Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 41)


The episode starts with Swasan coming inside the house and Ap made Swara sit comfortably.

Swara: I am so happy Badi Maa finally I am in my house.
Ap: I am also happy Swara what did Doc told.
Sanskar: Maa everything fine both babies are healthy but she is still weak.
Sujata comes there with ladoo: Beta if Swara eat this ladoo then she will become strong and feeds her.
Swara: Maa the decoration doesn’t look like for marriage.
Ragini: My dear Shona today is ur godh barai after that marriage.
Sanskar: what u guys didn’t informed me.
Laksh: Bhai after long two month Shonu came to our house so to celebrate it we organized this double dhamaka.
Swara: Sanskar plz and saw with him puppy eyes.
Sanskar: Ok Shona now come we will go for a walk. All smiled seeing his care for Swara.
He slowly holded Swara hand and took her to garden. She enjoys seeing the flowers. Swara started to walk fast.
Sanskar: Shona walk slowly.
Swara: Sanskar I am alright ur princess only wanted walk fast. That time Baldev came there.
Baldev: So how are Swara.
Swara: I am fine dev this Sanskar only always behind me and stops me doing things.
Baldev: Swara don’t worry here you go and water the plants and gives her water pipe.
Swara: Sanskar learn something from Dev and she goes from there.
Sanskar: God Baldev how did you managed her.
Baldev: Experience Sanskar I suffered a lot and Both of them laughed.

Inside the house…..
All talking about the function when Ragini’s eyes lands on Swara report. Ragini starts reading it and gets shocked.
Ragini: Laksh come with me and they went out. They came to Baldev and Sanskar.
Ragini: Sanskar did u read this month report of Swara.
Sanskar: No Ragini Shona said it will come tomorrow.
Ragini: then what is this and showed him report.
Sanskar: what but Shona…..
Laksh: What Rago.
Ragini: Laksh in the report its written that Shona’s delivery will be difficult because the kids are grown so fast and Swara is not that much strong to bear it.
Sanskar: Say it clearly Ragini.
Ragini in choked voice: either Swara or the babies will be alive.
All got shocked hearing it.
Sanskar: No u r joking right.
Ragini: I am so hoping it Sanskar.
In Kolkata Jail……
Lawyer: Aman its hard to get u out of here Sanskar and Baldev made a great plan to trap u.
Aman turns and he is inaide the jail.
Aman: how can I forget that through Ragini they made me a fool.

Fb shows……
After the conversation Sanslak and Ragdev gathered in the study room.
Laksh: Bhai there is only one way to get that Aman trapped.
Sanskar: what is it Laksh.
Laksh: He wants to take revenge from Ragini na……
Sanskar: No Laksh I can’t take Ragini at risk.
Ragini: tell me you both clearly.
Laksh: Rago do u trust me.
Ragini: Yes Laksh.
Baldev: Ragini you have to call Aman and tell him that u r ready to surrender urself. Ragini gets stunned and thinks for sometime. Laksh cups her face.
Laksh: Rago for Pihu and Shona u have to do I promise u I will punish him hard. Ragini nods and does as Laksh said.

In a hotel….
Ragini came to a cottage and saw Aman standing.
Aman: Wow the Ragini is infront of me bowing her infront of me and holds her face hard.
Ragini cries and Aman smiles evilly.
Aman: You know Ragini I didn’t felt this much good when I made with Pihu or I killed Shailu.
Ragini: Shailu who is that.
Aman: Oh totally forgot she is baldev wife she is a great lawyer you know but she cancelled ny bail and thrown me out of the house. Slowly I tortured to death and I tied her in bangalore and made her life hell but somehow she escaped and U know me na I won’t give up and I hitted with my car but she was strong woman she slipped into coma again she came out and tried to call police then then and there I strangled her neck and killed her. Ragini looks at him in horror.
Aman: And Pihu you she is special to me and now you. I will show what I can do and starts moving towards her. He is about to touch her and he was punched to the floor. Its Laksh.
Laksh: You cold blooded b*t*h how dare you to touch my Ragini and starts beating him red and blue. Aman also hits him. Laksh stamps his foot on Aman’s chest. Sanskar and Baldev came their with Pihu and Police. Ragini hugs Pihu while Sanskar and Baldev holds Laksh.
Pihu: Inspector he is the one arrest him and make his life hell.
Aman: Pihu.
Pihu: Yeah Its me only You thought as an ordinary girl but I am not my Rago gaveme strength to fight devil like u now rot in the jail.
Inspector: Mr. Maheswari we will take care him and tgey take Aman from there.
Fb ends…..

Aman: I am coming Ragini and Pihu to make ur lives hell.

To Be Continued………

Credit to: Rini

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