

  3. why ruby u finished tmrw itself pls yar …i want more and more …. pls dont stop this…. pls pls its my humble requset.. dnt stop yarr. keep posting…am waitng to read ..

  4. dnt stop ruby..pls what happen?? why u stop the story.. the track wad going good na

  5. Wat happened ruby…. Pls dont end it… It is really wonderful!!!!! Pls yaaar… Yesterday u were motivating jenny chechi a lot right… Now wat happened to you….. Be confident yaaaaar…. I am beggggggghiiiiinggggg u pls dont stop

  6. yaar i don’t think that i can continue.. I have a lot of pressure of studying.. I will decide in the next ff.. I am still a child i don’t think that i can take this responsibilty of writing a ff. But i will decide as i am moody..

    1. Ruby ur ff is really nice…i know that u have pressure on studies u do one thing u dont write regularly all day which u have leave write and keep many episodes and submit that u cant do for me pls…???

      1. Yes Ruby ….

  7. Your ff is really good! I love this a lot! I know study is also important. But still if you can manage it’s my request don’t end it?

  8. What is ur problem guys..why u r giving heartattack to me..firtly jenny do this and now you..why u r ending ur ff ruby plss dont do this..we all luv ur ff..plss ..dnt do this..if u dnt get much time..then u can post in two days we dnt mind..but dnt end it so soon…try to write..and continue ruby..its a rqst..

  9. Ruby pls continue

  10. Abhi tho kahani shuru hui.katham kaise karthi ho yaar.thum tho starplus se zyada khatharnak hai

  11. nice dialogue Ci hahaha i like ur cmt but i must think about it i am confuse

  12. Muje lagta he ki jo jo ff banata he unhe hame pareshaan karne me maje aate he wo sab log ko lagta he ki we are not liking their ff they are saying that there are only some coments but they dont think about them those who comment abji beech me love is the way ff bhi neetu end karne wali thi unhe samjaya then pyarr ki intehan aj final hua ki band nahi hp raha to ab ye suru ho gaya its my last warning to you ruby dont end it warna mujh se bura koi nahi hoga and ya i am not asking i am telling its my order and you have to do it

  13. Ok Mme.. I will not stop it.. Saying true.. I was scared for one minute foolish i am… And thank you for commenting and keep commenting guys and i like everything you guys says.. I don’t mind as i have no mind hahahhahahaha

  14. welcome Ash

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