Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 39)


The episode starts with Swara cries hugging Sanskar.
Sanskar: Shona calm down..
Swara in trembling voice: Sanskar take me from here plz.
Ap: Beta take her from here she got afraid plz dont leave her keep talking with. Suddenly Sanskar heard Laksh wisphering.
Laksh: Bhai Baldev
Swasan saw Baldev standing beside Aman. Swara got attack and all the scene that happened in Australia. She faints.
Sanskar pats her.
Sanskar: Shona…. Shona…..
Sujata: Beta take her to room Pari call Doc.
Pari: Ji Maa.
Sanskar took Swara to the room and slowly placed her on the bed. Raglak are with him.
Sanskar: Lucky I cant take risk with Shona.
Ragini: Sanskar relax.
Sanskar hits his fist on his thigh: Relax my foot u r seeing her condition na and that Baldev.
A Voice: I am here. They turned and saw Baldev standing on the door way.

Sanskar: what r doing here get out.
Baldev came inside and Ragini locks the door.
Baldev joined his hands: Sanskar first of all sorry for what I did with ur Swara in Australia you dont know I was in trauma for past 6 years my cousin Aman made me believe that my Shailu ran away with money and he falls down.
Sanskar gave him water. Baldev looks at him.
Sanskar: tells us Baldev what u know.
Baldev smiles faintly and shows the photo which Laksh showed to Sanskar when they searched about Baldev.

Baldev: My Shailu, she was my breathe we loved eachother but our family was against us we eloped from India and reached my Chachi’s house in Australia. She took care us very well and started my own company Khurana industries. Then our princess Shwetha came in our life all went well One we got call that Aman ended up in prison in US I gone there to bail him but Shailu stopped me as She was a lawyer I fold me about his doing and I didnt go. This made my Chachi furious but she didnt showed to me but Shailu after two years Aman came to Australia. He saw Shailu and had bad intension towards her. Shaliu always told me about Aman so I thought to change our stay One day I went to meet my manager he told me that someone stoled money from my Office. When saw the footage it was Aman and I confronted him. Next day when I came from Office I saw Chachi crying with a letter. It was written by Shailu. She didnt loved but married me for money and she got that money so she is leaving me and Shewtha. I didnt trusted that letter but after 3 months I sawShailu dead body. Her body was all brused my mind stucked there itself. Then Aman took over my company like that 6 years have gone I didnt came out of my room nor saw Shwetha. Oneday I came out with the help of my servant and saw Swara with u and followed ur car. Then again saw her outside the hotel and I thought her to be Shailu and behaved like that.
Sanskar: its ok Baldev then how u came out of the trauma.

Baldev: I fainted there itself and when I got up the reality hitted me and again I consulted Doc without Chachi’s concern and in three days I got out of trauma. Then I heard Aman talking about some Ragini and wanted to take revenge so In night I got into his room and saw Swara and this girls (pointing Ragini) photos and many information about ur company and I heard Chachi telling that Aman killed Shailu in India so to find about that I am acting to be in trauma. Sanskar she looks like my Shailu it doesnt matter to me I cursed myself fir not saving Shailu but if Swara gets hurt I will never forgive myself I wanted to tell u that even if u believe me or not I will protect her from Aman.
Sanskar hugs Baldev. Raglak looks at eachother.

Sanskar: thank u Baldev u dont worry about Aman he will suffer for all the things he did with u and going to do with Swaragini he didnt saw my business face he is here to be our partner right Lucky.
Laksh: Haan Bhai but I didnt inform you.
Sanskar: I know everything Laksh let him do whatever he want I show him what Sanskar Maheswari can do.
That time they hear door knock. Ragini opened and Doc came inside. All left except Sanskar. Doc started checking Swara.
Doc in anger: Mr. Maheswari I told u not to give her stress now see her condition she got her panic attack again its good for her and the babies.
Sanskar: babies means
Doc: Yes she is caring twins as I know Pari so personally analysed Swara and in sonography I saw another developing egg so next month we confirm it but I am sure.
Sanskar: Doc I think we should keep Swara in the hospital as u told.
Doc: YeH Mr.Maheswari tomorrow get her admitted now in few minutes she will get conscious. Sanskar nods and Doc left from there. Ap and Sujata came and sat beside Swara.
Sanskar: till her Fifth Month Swara will be in hospital only I cant takr risk.
Ap: par Sanskar what if she feels lonely.

Sujata: let het be here Beta.
Sanskar in firm tone: today u saw her running without our notice what of she repeats No thats final Swara will be in hospital only. Laksh saw Aman behind Ragini and he stands inbetween them.
Aman: I get u Miss. Ragini Garodia dont worry u will regret messing with Aman Khurana.
Two Months Leap…….
Swara is standing near a window leaning her head towards the window. She kept her hands on her big baby bump. Yes its twins.
Swara thinks : its been two months since I am in this hospital. There is no tv nothing but only job is to sleep. She caressed her bump. Last Month Sanskar told me that I am having an another life inside me. Yes its twins. As I always had a guilt that I dint protected my first child but now God blessed me with two. Beside that every day not every day every minute Sanskar was with me holding my hand. As u all know I had very different demand in having kulfi in midnight walking the sand everyday without complaints he fulfilled everything. Today after this two months I am going to home because my one and only Didi’s marriage with my bestie. I am so excited.
Suddenly she felt two protective arms around her.
Swara: what is the time Mr.

Sanskar: Sorry Mrs now tell me what princess doing. He felt kick of the baby. Swasan are happy as its the first time they felt baby kick.
Swara smiles with tears: Sanskar Your Princess is happy to hear u see she responded.
Sanskar: Princess…. They again felt kick.
Sanskar: I know u can here me I want to see my both Princess in my arms plzcome fast ur Papa is waiting for u and kissed bump.
Swara: Sanskar its enough now come I dont want to be here any more. He nods and they left.
In MM……
All are waiting on the door to welcome the daughter of the house. They heard car sound and saw Sanskar coming out and helping Swara to get down. Swara slowly walked and saw everyone.
Swara: finally I came to my houseYeppi.
Ap: How are u now Swara.
Swara: I am so happy Maa to see u all.
Sujata takes their aarti and welcomed thrm inside. Swasan smiles seeing eachother and enters holding eachother hand.

Precap: Ragini missing

Credit to: Rini

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