Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 42)


The episode starts with Pihu came to the garden and saw Sanslakrag and Baldev standing tensely.

Pihu: Guys what happened .
Laksh: Pihu Swara’s reports.
Pihu: Yeah its with me only as Dr. Yamini is busy I got it.
Sanslakdev look at Ragini.
Ragini: then whose this Pihu.
Pihu: yaar thats someones report I think it got changed.
All let a sign of relief.
Ragini: I am sorry Sanskar I am stupid didnt even saw the name.
Sanskar side hugs Ragini and wipes her tears.
Sanskar: uff Ragini stop it yaar all knows that u r over protective about Shona then its natural only na waise if u cry like this u will look like Rat in the photos.

Ragini opens her mouth wide while all laugh at her. Suddenly they hear Swara scream. All turns and saw Swara holding her baby bump.
Swara: Aahhh Didi…..
Sansakar runs and holds her.
Sanskar: Swara u r ok na come sit on the bench and made her sit.
Pihu: Swara breathe in and out come on do it.
Swara: Pihu Di its paining.
Pihu: Baldev get my case from the car and Ragini bring some cushion from rhe house.
Both Baldev and Ragini does there work. All came out and saw Sanskar calming Swara.
Sanskar: Swara…. calm down nothing happened.
Ragini arranged pillows for Swara and Baldev brought the case and Pihu gave injection for Swara. After sometime calmed down.
Pihu: Sanskar looks like ur babies are more active.
Sanskar: matlab
Pihu: Matlab ur both babies are so healthy and are strong. So sometimes the movement of the babies will be fast so Swara will get pain.
Sanskar: Oh but if it get often means.
Pihu: dont worry I will be hear till Swara’s delivery.
Swara: Sanskar I am tired.
Sanskar: come lets go in and he takes her their room.

All starts to leave while Raglak starts their work to tease Baldev and Pihu.
Laksh: So sir ur face is glowing like a sun.
Baldev: What
Laksh: what u thought I didnt saw ur face when Pihu told she is staying here.
Baldev: Nothing like that Laksh.
On the otherside…..
Ragini: So Madam ur Mr.Prefect is very happy to see u here.
Pihu: who is that Rago.
Ragini: dont act smart my Pihu.
Pihu (blushes): Vo its nothing like that Rago.
Ragini: oh wow Pihu u look too cute.
Pihu: Stop teasing me and we have to get Swara ready na.
Ragini: Haan waise ur Sweeto is also waiting for u.
In the afternoon….
Soon MM is filled with ladies and songs. In the top most corner all the mens are locked and the elders are in the office.
Sanskar: yaar Lucky I want to see Swara now.
Laksh: then use ur business mind and tell me why are u poking me.
That time a five year girl came inside with juice.
Baldev: Swetha y did you bring this maa.
Swetha: Papa Pihu Maa asked me to give this juice to you all.
Sanslak: Oh…..
Baldev: Shut up guys.
Laksh: Sweeto plz help us na we want to see Swara Aunty function plz.
Swetha: Uncle you all go to kitchen as no one will come there and you all can see the function.

All the three smiles at her and she leaves.
The trio went to the kitchen and saw the full view of function.
Ragini and Pihu brought Swara down who is wearing light weight pink saree and diamond jewels as Swara should not get tired and made her sit on the cradle made for her. And starts dancing.
Sanskar: Who asked her to wear this much jewels.
Baldev: Sanskar its girls matter dont always poke into them.
Laksh: Guys look at them.
Pihu and Ragini starts dancing like Laksh and Baldev while Swetha like Sanskar.
All laughs while the trio are fuming in fake anger.
Swara starts feeling uneasy which is noticed by Sanskar. He runs to her and pats her hand.
Sanskar: Swara slowly see I am here only.
Swara holds his hand tightly and all the ladies who are present their admired his care for Swara.
Soon the ladies blessed both Swasan for their long life along with their babies and made Swara wear colourful bangles.
Lady 1: both of you be happy like this and made Swara wear bangles.
In the jail…..
Aman escaped from the jail.
Aman: now let me see Ragini how will you protect ur so called Sister I am coming baby and smirks.

Precap: Adarsh entry.

Credit to: Rini

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