Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 45) (Last Episode)


The episode starts with Sanskar entering the room and saw two tiny babies wrapped in a white towel. One is in Ragini’s hand and the other is beside Swara who is bit unconscious. Ragini gave the baby in his hand. Tears welled up in his eyes. He kissed the baby’s forehead. Swara opened her eyes and saw Sanskar.
Swara: Sanju….
Ragini helped Swara and gave the another baby to her and left from there.
Sanskar: Thank you Sahi for giving me the most beautiful gift.
Swara: and thank you for making me feel it.
Sanskar hugged and kissed her head.
Laksh is anxious to see the babies and Ragini shuts him.
Laksh: Rago I cant wait to see the babies first let me in.
Ragini: Laksh dont be childish first call Maa Chachi and inform them.
Laksh: I totally forgot it and he called them.
In the yatra…..
Laksh calls Sujatha.

Sujatha: Hello Laksh.
Laksh: Chachi you became Dadi.
Sujatha: Haan I know I am Dadi only Rajat’s Dadi.
Laksh: Arre Chachi Dadi Shonu gave birth to two princess.
Sujatha: Really Laksh Ok I will come there now itself and cuts the call.
Sujatha: Jiji….Jiji…..
Ap: Haan Sujatha.
Sujatha: Jiji you became Badi Dadi Jiji Swara delivered two girls.
Ap: Thank God come lets get ready Its only her seventh month .
Sujatha: Haan Jiji and soon they got ready to leave.
In the night ……
In Swasan room…..
Swara is sitting by resting over the headboard and smiles seeing Sanskar who is playing with babies in the cradle.
Sanskar: Ooo…. Princess (babies smiles) Hai Papa ki Princess Swara see their eyes are like mine.
Swara: Haan because their lips are like mine and Prinecess ki Papa doesnt care about me.
Sanskar smiles seeing Swara. He comes and sit beside her.
Sanskar: So my Mrs is angry on me.
Swara: Haan.

Sanskar: You know what you are looking beautiful than before and come closer to her.
Swara: Sanskar u r a father of two daughters have shame.
Sanskar: so what I am planning to gift a brother to my princess.
Chorus: for that you have lock door.
Both turned and saw Raglak and Balhu with toys.
Swasan got embrassed.
Laksh: Bhai before romance lock the door yaar and giggles.
Laksh: My Cutepies are looking cute.
Ragini: They are my Cutpies.
Laksh: No mine
Ragini: mine.
Swara: Didi if you want get one for urself and winks at her.
Raglak blushed hearing her and all laughed.
Pihu: Ok enough let them sleep yaar and all left.
Swasan sleep in eachother embrace.
In the morning…….
Sujatha Ap Dp and Ram entered the house.
Sujatha: where are potis Ragini Laksh.
Ragini: Chachi wait first you sit.

Laksh: Chachi dont jump this much its old buildinga nd laughs.
Swasan came down with their princess in their hands.
Sanskar: Maa Mom here ur potis and they gave them to Ap and Sujatha.
Ap: They looking like you Sanskar.
Sujatha: Haan Jiji.
Dp: If you finished ur pampering give them to us.
Ap: Haan ji and gave the babies to Ram and Dp.
Ram: See Bhaisa she smiled seeing me.
Dp: you look here she held my finger.
Laksh: Its all Ok what will the names of my Cutepies.
Ap: Haan Sanskar did you both decided.
Swara: Maa let Laksh and Didi decide.
Sanskar: Yes Laksh you both decide.

Raglak discussed for sometime.
Laksh: Ok so the names of my Cute pies will be…..
Ragini: Priya and Dharshini.
Swara: Wow Didi I know you are always the best.
Ap: Like Swaragini they will be called Priyadharshini and all smiled.
And Sanskar took Swara in his embrace and both admired their sign of Love their Princess Priya and Dharshini.
Swara: Sanskar our love went through so many hurdles.
Sanskar: but we faced them together.
Swara: This Love is so Painful na Mr.
Sanskar: and Its Complicated so Mrs.
Swara: I love you Saju.
Sanskar: I know and I love you too Sahi.
Swara: I know and both hugged eachother.


Plz comment and soon by the end of May I will finish my An Unknown love story and a year gap because I am entering my 12th grade but I will read all ur ffs friends and tell me the best moment in this story

Credit to: Rini

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    your story was so good specially the Sanju Sahi track !!! you nailed it!!!

    my fav moment was when adarsh’s real face was revealed and swasan romance started!!! but your story was just awesome!!!

    all the best for your 12th Grade!!!

    love you!!!

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    I m gonna miss ur ff

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  10. Amazing and all the best for 12th will miss this ff

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