Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 44)

The episode starts with Swara moving towards the mandir. And in Laksh room the trio is enjoying their drink.
Laksh: lets enjoy the bacholer party of Baldev Khurna and Laksh Maheswari.
Baldev: Laksh what is this I am not in it.
Sanskar: come on Baldev we didnt enjoyed in Laksh marriage but urs we have to na.
Laksh: dont worry yaar I wont tell Pihu Bhabhi and laughs.

Swara walks past the oil and takes the flower plate when she turns, she slips and gets hit on the steps.
Swara [scream]: Aaa….. Didi……
Hearing her scream Ragini and Pihu came and saw Swara scream in Mandir.
Raini [shouts]: Shona…….
Both ran and took Swara while Swara screams holding her bump.
Swara: Aaahh……….. Didi…… Sanskar…….
Pihu: Sweety go and call Papa go fast.
Swetha: Haan Maa.
Swetha runs upstairs and search all the room and finally she reach Laksh room.
Swetha: Papa open the door.
Laksh opens the door and saw Swetha panting.
Laksh: Sweety what happened.
Swetha: Uncle Shona Aunty….
Sanskar [worried]: Shona what happened to her.
Swetha: aunty fell down and is crying.
Hearing it Sanskar ran down and saw Swara screaming in pain and ran to her.

Sanskar [in fear]: Shona……. Shona…….
Swara [in pain]: Sanskar…..its paining Didi plz help me.
Pihu: I think the time came ji get the car.
Baldev: but Pihu the strike is going on and the hospitals are closed.
Ragini [cries and shouts]: do something my Shona is crying.
Pihu: Sanskar Laksh get Swara to the room and Ragini u call Yamini and puts her in speaker do it fast.
sanskar and Laksh took Swara in the room and Ragini connects to Yamini and she tells everything.
Yamini: Ok Pihu to as I say connects me in skype. Ragini connects Skype while Pihu ask sanskar to go out.
Pihu: Sanskar Laksh you both go out.
Sanskar: No I will not leave Swara.
Pihu: plz Sanskar understand. Sanskar with heavy heart goes out with Laksh.
Outside Sanskar walks up and down while Laksh and Baldev consloe him.
Baldev: sanskar relax man.
Sanskar: what relax didnt you hear her screaming.
Laksh: Bhai…..

And finally they hear baby voice and after few minutes another baby voice.
Laksh: Bhai did you heard it OMG Congrats Bhai.
Baldev: congrats man and hugged Sanska who is still in the state on shock.
Pihu came out and says
Pihu: Congrats Sanskar its twin baby girls.
Sanskar: how is Shona.
Pihu: yeah she is fine you go and meet her.
Sanskar goes inside and saw two tiny babies one in Ragini hand and other beside Swara. Ragini slowly gave the baby in his hand. A kissed the child.

To Be Continued……

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