Love is painful (Intro)


Hi everyone this is the first time i am writing a story here.If you dont like it plz tell me.and dont worry i will not feel bad.

Yuvraj: a young handsome man who is not so rich.He is a playboy and love to be rich but as more twist will come he will change and start loving Suhani whom he will betray in the upcoming episode.

Suhani: a very beautiful girl who is a dancer. Her movements are very graceful.She is well known for her dance. Her dream is to become a big dancer in india. She believe that people need someone because they love him. She wears beautiful indian dresses but as many twist will come, she will wear western dress and will look gorgeous. She will have a great attitude and style. Saumya: a rich girl and suhani’s best friend. She believe that people love someone because they need him. Krishna: Suhani’s brother and Saumya’s manager. He has a small crush on Saumya but cannot tell her as he is afraid that Saumya may be angry and fire him from job.

In this story it will be shown how love is painful and what happens if we trust and love someone blindly but always the truth will win in this story. After so bearing so many pain both lover will be unite. Plz guys dont forget to tell me if u like the story or not.After having all your opinions i will start the episode.

Credit to: ruby o

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  1. Nice but sorry to say love is not painful , actually I believe that love overpowers you against problems. Love can be painful but not always. Sorry if it hurts.Anyways continue with it.

  2. Sounds very interesting….. Continue sooonnnnnn…….. Ruby….

  3. i no love is not painful… Love will win at the end and thanks guys.. N plz dont say sorry i am a very cheerful girl i dont feel bad so easily.

  4. The intro is vry interesting..plss continue d story..and plss dear try to post that we can enjoy ur ff..

  5. thanks and dont worry i will post regularly……

  6. It’s totally different yaar…. waiting for the 01st epi of yours.

  7. nice plot………are you the same ruby who used to write a story….i forgot the title….

  8. Pls continue I loved it

  9. thanks a lot guys… thank uuuuuuuuuu. This is my first fan fiction. i have never write a story before.

    1. Pls write it fast u know iam waiting for u R ff for a long time

  10. Love it plz post fast I can’t wait anymore it’s just amazing:)

  11. Thank you a lot Bahashta. i will post it soon.

  12. As after 29 april we can send our article.huh i am so sad. There are many pending articles so the server is taking time. But as the sayings goes.. its better late than never!

  13. It is gud dude…carry on….

  14. thanks Jenny

  15. I like that dance in it it suits on suhani keep it up all the best

  16. Guys let me tell you the Soumya will have a heart of stone in this.. But don’t worry she will turn into a new leaf. Yuvraj is a garrulous man and always boasting about how smart he is. Suhani suffers from claustrophobia and have a phobia about dogs.

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