Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 6)

Swara comes to Lucky and he gets into the car. Meri Shona what happened to u I told u not to take the car said Laksh. Swara doesnt uttered a word and drived the car dropped Laksh and went to Garodia house.

In ALS International
Adarsh and Dp are waiting for Mr. SM I mean Sanskar because he had hidden his identity only very close person know his name but they dont know that this business tycoon SM is their Sanskar who was once their pride. Papa how long will he take for a simple meeting said Adarsh just then he saw Sanskar entering the conference room. Adarsh face became pale and he wisphered Sanskar. Dp turned and saw him. Sanskar had drop of tear in his eyes because after so many years he met his teacher, his friend his bade papa he wanted to hug him but got hold of some courage and sat opposite to them. A common lawyer was them to clear the details.
Lawyer: Mr. Durga Prasad u wanted to open a mutiplex mall in Bandra so for that u asked Mr. SM to be a partner in this project and will give half share of the profit u get from it.
Dp: Yes I will be gald if Mr. Sanskar………
Sanskar: Yup…….so My name is SM not Sanskar.
Adarsh: Yes and we will be glad if Mr.SM accept this proporsal. ( In mind: I know Sanky for what proporse u r here I swear u wont get anything )

Sanskar: Yes I accept it and ( pointing towards Lawyer ) make the documents ready get sign from them and fax it I will sign in my house I dont like to waste my time and he leaves from there.
Adarsh to Dp: See na papa how rude he is u only celebrated him as ur pride but he made u lower ur eyes. Dp doesnt say anything and leaves from there with Adarsh.
In Garodia house

Ragini comes to the house and saw Swara’s scooty. What she came early today some thing must have happened I should see her said Ragini and goes towards Swara room and she is not there Ragini heard some noise from her room and opens her room door. She was literally shocked and her mouth is hunged open. Lucky who was restless came there and saw Ragini is standing like statue and see the direction where her gaze is going and he too is shocked. Laksh broke theice. Shona what is this said Laksh. Yes it is our Swara who is trying to wear a lehenga and the whole room is scattered with dresses.

To Be Continued

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