Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 9)

Recap: Swara’s frustration
Swara can’t control her anger Laksh locks her arms and Ragini gave injection in her neck and Swara faints.
Till how many days Lucky asked Ragini. Till Adarsh bhai does his work said Lucky.
In Sanskar mansion
Sanskar saw a dream about Sahi and shouts her name. Sujatha comes to him and pats his head.
Beta what happened asked Sujatha. Maa I dont know but Sahi is in some pain I can feel that said Sanskar holding her hand. Beta she left us try to get it ur mind she left u Sanskar don’t be in her memories it will only give pain said Sujatha with tears and left.
Sanskar again took a photo of a small girl of age 16 and says y Sahi y did u left me my mind says u r dead but my heart says u r somewhere near to me and folds his fist in anger. Lucky I won’t leave u for what did and sleeps hugging her photo.

Swara blabbers in sleep Sanju …….. Sanju….. leave him plz dont do anything to him Aaaaaaaaa……… Sanju help me and gets up from sleep. Ragini who is hearing her words and says Shona r u okay and gives water to her. Swara drinks the water and sees Laksh standing.
Lucky when did u came asked Swara and see her dress changed.
Didi who changed my dress what happened to me asked Swara.
Shonu u dropped me in MM and forgot ur bag. When I came here u where sleeping without changing said Laksh.

So I changed ur dress said Ragini.
Didi I am sleepy Gn said Swara and slept. Rag lak came out and were tensed.
Lucky she got know something about her past. Y did Bhai gave her t me If his work get done then he will…….. I don’t want to lose her said Ragini in tears.
Rago dont worry I planned something after that Shonu will be with us and with me said Laksh with determination.

Precap: Swasan meet in mall and Sanskar sees Ragini’s werid behaviour

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  1. Weird behaviour but why

  2. What d hell its not exposd till now?

  3. I guess Swara n is sanskar’s sahi n they loved each other… n now Laksh decides marry Swara so that she ll stay with them forever… this decision make ragini heart broken..n she behave weirdly..

  4. interesting…

  5. waiting for Swasan meeting in mall… update fast… pleas…

  6. good…

  7. Wow really interesting I think swara is sahi

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