Episode starts from sanj is enjoying the party with their family…!! “Papa who is that girl…!! ” asked kunj pointing towards twinkle..!! Rp was about to answer…!! ” arey little brother…!! How can u forgot her…!!

She is our childhood friend..!! Twinkle taneja hai na papa..!! Vo vikram uncle ka beti..!! ” said sanskar to which rp nods..!! Kunj looks at twinkle being amazed ” big brother ae kaise…!! I mean is she is same kadoos twinki..!! ” asked kunj..!!

” chore listen..!! She is staying here only..!! So keep distance with her…!! And sanskar tum i know u very well so dont u dare to go near her…!! ” said sujatha…!! While sanskar scratches his hairs…!! Kunj staring twinkle..!! Sanskar gave a wide grin…!!

“Maa ek min..!! What did u said is she is staying here i mean in our house…!! ” asked kunj..!! Sujatha makes faces..!! ” ofcourse little brother..!! Why are u getting xcited this much…!! Kya baat hai little brother…!! ”

Asked sanskar with a wink..!! “Arey kuch nhi hai big brother..!! I m just asking..!! ” said kunj with a wide smile..!! ” Xcuse me..!! I ll be back..!! ” said kunj nd leaves towards a corner..!! ” arey janki..!! Y u guys are late..!!

See my sons have arrived..!! Come..!! Come on..!! ” said sujatha to janki who is just arrived with her daughter..!!

Kunj went to the corner where twinkle is arranging the cold drinks..!! Kunj went back to her and stood behind her..!! ” ahem ahem..!! ” kunj fakely coughed..!! Twinkle turned and gets shocked to see him a inch away from her..!!

They had an eyelock..!! Twinkle breaks and again turns being awkward..!! Kunj tries to talk..!! ” wo…!! Actually..!! I m…!! I m..!! ” but before he could cmplt..!! ” kunj..!! Beta kunj..!! Come here…!! ” sujatha shouts..!! Kunj stamps his foot nd leaves…!!

Kunj came to sujatha..!! ” kya hua maa…!! ” kunj asked being frustrated..!! ” jao jao sanskar ko lekhe avo…!! ” said sujatha..!! Kunj makes faces nd went to sanskar who is flirting with some girls..!! ” big brother..!! Chale..!! ” said kunj..!!

” kahan..!! ” asked sans..!! ” ofcourse maa called us..!! Again her frnd..!! ” said kunj..!! Sanskar makes faces..!! ” I ll be back in a minute beautiful..!! Be here ok..!! ” said sanskar nd gives a flying kiss to the girl nd leaves…!!

Sanj goes near sujatha ” avo beta..!! Janki this is my sons..!! Ye sanskar nd ye kunj..!! Nd beta ye my frnd janki nd this is her daughter kavitha..!! ” said sujatha..!! Sanj shake hands with kavitha..!!

” arey sujatha..!! Ur sons are looking so handsome..!! ” said janki..!! Sanj winks..!! ” u guys continue we r going to meet our frnds..!! ” said sujatha while leaving with janki..!! ” hi kavitha..!! Nd whats going on..!! ” said sans..!!

Kunj thought ” again he starts his flirting..!! ” kunj searching twinkle nd found her serving coldrinks..!! After sometime He tries to go but sanskar held his hands..!! ” little brother i thought to flirt with her but she is chipkali..!! Plzz brother bacho..!! ”

Said sanskar kunj cant leave is big bro like that..!! He takes his phone ” han saru..!! Kya hua..!! Han big bro is also here..!! Han wait..!! Big brother saru wanna to talk with us..!! Come xcuse me kavi…!! ” said kunj nd drags sanskar from there…!!

After sometime party got over…!! Sanj is sitting in their room..!! They turn on the lappy waiting for swara to come on skyp..!! Kunj sees twinkle crossing the room..!! He makes xcuse nd left behind her…!!

Swara came on skype ” hey sanky…!! How was the party where is kunj…!! ” asks swara..!! ” haan shona..!! He was here but now went..!! U know i m watching him from morning party..!! He is behind twinkle..!! ” said sanskar…!!

” what…!! I mean like seriously sanky..!! Kunj baccha is stalking a girl…!! Omg this is unbelievable…!! ” said swara in a dramatic way…!!

” hahaa drama queen..!! Stop this yeah i m also surprised to see him like that..!! Lets see..!! Haan tum bolo whats happening..!! ” said sanskar…!!

” yeah lets hope for the best for our kunj..!! Hmm nothing special…!! Maa baba is missing u both…!! ” said swara…!!

” so u r not missing me rite..!! ” said sanskar..!! ” ofcourse not..!! I m not , i m happy that monkey maheshwari brothers is out of the country..!! ” said swara..!!

” oii oii shona..!! Stop ur this puran ok u ll be here in one day..!! Than see i ll show u who is maheshwari brothers..!! ” said sanskar…!!

” haan haan lets see monkey sanky..!! ” said swara..!! ” i m not monkey…!! U r donkey…!! ” said sanskar..!!

” donkey mat bol…!! Or otherwise i ll bite u…!! ” said swara…!! ” how can u bite me..!! Can u able to pass through this laptop…!! ” said sanskar..!!

” sanky shut up ur mouth..!! Or i will call baba…!! Baba…!! Baba” said swara while calling her baba…!! ” shut up shona listen…!! Dont call him..!! Or i ll…!! ” said sanskar…!!

” haan what will u do if i call him..!! Haan i ll call him..!! Baba..!! ” said swara while again calling baba..!! ” shona stop or i ll…!! Han i will kiss u..!! ” words slips out frm his mouth..!! SwaSan’s eyes bcm widened..!!
Shekar enters swara’s room as she called him..!! ” shona beta kya hua..!! Whu did u called me…!! ” asked shekar while seeing the monitor ” hey sanky…!! How are u..!! ” asked shekar to sans…!!

But no SwaSan is on their own world…!! Shekar this time lil louder ” ahem ahem…!! ” swasan came to sense…!! ” haan han uncle..!! ” said sanskar..!! ” Xcuse me papa…!! ” said swara nd leaves the room..!!

Sanskar and shekar continues their talk…!!

Kunj follows twinkle nd reached her room…!! Twinkle enters the room..!! Kunj is standing beside the door nd practicing to talk with her…!! He is standing behind the door like that…!!

Soon he hears the sobbing the sound..!! He sees in through window..!! Nd found twinkle sobbing while caressing a photo..!! He listens that she is speaking to the photo..!!

” maa papa…!! Y u leaved me..!! U know today sanj is enjoying with their family…!! With their parents…!! I m not jealous of them..!! But i m missing u both like hell..!! U know papa today i m thinking i should have died with u both on that accident…!!

But i think that god dont want to leave me in peace…!! Thats y he is torturing me..!! I try to go out from this house..!! But only bcz of ram uncle i m here..!! He is respecting u papa…!! But u know this is like hell..!!

Maa nd u didnt even raise ur voice on me but here everyone is shouting on me maa…!! Everyone is scolding me…!! I m fed up maa..!! Papa plzzz take me with u…!! I dont wanna live in this world..!! ” said twinkle..!! Nd burst out crying…!!

Kunj who is hearing this through window…!! Having tears in his eyes…!! ” Vikram uncle…!! How he died..!! Than why twinki is saying like thiz who is scolding her…!! ” said kunj to himself…!! Nd leaves from there determined to make everything perfect…!!
Kunj went to his room..!! Sanskar is half lying on the bed after talking with shekar..!! Kunj sits in his side…!! ” bhai…!! Is everything ok..!! ” said kunj…!!

” first u tell me kunj is everything is ok…!! Bcz u ll call me bhai only if u r sad..!! Tell me..!! ” said sanskar…!! Kunj smiles nd tells everything to sanskar…!!

” so what u going to do nxt..!! ” said sanskar..!! ” matlab u r also her frnd rite…!! U also need to help me..!! ” said kunj.!!

” han vo tho hai..!! But u more than a frnd to her hai na..!! ” said sanskar…!! Kunj looks up at him…!! ” i dont know bhai..!! I mean i cant see her sad..!! Thats it..!! I want to see her smile…!! Thats what all i want..!! ” said kunj..!!

Sanskar clutches his shoulder…!! ” i cant understand kunj..!! Anyways be carefull…!! LOVE IS PAINFUL…!! ” said sanskar..!! Kunj fakely smiles…!!

Swara is pacing in balcony remembering the chat nd smiles herself..!! After that again that words..!! That scene came in her mind…!! ” I HATE U…!! I HATE U..!! i dont wanna see ur face..!! Go away..!! ” she rembers someone’s this words..!! Nd bcm sad…!!

” swara u both r just frnds..!! Thats it nothing much..!! If he came to know that u r thinking beyond frndship than dont know what will he do..!! So dont..!! U r a frnd thats it..!!” Said swara nd takes a long breath..!! Nd leaves to bed..!!
Guys done with the second part nd guys this time if dont get good response than i promise i ll stop writing..!! I m not asking much just 20+..!! Comment or forgot this stry..!! Sorry if i m rude but it really hurts while getting low response..!! I hope u guys understand…!!

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  1. Sus

    nyc i am liking both the pairs

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    Awesomeeeee ?? i felt ?? for twinkle situation. Flirty sanskar ?

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    Awesome amazing

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    Cool !Continue like a boss.

  6. Ohhh my god maha amazing….
    Loved it…kunj and twinkle kya hoga n swasan were cute…n bro bond wow.. 🙂

  7. Hey maha commenting for d first time really it was sooo emotional you made me comment on it 🙂
    It was soo heart touching and beautiful episode.

  8. Wow…am in love with it 🙂
    Please please post next as soon as possible.. 🙂

  9. Twinkle khanna

    Marvellous cant wait for next.. ♥loving both twinj and swasan..

  10. Awesome and emotional

  11. Ramya

    Hey maha awesome dear
    N feeling bad for twinkle
    Sanj bond is superb
    Post soon

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    Hey maha…
    Iys awesome…
    Just loved it..
    Too good

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    Amazing maha?????
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    awesome Maha! felt so bad for Twinkle! Kunj is so cute! Post soon
    see you

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    Sanj bond is superb

  16. awesome maha really nice and felt hell sad for twinkle and hope you post soon

  17. Awesome episode

  18. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god jst sooooo cute maha ♥
    m srsly feeling bad for twinkle sooo emotional……..
    soooooo cute sooooo beautiful jst sooo heart touching…….
    sooooo beautiful sooo adorable d brother bond…..♥
    loved it…….♥♥
    amazing marvelleous speechless….. 🙂
    lods of love…..♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Aarushi_99

    It was lovely!!
    But feeling sad for Twinkle..
    And Sanskar and Kunj’s bond is just too good!!
    I’m loving both couples… but waiting for SwaSan’s love story…??
    Update soon, take care!!

    1. Aarushi_99

      Oops.. was going to comment on the other chapter but did it here by mistake..?

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