Love is Painful and Its complicated ( Episode 4 Reentry )


Sorry guys Sanskar’s entry which I published is a short update about my brief story because of computer was repaired this one is the real entry of Sanskar and again sorry for confusion

Episode 4
In Karma Industry
Its a big chain of companies holded by one handsome dashing arrogant guy who is of age maybe 26 enters the entrance in a black Benz in Navy blue business suit walks through the corridor. All the girls who are present their have gone to dream land taking their dream boy and enjoying. He grinned at them because he knew they will eat him if he is not arrogant but many have fallen for his arrogancy. He enters his cabin which is like mini house a couch, a mini dining table, a study table which has his family photo. Ragini enters his cabin and wished him “Good Morning Sanskar”. He turned and grinned at her. Yes its our hero Sanskar Maheswari. “Good Morning Darling. Its good to see u here any ways today what are programs tell me fast”. Ragini says Today we have business meet with ALS Intternational. While telling Ragini had a shock exprssion and it was watched by Sanskar and he smirked. He gets a call from his Mom Sujatha.

Sanskar: Yup Mom tell me.
Sujatha: Sanskar ur Dad want u not to meet ur Bade Papa.
Sanskar: Mom tell him not to waste my time I am achieving my goals slowly and turned to see Ragini hearing him and sigh her to go out.
Sanskar: Mom this is first step slowly I will conqure all things of them and cuts the call.
He takes Lucky’s photo and says I believes u and shared my all secrets but u bastard broke all my dreams and made me a lonely man I will make ur life hell and burns his pic.
Ragini sees this through the window and is shocked but she did not saw face in the pic. She walks to the cabin and thinks what was talking achieving goals that to with Dp papa and his rage Oh got first I have to see lot of things.

Sanskar comes out and sees Ragini and says so u r my first target about I dont know another target that is hidden from me maybe God has hidden it from because its something special and unusual I think ( He is hitnting Swara because Swara was pampared by everyone so noone knows about her even Sanskar so its like he know Ragini has a sister but doesnt know fully about her).
He goes to his car, got the keys and drove it to lonely place and sat seeing the sky. He remembers a girl touching his cheek and laughs lodly seeing his face. He could feel her presence but could see her. A small smile played on his lips and it got into rage hearing her pleading voice.

Precap: First meet of Arrogance and Sweet Fragrance.

Credit to: Rini

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