Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 7)

Episode 7
Recap: Sanskar meet with Dp and Raglak shocked to see Swara.
Shona what happened why are doing like this said Ragini and helped Swara in wearing the lehenga. Didi now I look like a lady na not like child asked Swara with little worriness. Ha Shonu u look like a lady but what happened tell us na asked Laksh. Lucky when I took ur car I crashed it with a benz and I was shocked and got down and the owner of the car asked me who gave me the car when I am looking like a baby tell me am I looking like baby asked Swara. Laksh cant control the laugh and laughed aloud. Ragini eyes angrily and stopped. Shona who said u r baby u r a princess. Princess of our house now dont think about it u be what u r dont change for others Ok now change the dress and come down I will give u snacks.

Swara nods and she goes to her room. Arre Lucky dont u have sense I got saved because Shona didnt understand anything said Ragini. What can i do Rago she is so cute in that I cant control it and BTW who is that great mahan got to know that our Shonu is still a baby in the first met asked Laksh. I dont know who he is but Shona see him again u know what will happen said Ragini in low tone. The place where she is will destoryed said Laksh while laughing. Swara dressed in a pink top and black jeans. Didi Naina called me to meet her in the coffee shop I will come quickly said Swara who is holding a tweety bag. Shonu I will come with u said Laksh. No Lucky I will come quickly said Swara and walked to her scooty and drives to Cafe. Raglak are praying to God to keep the person awy from Swara but God wanted something to be twisty in Swara’s life.

Sanskar who is driving feels suffocated because of thinking about his past and thinks to spend sometime in the cafe and parks his car in the cafe nearby. He got down and goes to cafe and sat there for few minutes. Meantime Swara enters the same cafe and speaks to Naina for sometime. Sanskar goes to order his favorite strawberry milkeshake and waits for it. Swara come to the counter now Sanskar turns and dashed with Swara and she falls down. Swasan saw each other and says you. Swara got up says Hey Mr dont u have eyes with out seeing dashed with me. Sanskar says hey Miss I have already told u dont roam here and there without ur parents see now u fall down u r child and they allow u to roam…….. before he could finish she shouted

DIDI…………………………… and started crying. Iam going to kill u am I looking like a baby for u I am in my 20 and u called baby I wont leave and she took a fork started to chase him. Sanskar got shocked seeing her ran from there and Swara chase him with fork and Naina following her. Sankar stops before his car and saw her coming to him. He closed his ears because she is crying No No shouting Didi………….and approaching. He grabed arms and twisted it to her back. Swara was shocked to see his actions. Just shut up dont ever raise ur voice yeah first I thought u r looking like a baby but today I confirmed it said Sanskar and strikes her nose with his . No one told me like I will tell my Didi that u r bad guy I hate u I hate u said Swara with pouting face. Oh Miss speak before u think because no one is dare to hate this handsome Sanskar said Sanskar while smirking. But I am dared and I hate u said Swara while releasing her hand and walks to her scooty. Hey Miss one day u will tell me that u love this daring Sanskar said Sanskar with smile. Not even in ur dream Mr said Swara and left the place. Sanskar smiles thinking about her and says I thought that I got my Sahi back and left from there.

Precap: BANG……….BANG………………

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