Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 8)

Swara came to the house angry that she dropped her scooty down. By the sound of the scooty Ragini and Laksh who are watching movie got alert that something big had happened. Before they could react BANG…….BANG…… strong breaking sound make from Swara’s room. Ragini we are gone now said Laksh in trembling voice. Shut Laksh come with me to her room or else I will tell all ur affairs to Shona and now in this condition what will happen just think about it dear said Ragini while grinning. Again they heard breaking sound both ran away like cat found its prey. When they entered the room it was a whole mess.

How could he tell that I am a baby Didi…………… how could he what he think of himself he is looking like dick duck but calling me baby I am going to kill him Ahaaaaaaaaaa………… Didi I cant control it said Swara cant take control over her madness. Suddenly she felt a grip around her arm and a small peck in her before she could see Swara fell unconscious.

Till how many days Lucky today she saw something about her past then……… said Ragini with tears.

Till Adarsh Bhai do his work Ragini then said Lucky
Who is Swara? Why she reacted like that? Is she some to Sanskar? Keep guessing guys

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  1. yo are doing unfair rini.. u r not updating regularly… n today the episode as also too short…am really angry in yo… how much desperately waiting for ff yo know…

  2. Rini plz upload your swaragini blooms analysis ff nd dimention wala bhi plz plz

  3. So short update yaar

  4. So small, only her reaction??? I am totally Upset with u.

  5. Plz update fast

  6. nice dear interesting

  7. Very nice

  8. interesting…

  9. Plz make it longer

  10. Awesome yr but y is she behaving lyk this

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