Love is Painful and Its complicated (Episode 4)


In Karma Industry
A big chain of companies holded by a handsome, dashing, arrogant guy maybe of age 26. A black colour Benz enters the industry. A guy wearing navy blue business suit enters the industry. All girls represent there were gone to their dream land taking their dream boy. Some girls would have eaten him with their eyes. These and all noticed by the guy and he has slight smile in the corner of his face. He enters his cabin but its like mini house, a couch, dining table, a study table etc. Ragini enters the guys cabin and saw him eyeing his family pic.
Ragini: Good Morning Sanskar.
The turns and Yes its our Sanskar. He grinned at her.
Sanskar: Good Morning Darling Ok tell me What are the programs today we have.
Ragini: Today we have a meet with ALS International. She is shocked to see it. Sanskar smirked at her. He got his mother’s call.

Sanskar: Yup Mom tell me
Sujatha: Sanskar ur dad doesnt want u to meet ur Bade Papa.
Sanskar: Its my first success towards acheivung my goal Mom
He turned and saw Ragini hearing him keenly. He guesture her to go out and she leaves.
Sanskar: Mom if he dont want then let him stay at home not me and cuts the call.
He take Lucky’s photo and says because of u I lost my happiness I swear that I will make feel whatever I felt and burns his pic. Ragini through the window saw him burning but couldn’t see the person in the pic.

She walks towards her cabin and says Oh God what is this in the very first day I have to see these things. Why he is going to meet Dp uncle that to personally and whose pic is that and he was talking some goal. She enters the cabin and goes through the files. Sanskar cross her cabin and sees her working. Sanskar says Ragini u r my first victory towards my goal but I dont know about my second goal but soon I know it. ( Guys Sanskar doesnt know about Swara because she is youngest and mostly pampered by Adarsh, Ragini and Lucky so know one have seen her in magazine even though they mentioned about her as Ragini’s sister her name is not mentioned. So obviously Sanskar also doesnt know about her but know there is another member ). He goes towards his car took the keys and drove fastly to a lonely place. He sat and saw the sky. A girl sat beside him and holds his hand tightly. She says Sanskar how long will u see the sky when I am here and laughs loudly. Suddenly he heard her crying plea and opened his eyes. He could feel her presence but could not see her. A drop of tear escape his eyes.

Precap: Meeting of Arrogance and Sweet Fragrance.

Credit to: Rini

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