Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 38)


The episode starts with Swara and Sanskar are waiting in the hospital lobby. Sanskar let’s leave I don’t want to meet Doc says Swara. Shona nothing will happen I am here with u na says Sanskar and holds her hand. Doc called them for sonography. Doc started examine Swara while Sanskar holds her hand assuring her. Mr. Maheswari see this is ur child says Doc showing a dot on the screen. Swasan are overwhemlemed seeing their baby and smiles. But Swara u should be careful u r entering ur third month u should take complete bed rest u r very sensitive looks like u don’t eat at all says Doc seeing her. What can I tell u Doc she always want to work and run here there in the house and if we tell her anything she is not at all listening says Sanskar. Swara gives dead glare to him. Swara u r not single now another life is in u, you have to be careful says Doc. Swara nods. Mr. Maheswari again u should bring Swara for check up we will see if she is stable or else we will keep her in hospital till she enters 5 month so that she will become stable says Doc. Sure Doc says Sanskar and they leave.

In the car……..
Swara keeps her hand on her tummy and says Beta u don’t worry that Doc doesn’t know about ur Maa I will always keep u happy. Sanskar says Beti tell ur Maa that her puppy words will not melt me. Swara says Beta tell ur Papa not to talk to me he is complaining like a kid to Doc. Sanskar stops the car and says Shona u r my life I made a mistake by leaving u and our child but now I don’t to leave u even a second. Swara gets teary eye and hugs Sanskar. Sorry Sanskar I will not leave u and will do what u say I want u to be with me always says Swara. I love you says Sanskar. I know and I love u too says Swara. I know too says Sanskar.

In MM…….
All are eagerly waiting for Swasan. Jiji why they take so much time to come here asked Sujata. While Raglak are watching their drama. Sujata relax they will come says Ap while she itself is tensed. Swasan enters and they saw all are tensed. Laksh saw them and says Thank God u came I can’t handle them Bhai. Ap and Sujata gives him angry glare. Sujata made Swara to sit comfortably. Thank u u know my back was paining heavily sitting in the car says Swara. Pari comes their with her baby and Swara him in her hands. But Pari takea him back. Swara is shocked. Swara u should not lift weight in this condition says Pari. Swara opens her wide open while Raglak chuckles seeing her. Bhabhi this is too much he is my son and he is not weight to me says Swara. Raju Kaka came there. Badi Bahu what should I prepare for lunch asked Kaka. Swara gets up and says Kaka I will make lunch for all. All shouts Chup including Kaka. Shona did u forgot what Doc told says Sanskar. Beta what did she told asked Sujata. Maa she told Swara is still weak because of her previous complicarions so she should take complete rest else Swara should be in hospital till she reach her fifth month says Sanskar. Oh then ok Sanskar we completely changed ur room to down stairs so Swara will not stressed and Swara u should be in the room only till we call u says Ap. Badi Maa I will not talk to anyone u all always ask me to bw in room I get bored says Swara and goes to her room. Sanskar signs Laksh while he laughs.
Aman enters MM and says Ragini get ready to bear me and walks inside. Swara comes out of the room while all are busy in work. Swara walks slowly towards the enterance and about slip while Aman saves her. Raglak saw this and shocked while Sanskar comes and saw Swara. Swara goes and hugs Sanskar and cries. Aman is stunned to see Swara and Ragini is afraid of Aman gaze.
Precap: 2 months to leap…..

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Swasan was too cute..make it long n update nxt asap

  2. Pls dont let aman hurt swara

  3. Nice cute swasan but more raglak

  4. Awesome

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