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Episode starts from Kunj running behind twinkle..!! Twinkle ran to her room..!! Nd fell on the floor leaning on the bed..!! She starts to cry vigorously..!! Kunj came there nd found her crying..!! He cant see her like this..!!

Kunj walks towards her with teary eyes..!! He sits in his knees behind Twinkle..!! He puts his hand in her shoulder..!! Twinkle turns nd hugs him tightly crying her heart out in his arms..!! Kunj hugs her back nd caresses her hairs..!!

Kunj too having tears in his eyes seeing his LOVE in this state..!! Yes its LOVE..!! He finally gave a name to his feelings..!! It is the same LOVE which his bro had named as A PAINFUL one..!! But for Kunj its diffrent feeling..!! Kunj closed his eyes letting a lone tear escaped from his eyes..!!

He suddenly feels Twinkle’s full weight on him..!! He looks down nd found Twinkle had fell unconcious in his arms..!! He pats her cheeks..!! Feeling restless..!! ” Twinkle..!! Aake kolo..!! ” but on getting no response..!! He lifts her in his arms..!!

He made her lay on the bed..!! He ran out but he dashes with a servent nd fell down..!! His leg got twisted..!! The guy tries to help Kunj coz he got fracture in his legs nd Screaming in pain..!! But b4 the guy could help him..!! Kunj getsup..!!

Nd ran towards Swara’s room with his fractured leg..!! There on the other side SwaSan who were hugging eo got disturbed by Kunj as he enters in with a bang..!! ” Saru..!! Twinkle..!! Come u first come nd check her she went unconcious..!! ” said Kunj..!!

SwaSan got panicked seeing Kunj is not standing properly as his legs are fractured..!! They went near him..!! Sanskar cups his face..!! “Chote yeh..!! What happen to ur legs..!! ” asked Sanskar while tears are ready to flow down from his eyes..!! “Bhai me thik hoon..!! Saru..!! Plzz u come nd check Twinkle mujhe uske bohot chintha horahi hai..!! ” said Kunj while removing Sanskar’s hand from his cheeks..!!

Swara nods nd SwaNj leaves from there..!! In the hurry burry Swara missed to see Sanskar..!! “Yeh..!! Hamari Kunj..!! ” he hits the door nd left to his room..!! SwaNj ran to Twinkle room..!! Swara ckecks Twinkle nd assures that she is fine but faints duet crying..!! Kunj sits beside Twinkle..!!

Swara leaves to Sanskar room..!! She got an attack seeing the room it is fully messy everywhere..!! Sanskar standing near the window looking outside..!! Swara walks towards him nd kept her hand in his shoulder..!!

Sanskar turns nd hugs her immediately..!! Swara can feel her shoulders getting wet coz of Sanskar crying..!! She let him cry..!! After sometime SwaSan parted..!! Swara cups his face “Sanskar,,look at my eyes..!! ( Sanskar looksup at her eyes ) bolo kya hua..!! ” asked Swara looking at his eyes..!!

“I dont Shona..!! But Kunj mujhe uske bohot chintha horahi hai..!! I can see the LOVE,,Care in his eyes for Twinkle..!! ” said Sanskar..!! “What is the matter in this to being Scred..!! ” asked Swara..!! ” hai Shona..!! Kunj..!! He cant bear the Pain of LOVE..!! LOVE IS PAINFUL Shona..!! ”

Said Sanskar while cupping her face..!! “Sanskar think +ve,,u know Kunj and u even know about Twinkle also..!! Than what..!! ” said Swara..!!

On Kunj side..!! Kunj is sitting beside Twinkle..!! While taking her hand in his..!! Twinkle slowly opens her eyes..!! Kunj cups her face with his one hand..!! “Twinkle are u ok..!! Slowly..!! Get up..!! ” Kunj helps her in sitting..!! ” Thank u..!! ” Twinkle said in a week voice..!!

” i m fine..!! U can leave now..!! ” said Twinkle..!! Kunj is not in a mood to leave but Sanskar’s face came in his mind…!! Without saying anything to Twinkle he ran to his room..!! He stops hearing Sanskar voice ” I know Shona..!! I know about Kunj and Twinkle but the matter is LOVE..!! LOVE IS PAINFUL Shona..!!

He cant bear that understand damn it…!! ” said Sanskar nd sat on the bed..!! Kunj came in SwaSan looks up at him..!! Kunj signs Swara..!! She nods nd leaves from there..!! Kunj looks at Sanskar,,he avoids his gaze..!! Kunj kneels down infront of Sanskar..!! Nd tooks his hands in his..!!

“Bhai..!! Look into my eyes..!! I can understand what u r thinking..!! But bhai u trust me rite..!! ( sanskar nods ) Than keep the trust on me..!! I know u r thinking LOVE IS PAINFUL..!! Nd i agree with u..!! Coz of that bl**** lady u r thinking like this..!!

Bhai think about Twinkle she is..!! She is really a nice girl..!! U know rite how innocent she is..!! Nd Twinkle is not like that bl**** bit** trust me bhai..!! Nothing will happen like that..!! Nd first of all i m saying this to u..!! I didnt tell this to Saru also..!! I m in LOVE WITH TWINKLE..!!

YES BHAI I LOVE HER..!! nd dont worry nothing will happen like u r thinking..!! ” said Kunj..!! Sanskar hugs him..!! ” I trust u Chote..!! I trust u more than myself..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Kunj hugs him even more tighter..!!

The Brothers calm down after sometime..!! Sanskar parts nd pushes Kunj ” jao..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Kunj looks at him blankly..!! Sanskar pushes him by his shoulder ” jao chote..!! Go nd propose her..!! ” said Sanskar with a smile..!!

Kunj too smiles nd getsup..!! ” no bhai..!! Yes first i have to make her comfy..!! I have to make her get rid of Maa’s taunts and all..!! Than only i ll propose her..!! ” said Kunj..!! Sanskar hugs him ” i m proud of little brother..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” i love u big brother..!! ” said Kunj nd giggles..!!

On the other side..!! Swara is pacing to nd fro in her room balcony..!! Bitting her nails ” kyun..!! Kyun i cant see him broken..!! I know Swara u thinking more about friebdship but do u think Sanskar will accept this no never in ur dreams also..!!

He hates love..!! No i cant loose Sanskar..!! I cant loose him..!! No Swara dont..!! Forgot ur Love..!! ” said Swara to herself nd was about to moves but stops hearing a voice ” no Swara u cant..!! ” Swara turns nd wispers ” Kunj..!! ” yeah Kunj standing at balcony door nd hearing her lines..!!

” yeah no need to forgot ur LOVE..!! Nd moreover u r the one for my big brother..!! Dont worry Saru i m here for u..!! I ll help u to get ur love..!! ” said Kunj..!! Swara hugs him..!! ” thank u kunj..!! ” said Swara..!! Sujatha sees SwaNj hugging she made faces nd bad mouth swara to herself nd leaves..!!

To be continued………..

Precap : Serious & drama

Hey guys hope u liked it nd one more thing..!! I ll end this story soon Coz of situations..!! Babye..!! Love u all..!!

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  1. SidMin23

    Love the brotherhood waiting to see how willl Kunj proposed twinkle ✨ make twinj together soon if possible enjoys twinj moment.

  2. Phoniex

    Loved it

  3. Ramya

    Awesome maha amazing
    Finally kunj for to know about his love
    Hope sujatha will not create any prblm

  4. Presha

    Love the bromance…
    Keep going like this ..
    Post soon..
    Love u…

  5. Rachna

    Awsm… Update soon next part

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    nice dear

  7. Aarushi_99

    It was fabulous!!
    Love Sanskar and Kunj’s bonding..!
    Waiting to see SwaSan love story!
    Update soon, take care!

  8. Awesome maha ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Next one soon ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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    Awesomeeeeee!!! Loved it so much ????
    One more thing, pls don’t end this!
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    oh god mahavir…..
    amaing loved it…….
    speechless cute emotional…..
    post soon…..♥

  11. Awesome dear

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    Awesome mahu ?? amazing bond btwn trio?

  13. Emotional…. Heart touching…. Luv their bonding…. And amazing…. Luvd it to the core…. Hope everything sort out soon…. Luv u…post soon….

  14. Simi

    Awesome.. I love brother’s bonding…

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    loved it dear

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