Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 5)


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Recap: Sanskar intro and his lonely feeling.

Sanskar wipes his tear and says Y Sahi y did u leave me like this I know u dont like me doing all this but wha can I do If that Lucky didnt came u would have been with me and closes his eyes. He again became furious and said Lucky u have to pay for it and leaves from there.

On the College Road
Swalak came out for a walk after college hours. Swara says Lucky after 1 month u will finish ur college and join uncle’s company then I will be alone in this university and made a puppy face. Oh mere baby is worried Ok then I tell u one thing lets go and get married right now said Laksh and laughs seeing Swara. Her face became pale and her mouth opened. She hits Laksh with books and he runs. Both got tired and laughs. Laksh asked Swara to get into the car and asked her not to drive while he goes and meet his friend. Swara got naughty and started the car and goes for a round but she didnt know that this round will take her life to next level which is not at all planned. Suddenly a loud sound CRASH. Swara hitted a black Benz car and he poor car is crashed. She got down and saw the car. She searched for the driver and saw no one there and thought escape but a rough yet soft ( for her ) hand grabbed her right hand. Before she could react she is twirled around. The hand around her tighten its grip. She saw up to see who it is. A blackish grey eyes filled red anger is seeing her and shows its anger by tightening its grip. Yeah its our Sanskar. He heard saw two baby like eyes pleading him before pleading it has a attitude that its not my fault. He heard a slow melodious voice screching Aaaaaaa. Swara says Mr leave my hand its paining. He loses his grip and not fully. Sanskar says Hey Miss what the have u done to my car see its condition dont u know how to drive with full arrogance. Swara says Its ur fault u parked the car in a wrong place so u r only wrong said in attitude yet in fragrantic voice. So its my fault BTW who gave u the car in this small age u r not even grown up see urself he said in teasing way. Swara opened her mouth she was wearing pink gown with high heels and pony tail but with heels also she could match his height. Am I looking like a child I am studying college and u r telling me I am a child and she started weeping like a baby. Sanskar is shocked to see her. He thought how could one be this my innocent and saw all are watching them. Hey Miss stop weeping are else he said. What are else I am going to complain about u to my Didi and left from there with the car. Sanskar smiled hearing her words. How could one be like this and she is cute while crying he said and got sense that he is smiling broad after long time. Dont know who is angel but I like her and he left to meet his rival.

Precap: Meeting of his Past Rival

Credit to: Rini

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