Love is Painful and its complicated (Episode 37)


Aman Khurana by Siddhanth of Sasural Simar ka
Phiu by Anushka of Shastri Sisters.
The episode starts with Ragini throwing Aman out and sits on the couch. Rago what happened asked Laksh sitting beside her. Ragini rest her head on his shoulder and he hugs her by side. He is Aman we both studied in the same college in London. He was from a very big family so the whole college is afraid of him and he was senior to me and my friend Pihu. Me and Pihu are not afraid of him so he started to follow us. One day I was sick do I didnt went to college and that was the biggest mistake I did in my life and cries. Laksh sooth her and says tell me.
Flash back shows……..

Phiu comes out from the library and reached the ground. She was surrounded by Aman and his gang. Hello move aside says Pihu. They wont unless I tell them says Aman and stands infront of her. The whole college comes to ground. Mr. Aman leave my way says Pihu and starts to leave but he holds her dupatta and pulls her. Pihu got angry and slaps him repeatedly. The whole becomes silent. If I see u another time misbehaving with me I will not spare u warned Pihu and leaves from there. All leave from there one by one only Aman is standing there. You made a big mistake Pihu you will repent for it he says and leaves from there.

Next day Ragini comes to college and learns about the matter. Oh God I know Pihu is very sensitive and short tempered but ….. Its Ok I will meet her says Ragini and goes to cafe. She sees Pihu sitting worriedly. Pihu kya kua asked Ragini. Ragz I made a mistake I should not slapped him what will I do I came here for studies but now If he does anything means…. spills Pihu. Arre yaar dont worry nothing will happen I heard u slapped him really hard I think he wont disturb u come lets go comforted Ragini and they leave. Somedays passed Pihu sensed someone is following her but she doesnt pay heed. One day while Pihu was alone in library. Oh God now all left from here and librarian is not at all giving me this book now fast Pihu you should leave says Pihu to herself. She hears door bolting and turns to see. Its Aman. Why are u bolting the door move from here says Pihu. Why this college is afraid on me but you says Aman and starts moving towards her. Ur first mistake always standing against me second one warning me third and the last one slapping infront of the whole college says Aman.

In the corridor…..
Ragini is searching for Pihu. Where did this girl went I searched in the whole college but she is nowhere I think she went and leaves from there.
In the library…..
I am sorry for what I did even I will fall on your feet plz leave me cries Pihu. Oh Baby sorry is a small to ease my pain in my heart I want to make u feel the pain of messing with Aman Khurana everyday you will go through nightmare and u will be afraid to step of ur room for that I have to make u mine and grabs her dupatta. Pihu starts running and shouts for help but no one hears her. Aman chased her and she throw books at him. And finally pins her to the table. Plz leave me plz begged Pihu. Now u will know what is ur place says Aman and tears her dress. Everything went blank for Pihu. She is dead person without a soul because it is slowly getting destroyed by an animal. She cried shouted but it fell on deaf ears. Aman after getiing satisfied says so Miss. Pihu Kumari now u will know who is Aman Khurana is I hope u enjoyed a lot and leaves from there.
Next Morning…..

Ragini comes running to the library and saw her friends standing outside. Where Pihu she shouted and they show her inside. Ragini ran inside and saw two ladies staff standing with their heads down. One of her friend Shruti comes from a column and says Ragini our Pihu…. she cries and couldnt complete. Ragini goes to column and saw Pihu lieing like a stone with nail marks and bruises all over her body and her dress is torn. Ragini covers her with her supatta and hugs her crying. But Pihu doesnt respond. Ragini comes out and starts yelling at the staffs. You all are stone hearted person a girl is raped and you all are standing here without informing for ambulance. Miss. Ragini we understand but the situation will bring black mark for our college and its risky if police involves in this says one of the staff.

Reputation my foot Shruti call the ambulance I will see what will happen says Ragin and with the help of Shruti she takes Pihu to hospital.
In the hospital….
Ragini waits in the doctor’s cabin and the doctor comes inside. How she doc asked Ragini. I am sorry to say Miss. Ragini she has been treated like a toy and she heard something which she cant digest we cant help her unless… says Doc. Tell me Doc says Ragini. Unless she speaks her silence can even lead her to take any wrong mistake says Doc. Ragini thanked her and leaves to see Pihu. In Pihu ward she saw Pihu looking into space constantly. Ragini goes to her and says Pihu I am really sorry plz slap me hit me but plz talk something. Pihu doesnt say anything. Shruti came inside and says Ragini Aman… Hearing Aman’s name Pihu turns and sees Ragini and starts shouting. Leave me plz I beg you Leave me I will go from here shouts Pihu and throws saline bottles and takes knife. Shruti calls nurse while Ragini tries to control her. Ragini slaps Pihu and she falls crying. Nurse came and gave her sedative.
Ragini came out and calls Shekar. Papa I want ur help make sure Aman gets arrested send the higher official immediately to my college I will reach there in five minutes and cuts the call.
In the college…..

Ragini enters and saw Aman laughing with his friends. She goes near to them so that she can hear them. One of Aman friend asked Aman yaar Where u yesterday evening yaar anything special. Aman says after many days I got some nice feeling u know Pihu and laughs. Ragini fumes in anger. She goes towards him and throws him on the floor. All are shocked to see Ragini. She took a rod and starts beating him. You bastard b*t*h psycho how could u stoop so low and beats him hard. The higher officials came and arrested Aman. He is all bleeding. Aman says Mark my words Ragini I like make u suffer more than Pihu I swear while the officials dragged him out.
Flashback ends…….

Ragini cries hugging Laksh. Laksh you know why I am over possessive on Shona I didnt had a sister I thought Pihu as my sister and sfter this incident I came to India and Shona came in my life. I did whatever Adarsh Bhai told me because I dont want Shona to suffer and all aettled well but now he again came what if he harm Shona I cant take risk says Ragini. Laksh cups her face and wipes her tears. Rago dont worry I am here for u na and more than that Bhai is with Shonu u believe him na nothing will happen and hugs her.

In the evening……
All came from office and sat on the sofa. Swara comes there with water and serves all. Shona I told you na not to work then y are doing this says Sanskar and made her sit. Ap and Sujata came and says Beta Iwe cant handle her always running behind us and doing some work. Maa Badi Maa how long will I sit in the room and watch tv its boring says Swara and pouts. Swara no means no now come with me u will not move from the room tomorrow we are going to hospital come says Sanskar and drags her from there. All feels proud seeing Sanskar’s care.

In Swasan room….
Swasan enters the room. Swara sits on the bed with put face and takes tommy in her hand. Sanskar gets fresh and sees Swara sitting sadly. He goes and sit on his knees.
My Shona is sad what happened he asked. Baby tell ur sweet papa not to talk to me says Swara. Oh so my Shona is angry on me Baby tell ur Mamma I bought so many toys for ur Mamma Ok I will give it to ur Badi Maa says Sanskar. Hearing the word toys her face lit up and stands suddenly. Shona u should not stand like this u r weak says Sanskar holding her. Sanskar I am sorry I will do all u say plz give me the toy says Swara. OK now eat this tablet and sleep tomorrow we will go shopping and buy whatever u want now sleep he says. but Sanskar I want to go down says Swara. YOu wont listen like he says and carries her like a bride and lies her on the bed and slept beside her. Swara sleeps like a baby hugging her husband. Sanskar kiss her forehead and sleeps.

Precap: Swasan nokjok in the hospital.

Credit to: Rini

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